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Updated on 05 February 2024
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While it is quite fun to browse through porn that is completely free on various sites, it can be quite a pain in the ass to check out each and every one of them individually, to see if there is something new that will make your boner dance. If you recognize yourself in that problem, then is probably a place that you might want to investigate, as there are a bunch of free porn videos, from multiple sites in a single place.

Not the most interesting design

Upon entering the site, as soon as I saw the homepage, I know what I was getting myself into, as the design is quite putrid. The background is bland white, and all you are going to get is a bunch of videos in the middle of your screen. If your internet connection happens to be slow, the homepage is definitely going to lag, and it will load for quite a while because the amount of videos on the homepage is quite insane.

When I first looked at the scroll bar in the browser, I was quite sure that the fucker who designed the site didn’t know how to program pages, which put all the videos in a single page that keeps loading, however, that is not the case, as there are simply quite a lot of videos on the first page.

On the top of the page, you will be able to see the sites where the videos are gathered from, and most of them are the popular free porn sites that you have probably visited at least once during your porn browsing career.

One strange thing that I noticed, is that there is a logo in the very top bar, next to the featured sites, which is a logo of video-one, and right next to it is a diamond. At first I thought it is there as decoration, however, it actually takes you to the homepage, but with one strange thing, as it doesn’t just open it in the same tab, but it opens it as a new tab, and it takes a shit long time to load. I have no idea what is the purpose of that feature, and it is probably one of the dumbest things I have seen on any site.

At the very bottom of the page, you will be able to find a shit ton of featured porn sites and not in the form of text, but in the form of their logos. This section seems extremely unnecessary, and it seems whoever designed this place had no fucking clue how to create a different part of the site where you can see the list of featured porn sites. I mean, they could have made a drop-down menu or something like that at least, because this looks really fucking lazy like it was done by a woman.

The search bar is very responsive

Continuing to the right on the top bar, you will see a search bar. An interesting thing about not only the search bar but the site, in general, is that it will adapt based on which country you are browsing home, translating everything into your native language. For instance, if you happen to be Spanish, all text that helps you navigate the site is going to be in Spanish, and if you happen to be Japanese, everything is going to be written in kanji letters, and the same goes for countries which use Cyrillic letters and so on.

That is actually a pretty cool feature, as it will probably help those who don’t understand English find the porn they are looking for, since whatever you type into the search bar is also translated to English by default, and it features the appropriate videos that relate to your search. I have tried using the search bar in a couple of different languages, and it seemed to correspond with the keywords perfectly.

Under the search bar, there is going to be a long list of suggested tags, which are probably the most popular searches. By looking at some of the keywords that are suggested here, I have to say, for some of the keywords to end here, there are quite a lot of kinky people who visit this site, as a certain combination of words from there I would never even consider searching.

There is a lot of content

On the homepage, you are immediately going to get the newest videos, and while I am not sure how many videos are there per page, there are currently over 57000 pages to go through, which is definitely more than enough porn than anyone needs. To make things even better, the site is uploaded with new videos every day, so even if you miraculously manage to go through all of the videos, you are definitely going to find a bunch of new videos tomorrow.

Something strange that I noticed while browsing this site is that the homepage features new videos, however, if you happen to refresh even a second after the page loads, you are going to get a whole new list of videos, which makes the whole “new videos first” a big pile of bullshit.

When it comes to the way that the videos are laid out, it is nice that you can see big thumbnails for all of them, but I really dislike the fact that they don’t have a title, since well, some people actually care for the context of the video, as they do get turned on by certain taboo topics if they are listed in the title of the video.

In the top right corner of each thumbnail, you will get to see the duration of the video, and as far as I noticed, most of them roll around the 10 minute mark, and if the video happens to have an HD option, there is going to be a small HD sign next to the timer as well. If you put your mouse over the thumbnail, you will get to see different parts of the video, which is more than enough to tell you if the video is worth clicking or not.

When you click on a video, it will automatically open in a new tab, and your browser is going to redirect you to it. While video pages usually have a unique design, that does not seem to be the case here, as you will still have to wait a long ass time for things to load, because the suggested video list is almost as long as the one on the homepage.

During my browsing session, I have found a couple of videos that didn’t load at all, which kind of sucks and it totally proves my point that the “new” videos are just videos placed in random order. This kind of makes the whole idea of the site kind of pointless, since if the videos that people random on the homepage are old outdated links, they will figure out that the site is garbage and go somewhere else.

When it comes to the capability of the player, don’t expect something advanced, as you will have the play and pause button, a volume bar, which you can use to instantly mute the video by clicking on it, and options to make the video appear in theatre mode, which for some reason makes the video smaller, I don’t know what the fuck is up with that, and naturally, the full screen button.

If you try using the right click on your mouse on the video, you will get the same options in a standard right-click menu fashion, which is honestly completely pointless. Videos that are available in HD are set to HD by default, or at least that’s how it is supposed to work, but to be honest, when I checked some videos that have this mark, they looked like 480p garbage.

As expected, the videos can be streamed only, as there is no download button, no way to add the video to your favorites since you cannot register on the site, and no comment section which I actually consider pointless, but I know some people prefer to have it. There are quite a lot of ups and downs when it comes to, and if you just want to sit on your computer and start browsing for some free porn, then it is definitely not a bad place to check out since it uses multiple sources, and searching for your kink works incredibly well.

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  • Low-quality design
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