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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I am a bit confused, because while this place has a name that would imply that they only offer galleries… they offer a lot of videos as well; so, why the fuck didn’t you come up with just a casual porn site name instead… This shit can be quite fucking confusing, and you should already know that I am talking about If you are interested in watching some amateurs bang, well, you have come to the right place.

Casual free porn site with lots of amateurs.

As I have mentioned, their name can be rather confusing, but that is why I am here, to tell you exactly what this place really has to offer. Well, you will be happy to know that is filled with loads of amateur content! Those who prefer to watch the scripted scenes and all of that bullshit will probably not have that much fun here.

However, that scripted shit can get rather annoying, right? Sure, it is fun to watch the kinky scenes where everything is perfect, every angle is spot on, and there are no “fillers” or whatever you would like to call those times where the amateurs would talk or switch. However, with so much perfection, everything can get repetitive and rather annoying.

The design is also very basic… one could say that is an overall very simple place with lots of content. I am sure that you will love this site if you are into amateur pornography, but on the other hand, I also know that there are many other sites where you have a better layout and even better content… those sites also tend to be premium.

For all of the cheap fucks who love reading my reviews, you should already know that is a free site. The homepage is filled with lots of random shit, and while at first glance they look like they offer a shit ton of galleries, I’ve actually found so many videos, that I am not sure why the fuck they advertise themselves like that?

On top of the site, you have the usual menu which will be enough to take you through the site and help you find the shit you are looking for. I think that most crap is self-explanatory when it comes to these types of sites, but at the same time, they can be very different. I am here to tell you whether the site is worth the visit or not.

However, that is also something that should depend on your dirty crap, because it depends on what the fuck your wiener prefers. You have a little bit of everything when it comes to content on, but you should already know that this site is filled with all that amateur shit, so the quality and all that premium bullshit is out of the window.

So, why is worth the visit ThePornDude?

Well, the previous paragraph did focus more on the technical shit, that most of my audience does not care about, but I am sure that some fuckers do; the rest of the review will cover the actual crap you came here for, the content. The first reason why is a site worth the visit is because they offer loads of free amateur content, that is worth the fapping.

I took my time while browsing because it was very obvious that this site has a lot to offer, and I was not about to let any of that fap-material pass by me. For some reason, all the content that is listed will seem like they offer only galleries, but there were lots of videos as I have mentioned on top… I do not know about you, but watching porn videos is way more addictive than looking at images.

If they advertised themselves as a basic porn site instead of a site that only offers galleries, they would have had a lot more visitors… I mean, that should have been obvious. There were lots of different scenarios and scenes for you to check out, and I am sure that you would enjoy every single moment here as long as you love amateur porn.

I’ve seen naughty couples doing the dirty in many different scenarios; from fucking in the dressing room or in a plain site of the public to filming their lovemaking sessions in the bedroom. It is interesting to watch amateurs bang; they always find different and kinky ways to pleasure each other. So, no matter what kind of videos you prefer to watch, I am sure that you will find a good portion of them here.

Of course, you have a huge portion of the solo babes who prefer to masturbate while their lovers are out of town or when they are home alone. I’ve seen loads of hot teen beauties who were not shy to show off their incredible pleasing skills by using some of their favorite toys. Some of these chicks were also willing to share their first lesbian experience on cam, and it was fucking marvelous.

So, as I have said, you have a little bit of everything, and I am sure that you will love every moment spent on this site. You have lesbians, straight couples, solos, webcam sessions, and all other shit. As much as there are different sessions of fucking, you have that many different hotties spread across the site, and thank the lord for that.

There are babes of all shapes, from fat, to chubby and skinny, to black sluts and pale bitches, to chicks who prefer to be fisted, to cuties who love to play with smaller toys and so on. You have sluts with huge knockers, as well as those who are completely flat… I mean, you literally have all kinds of bitches here, so just take your time, browse, and you will find the crap that will satisfy you, for sure.

One thing I disliked on this site is that you do not know whether you will be able to see an image or a video before clicking on the presented shit, because most of this is just seen as galleries. That is quite a weird fucking system, and in a way, it makes everything so fucking messy. But whatever works for them, I still wanked a load while enjoying their content.

Most of their galleries are of solid quality, while the videos will vary a lot; I’ve seen HD, low as well as the medium-quality. I do not have that big of a problem with the quality, because I know this is a free amateur site, but they could have made some of these videos longer. Most of them seem like an introduction to whatever the fuck, instead of an actual porn video.

Plain user-features, and some search options.

Overall, I was surprised to see that they do not really have that many great user-options, mostly because these types of sites are dedicated to the users. I mean, you do have the user-options but they are very fucking basic, nothing out of the ordinary, and it would be nice to see some of these sites step up their game from time to time… the shit is getting repetitive.

On top of the site, you will be given some ways to list the crap they have to offer, and you also have the tags… but other than that there are no good ways to list for the shit you want… which is sad. We are all into a different kind of bullshit, and it would really help to have some sort of filters or whatever the fuck, instead of whatever this is.

Oh well, every site will have its ups and downs, and do not forget that you are not forced to visit any of these places… I mean, just visit whatever the fuck you prefer and stop fucking complaining, that is my fucking job. On top of the site, there will be other options besides what I have just mentioned, like a tab dedicated to dating, o whatever, the cams and the videos… but nothing too important, trust me.

If you do not care about the quality, you love free content and you prefer amateurs, well yee fucking haw, you have just found a site that suits your desires. This place is filled with loads of amateur content I am sure you will enjoy, so take your time, explore and I am sure you will find loads of fap-worthy content.

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  • Free site
  • Lots of amateur content
  • Some user-features

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  • A bit messy…