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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Welcome to You AV! A site dedicated to the naughtiest Asian pornographic videos you can watch for free. The site I simple, the content is incredibly satisfying, and with such a huge variety, I am pretty sure that will satisfy your dirtiest Asian porn wishes. So, if that got you interested, you are more than free to keep on reading, or you can check out the site yourself… I mean, it is free.

A cozy place for Asian porn.

I was actually surprised by how good this site looks. I am not saying that looks incredible or any of the good attributes, I am just saying that the site is really presentable when you compare it to other places that offer the same type of porn. So, are you ready to explore a site with some of the hottest pornographic content?

First of all, are you even into Asian chicks? If you are not, then I am not sure why the fuck you are still here. This place only offers Asian porn, and from what I have seen, the majority of the videos are Japanese porn clips and full movies. Well, I can’t say that I am not happy to see all of that shit, since as long as the chick is Asian, my dick is bound to wake the fuck up.

With the videos being Japanese, you know that you can expect some sort of censorship. I do not have a clue why the fuck the Japanese have censorship, and by that, I mean I know why they do it, but at the same time, I do not understand why they would make that law… Oh well, at least some of the videos I checked out did not really censor anything, which is a nice thing.

On top of the site, you have all the options you will need to browse through all of this shit. So take your time and start browsing. You will have the homepage that basically offers it all. Then you have a couple of sections, and a page for categories and tags to help you search for whatever the fuck you might be looking for.

I’d say that is pretty straightforward, and finding your way around this place is going to be a piece of cake. You just need to follow the options given on top, and that is about it. The site offers the hottest Asian porn videos I have seen so far or something along those lines, and you are welcome to check it all out.

Censored and uncensored videos.

On top of the site, you will get to choose whether you want to list through all the videos in general, or you would prefer one of the two major categories, the censored or uncensored pornography. Once you decide what your dick prefers, you are welcome to check out everything within that category, fucking obviously.

If you choose to check out all the videos, you will be able to browse through with some of the usual search options, such as HD, type, timeline, most recent, and all that shit. You will also get to see that has overall about 35700+ videos on this site, and seeing that all of them are Asian, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy whatever the fuck you are about to fap to.

Other than those major categories, you can also choose whether you want only the amateur content, or you would prefer to watch Uncensored JAV HD instead. I think that pretty much all the shit here speaks for itself, and there is really no need for me to explain it all. Trust me, I browse through quite a lot, and I enjoyed my time, and so will you.

Both the censored an uncensored content was pretty hot, but I like that they separated the two. However, who the fuck actually chooses to watch their shit censored? Like, why? I would actually like to understand who the fuck prefers censored over uncensored content since I hella don’t. Oh well, you can choose, and I checked out both sections and saw a lot of naughty crap.

You really cannot know what to expect. For example, I’ve seen horny amateur girls getting down and sucking their boyfriend’s dick, but I also saw horny girls bending over to get fucked. Some videos were not that long, but the majority of them were about an hour, which is a lot of porn if you ask me… especially for those who are used to browsing for Western porn.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen videos with an actual plot. Not sure how much you know about Japanese porn, but their full-length movies really like to go all out. So, you will have an actual movie with porn scenes, and the plot tends to be very silly or just bizarre. But oh well, if you are not interested you can always just skip through the video and get to the shit you are actually interested in.

I think the point I am trying to make is that has a little bit of everything within the JAV norm or just AV norm. I know that they like to make all kinds of pornographic videos, but I have not seen anything too much out of the ordinary here, in case you were hoping for something extra spicy. So, take your time, and enjoy it.

Lacking search options.

Yes, they do have a separate page for the categories and tags. Yes, they also have a section for amateur, uncensored and censored porn. However, they do not have filters, and in my book, that counts as lacking. Adding simple filter search options is not that difficult, even if it allows to simply select a couple of categories at the same time.

Well, here you have none of that. So, if your fetish cannot be described within one word for the categories, I do not think you will find the content you prefer. Personally, when it comes to Asian porn, I am not that choosey. I can enjoy most of what has to offer, because I love Asian sluts, and that is all I am here for. But at the same time, I understand that many of you might have actual preferences.

Well, if you want a site with more specific search options, there are many others for you to check out, other than You are more than welcome to do just that, because why the fuck not, right? was created so you fuckers would have a proper selection of the kind of porn that could suit your dirty taste, and I am sure that I have reviewed at least a couple of sites that will make your pecker bounce.

Register, or don’t.

You will have an option to register, but if you are just here to watch porn videos, there is really no need to do that. If you choose to register, which is free, you can enjoy everything as you could have without a registration. You can also upload your own shit, write blogs, post comments, create a favorites page, subscribe to users, create a page for the playlist, and make friends, and so on.

I think that is all pretty standard. Personally, I am not really interested in any of that shit, so I shall just enjoy what has to offer, without the actual registration, although I do have an account. But, if you prefer to actually be a part of the community and talk to the users or whatnot, you are more than welcome to create an account. It is free, after all. Just like everything else on

What’s the gist?

So, has a lot of great Asian pornography, and everything is free, which all sounds pretty peachy. However, you also have a shit ton of ads and pop-ups that pissed me the fuck off. Especially one ad that goes all across the screen, and you cannot really X it; you have to open it for it to close…

Other than the ads, and the fact that they really did not give their shit about the search options, I think that everyone can enjoy what has to offer. This is a very simple Asian porn site, with lots of censored and uncensored pornography, and you are more than welcome to check it all out if you are interested. I mean, with so much AVs I am pretty sure your dick will find something to enjoy.

ThePornDude likes YouAV's

  • Nice design
  • Easy browsing
  • Good registration privileges
  • Everything is free

ThePornDude hates YouAV's

  • Too many ads
  • Lacking search options