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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Those old enough can remember the kind of frenzy that accompanied the introduction of Chat Roulette site to the good old internet. However, it didn’t take long for the site to be filled with nudity and while that sounds like a good thing, the owners were in some legal shit as parents complained that they couldn’t keep their kids off the site which had been invaded by dick/cunt flashing freaks and the site promptly banned nudity.

How that sucked! But like they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and the nudity ban gave rise to sites like the one up for review today; Dirty Roulette. There is a reason this site calls itself “the Chat Roulette for naked people.” Here nudity is not only allowed, but also encouraged. With thousands of viewers and loads of naughty sections, it’s a perfect platform for y’all fucks to indiscriminately show off your small pricks. Ready to know all about it? The hell you do.

So, what is Dirty Roulette?

The concept is really simple here; this site is, in reality, a ‘dirtier’ version of Chat Roulette, but with more focus on camgirls. If you have spent hours on the various sex chatting sites looking for a hot babe to get dirty with but came up short, Dirty Roulette claims to be here to save the day. Once you hit the homepage, simply press the ‘start’ button and give the site access to your cam.

From there you will have to accept their terms and conditions and confirm that you are an adult before you find a lot of… cocks on your screen. You see, this site has a lot of horny dudes looking to jerk off as you watch, some with cut and others with uncut dongs. Now, that’s great if you are a fucking faggot (no offense), but I know a lot of dudes who are as straight as a plank and are not down for that kind of shit. What to do? Your best option is to hit the red ‘only show girls’ button for access to adult webcams featuring only girls. You will find plenty of nude girls eager to sex chat live with you. But all this comes with a catch. Keep reading.

Hunting for webcam girls

Most of the standard users at Dirty Roulette are men, so don’t be surprised if you are assaulted by disgusting old men cocks everywhere you turn. Filtering to just girls is a better way to go about your business if you are looking to have some hot video chats with sexy sluts from around the world. Click on girls and save yourself from the hellscape of dicks.

The first thing you notice is the girl’s option takes you to another URL: girls.dirtyroulette.com. It is largely similar to the original; only you won’t have to put up with all kinds of cocks. I was welcomed by a sexy woman in lingerie, rolling up her cozy bed. I also saw a huge BBW from England smoking and a small tittied Korean slut dancing to pop music. However, the site prompts you to allow them to use java. Otherwise, you can’t connect with her. That’s not entirely terrible, but even after doing that, you will still need to verify your age.

Hold on a goddamn minute. So I have to verify my age to see some tits and shit, but the site is okay with me seeing more dicks than Mia Khalifa has allowed deep inside her pussy and the site doesn’t give a shit if I’m some 12 years old? That sounds pretty fucked up if you ask me. And that’s only half the story. Once you verify your age, you will be taken to another site; myfreecams.com which will prompt you to sign up using your email from where you can chat with girls (but only after purchasing tokens). Attempting to go back to Dirty Roulette will prompt the same annoying ‘verify your age.’ All this brings me to one conclusion; “girls.dirtyroulette.com” is simply a whitelist for Myfreecams. How awful is that? You decide.

They may as well call themselves Dickroulette

I’ll try to be as honest as I can; if you are a straight dude looking for something to arouse your desires, you are in for a rude shock. Dirty Roulette doesn’t seem to be offering much in that regard. It seems to me like a dick infested platform, and gay motherfuckers will have a field day since the site is free and easy to use, and more importantly, there are loads of cocks to interact with. It’s a fucking utopia for y’all knobs. For the rest of us straight motherfuckers, we’ll have to settle for other cam sites that don’t have that roulette aspect about them.

One thing that Dirty Roulette can be commended for is their video quality. Everything is crystal clear, and the live videos are highly impressive. No prizes for guessing I didn’t stick around long enough to interact with the lineup of horny dudes jerking off on cam. Damn! I have probably seen more dicks than are good for my health. More than a few parents to teenaged girls may also feel grateful that the site has provided an outlet for horny old men to show off their dicks and keep off non-nudity sites like Chatroulette.

At least the site is simple to use

A blind dog could easily come up with a way of navigating this site. It is that easy to use with the site opting for a simple, minimal design. Nonetheless, I do recommend reading up on Dirty Roulette’s FAQs to get a better understanding of how the whole system works. They’ve gone to great lengths to explain to boners what they should expect. The site also has a few other sections serving the same informational purpose, and anyone can easily find their way around.

That said, I wonder why men feel the urge to share their cocks with just about anyone. Many of the dicks I saw during my brief stay here look like they belonged to fucking chimps for crying out loud. Maybe the urge to share our dangling members is entrenched deep inside our DNA as we seek to impress potential fuck partners.

Anyway, the quest for a hetero video roulette site worth its salt looks to be a long, hard one. As currently constituted, Dirtyroulette is a place for dick lovers and straight guys better look for comfort elsewhere. I hate to be the bearer of such terrible news, but there doesn’t seem to be too much light at the end of the tunnel. Paid webcam sites make a lot of money for women, and there is little motivation for them to flood free sex chat sites, unlike men.

Things to love about Dirty Roulette

Simple design; the site features a simple and easy to use design and getting a round is a walk in the park. Anyone can find whatever they are looking for with ease.

Ads free; during my stay on Dirty Roulette, I didn’t encounter even a single ad which is highly commendable for a free sex cam site. Many bombard you with ads on how to have a bigger penis.

Decent webcam video quality; Dirty Roulette seems to deliver content in 480p, which is quite good for a site like this. No complaints there.

Possible concerns

Have to verify age; how old do these guys think I am? 10? I hate being asked to verify my age to access an adult site. It’s not like they are using any document to ascertain the age you give so if they are looking to lock out underage users, that’s hardly the best way to do it. Misleading promises of girls; the site promises loads of girls, but in reality, it’s teeming with cocks and dudes jerking off. To find girls, users are directed to another (premium) site. WTF?

What I think should be done

There is no way to make the webcam streams larger apart from zooming in, which is obviously not ideal considering it might deform the size of the chat box. The site would be better off adding an option to resize the elements or at least a full-screen mode. Not that I was particularly happy with the cocks, but it’s what it is.

Final thoughts

There doesn’t seem to be too much going on for straight dudes here as all you see are dicks, dicks, and more dicks! Unless you are willing to fork out some money to enjoy the premium sex cam services, you’d be better off keeping off Dirty Roulette. Let me go check what Myfreecams has to offer. Those are enough dicks for a day.

ThePornDude likes DirtyRoulette's

  • Unique camming roulette situation
  • Watch cams on mobile
  • Free & anonymous if you want

ThePornDude hates DirtyRoulette's

  • Professional cam girls, not random chicks
  • Have to verify age