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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you by any chance an Indian? If that’s the case, then you will definitively love However, you don’t have to be Indian to enjoy these. I mean there are a lot of people who like watching people of other races have sex, which is fine. So, if it isn’t already very obvious, Desi XNXX is a page where only Indian porn is posted, and pretty much anything goes, which will be an obvious, self-evident truth to you as soon as you start browsing through the page.

Just a few scrolls through the page, and you’ll quickly notice that there are a bunch of videos recorded in somewhat decent quality, and they’re all homemade. Just how I like ’em. So, even though these videos don’t really have a thematic going on for themselves, the page doesn’t say these videos are all, for example, amateur, or MILF, or anything. They don’t really have to be amateur, it certainly does have a thing of its own.

So, after a few minutes of browsing, you become aware that is a page full of homemade Indian amateur videos. Even though it’s a bit weird, the page prides itself on the fact that none of these videos have a watermark on them, which doesn’t really seem like a very important thing, but given that this is an Indian webpage, maybe I’m missing out on something…is this what culture shock is supposed to feel like? Are Indians scared of watermarks? It’s probably that the videos are genuine or they got the rights to them. Yeah, that must be it!

If there are any Injuns in here reading this, all of you should know – I’m only kidding! Now, let’s get back to the main topic, which is You’ll find a bunch of videos, around 27k videos to be exact, which is quite impressive for a page that looks as low-budget as this one. Now that I segued into the looks of the page, god damn, I won’t give any praise, that’s for sure! It’s so god damn ugly I swear I wanted to leave as soon as I made my way inside it. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love real homemade porn, especially homemade porn like this, but the design of the page murders this love within seconds, and I am overwhelmed with ads real quick.

Try clicking on one of the videos, and you’ll find that you’ll lose your mind instantly! The first click will take you to the video soon enough, which is great, and it has you hooked. However, it takes 2-3 more clicks to actually open up the video, and this is where the chaos starts! You get spammed with ads and pop-up windows, and this is where you start training your nerves. I understand if you place these on HD videos, long HD videos and all that, but placing these on cheap homemade videos? Makes no sense, really. This is the cheapest kind of pornography. Please don’t make us suffer for it.

Also, there are literally no categories on this website, so yeah, it’s all a big mess. So, the closest thing you get to an actual categorization are the “new videos” and the “most viewed” sections, but these won’t do what the usual categories are supposed to do, so you might as well ignore these. However, there’s a section for the videos with the best ratings, and this one actually could be somewhat useful, because you know that these videos are good. However, the type of people who watch these are probably a bit different from you and I. I mean, what you’re typically going to find in the “Top videos” section is a bunch of weird stuff. Pregnant girls from Myanmar, fingering videos that last 30 seconds, girls sucking on small penises, missionary sex in 240p that lasts like 3 minutes. I don’t know who gets off to this kind of porn, but I swear to God, these people are terrible at sex.

If you ever get bored of watching these videos, you might as well move on to the galleries, and these are actually kind of better when you compare them to the sections with the videos. The quality of these pictures is actually fine, and they look like they’ve been snatched from someone’s Snaptchat or something. However, these aren’t exactly pornographic in character that often. I mean, these are usually just plain pictures of girls, they won’t even be naked way too often.

So, while navigating through this page isn’t exactly easy, rather, it’s quite the opposite. If you are a horny man you will definitively have the persistence that is required to find some gold on, and I’ll be honest, there are a lot of hidden gems here. Homemade amateur pornography sure has that charm that porn made by big studios lacks, you know? It’s great sometimes.

ThePornDude likes DesiXNXX's

  • Pure desi porn
  • There are thousands of videos on this page
  • Pretty much all the clips you get to see here are real homemade videos of horny Indian couples
  • The page is updated on a daily basis

ThePornDude hates DesiXNXX's

  • Confusing front page!
  • The design of the page pretty bad, the page is ugly as sin
  • The webpage could really use some categories;
  • It's not easy finding what you like