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Updated on 15 January 2022
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EgoAllStars! A simple and sophisticated erotic site with some nudes and many provocative images featuring celebrities and other known influencers. That pretty much explains the gist of this place, and in case you were hoping for actual porn, I have some bad news for you. But don’t worry, you have lots of porn featured on my websites, so check that out instead.

As soon as you visit this place, it should be fairly obvious what kind of crap it has to offer. Trust me; it is one of those sites that just make it obvious. Now, this should also be enough for you to know whether this place is worth it or not, but if you are interested in all the details, I am here to tell you all about it. Continue reading or visit the site yourself. There ain’t anything you can lose; the site is free after all.

A straightforward design.

I am pretty sure that this place will make your woody hard, but whether you will actually be able to wank it off is a whole new story. Does it also depend on just how much sexually deprived you are? Personally, there was not nearly enough porn content to make my dick hard… but that is probably because I can get actually pussy whenever the fuck I want.

Not to mention that I am not that particularly interested in celebrity fucking. I mean, why the fuck would I be? I like to watch my regular pornstars as much as sex tapes. As long as a slutty babe is involved, I am pretty sure my stick will become solid. It all depends on our own personal urges, I guess.

As for the overall site presentation, it is straightforward. Everything is where it should be, and it is pretty easy to navigate through. Right off the bat, you will get some articles content to check out, but you also have some options on top. I am not that big of a fan when it comes to their background layout, but then again, it does look nice… I’ll give it a pass.

A solid blog site with celebrity news.

But what is this place really about? Well, it is so fucking simple. You have a lot of blog posts, with usually one or a couple of images, and even videos, featuring the presented story. The stories will often be erotic and giving you news about known and not-so-known celebrities. I’d say that they have a little bit of everything when it comes to this shit.

For example, one of the first articles that were featured when I checked the site was called “Rat Cow’s Silly Titty Pic and Other Fine Things….” And it was basically them asking us about the next year and all that Xmas shit. I’ll be honest, I don’t really care much for that, I am here to see some titty shots, and luckily, they included some links to provide the goodies.

But, keep in mind that not all the crap they have to offer is actually perverted, and most of the images are not even nudes. Sure, the majority of the pictures can be considered as lewd, erotic, sensual, or whatever the fuck, but you also need to be ready for an array of content that is just… nice? I guess I am not sure how to explain it.

I mean, I like to see sexy girls in hot clothes, and I love to see them pose. However, I would much rather see a bitch ride a hard dong, than pose on her balcony and pretend to be all deep and shit. Women were made to be fucked, and these babes are not doing the best job… Oh well, I shall not complain that much. The site is free, and the main focus are both sexiness and the news.

Not registration needed.

I was happy to see that there was no need for me actually to log in. Do you know what makes my dick flaccid? Just that. When I am about to browse through some free shit, and then the site requires registration. What the fuck for? If you already offer free porn content, there is really no point in registering, unless you want some privileged shit, which I often do not.

Well, here you have no right to post your shit when this is a news site. However, you can browse through, and you can also leave comments. I like it when they make the comments section so simple. There is no need to over complicate things when everything can be so fucking basic, and still function as it should.

Well, since the site is free, you can browse through it on your own. I don’t really care whether you read my review or not since I am not here for the money. I am here to simply introduce random sites I find, that I think are worth the mention. In case you are interested, you are welcome, and if you are not, you can kindly fuck off.

They also have videos!

On top of the site, you have different sections, and one of them is labeled “videos”, which is exactly what you get. The layout of the site or whatever does not really change, and you still get random news. However, you will get a video and lots of images on the side as well. These videos are pretty random, and they will often feature nudity.

However, they are not fap-worthy simply because they tend to be very short, and while they do feature nudity, oftentimes, there is actually no penetration or whatever the heck. It is mostly because these scenes are taken from erotic movies, and we all know that those kinds of movies are pretty fucking mellow.

So, let me repeat. If you came here to wank one-off, you are not going to have fun. Their content is pretty fucking hot, there are many sexy girls and many are naked. However, there is no actual porn. So, unless you are a virgin who gets hard by looking at pictures, you are not going to be able to nut. But, you do have many other sites you can check out instead.

As for the actual scenes, I’ve seen some mellow orgies, hot chicks making out, couples fucking but not really, solo girls posing, and so on. Like I said already, there is a little bit of everything… sometimes the video will just feature a chick twerking, and other articles might list out the top 10 nude solo scenes in a certain year. I think this is all pretty straightforward.

Iffy search options.

When you see a site that is dedicated to celebrity nudes and all that shit, you expect it to have good search options, right? Well, while they do include a list of all the celebrities they have covered, there are no actual categories and none of that shit. Sure, it is understandable, but at the same time, I am a sucker for categories.

This way, you can just browse for your content by the celebrity you are interested in beforehand, and that kind of kills the fun. I would much rather prefer if they had some of the most basic tags along with the celebrity names… that would make my searches so much fucking easier.

The last section they had to offer is called, and it is also a part of their site or whatever the heck. Here you also have photos, videos, celebrities, TV and Film, and a NSFW section. Now, this was rather surprising since one of the first posts featured Anita, aka the Sweet Anita from twitch… and I am not sure why the fuck.

I mean, she is hot and everything, but she is a nice streamer, not somebody who should be sexualized for perverts. But, after scrolling more and more, I realized that they feature a lot of other cute chicks who do not deserve to be seen as objects, so I am guessing that that is what their second side of the site has to offer. Oh well, at least we get more free content, right?

A simple blog site with erotic content.

Do you like to watch sexy celebrities in random nude and naughty scenes? Well, is a place that offers that, in a sense. This is a blog site with news, and from time to time they will include images, videos, and other naughty crap. Not all the content will necessarily be displaying nudes, but there is a lot that will. + it is free.

ThePornDude likes EgoAllstars's

  • Many free blog posts about celebrities
  • The design is modern and quite fast
  • All celebs are categorized alphabetically

ThePornDude hates EgoAllstars's

  • No actual sex tapes uploaded on this site
  • Very few nude pictures included as well
  • Technical problems with categorizations