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Updated on 05 February 2024
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4Chan…what can we say about 4Chan. I guess it all started innocently enough with a group of rowdy dudes posting nudes and obscene pics…now…I’m not sure about this place. It just seems a lot harsher than it used to be! Although, it must be noted that this is where so many hilarious memes like Chocolate Rain and Rick Rolling originated. However, the porn on this site is still A+ which always keeps me coming back for more. I just can’t stay away from 4Chan for too long.

Remember the old style bulletin boards back in the day? 4Chan is kinda like this! It hasn’t really changed its design over the years, since it was started in 2003. It was apparently modeled on already existing Japanese image boards, and it was an instant success. The site is a little confusing to use, especially if you’ve never used this layout of message board. The most recent posts/replies are near the top, and you’ll see the odd thumbnail in some of these. If you click on a thumbnail it enlarges it in the same window, so to continue to browse you’ll need to scroll down. The photos are pretty random here. Most are of gorgeous girls, some dressed, some in bikinis and some nudity.

However, in order to find the hot pics, you have to send yourself to the right board! At the top of the page, you’ll notice the alphabet. We link to the /s/ board, because that’s the sexy one. S is for SEX, DUH guys! Here you’ll find random snaps of cute chicks from social media sites, celebrity candids, basically anything that is a pic of a hot woman. If you look at some of the other message boards you can have the chance of finding something sexy too. /b/ is the most popular board and it’s simply random. There you’ll also find random pics of hot girls! Another fun board is /gif/ because you will find tons of hot GIFs there. Basically, just click around at all the boards and find the ones that turn you on the most.

There are pages of posts to scroll through, but to be honest the amount of porn you get isn’t really worth it. If you’re into collection porn photos you’d be better off looking for a gallery site instead. However, this site does have the benefit of connecting you to other internet geeks and porn fans with whom you can chat and make comments.

ThePornDude likes 4Chan's

  • Community oriented
  • Many different boards
  • Fun and historically important site

ThePornDude hates 4Chan's

  • Can get weird sometimes
  • Strict rules - can be easy to get banned