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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Rule 34 Animated

Rule 34 Animated

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Have you heard about Rule 34? Well, if you have not, then you must be pretty fucking young, or too old for the internet. Well, for those who do not know, Rule 34 states that if something exists, there is porn of it online, and is a site that basically proves that. If you are interested, you are welcome to browse through, or I can tell you what this place has to offer.

The first thing I had to do upon visiting this place is to disable my ad-block, and honestly, that shit will always piss me off. Why the fuck do, I have to disable my ad-block just to see all your shitty ads. Sure, the revenue and all that crap come into play, but at the same time, when a site tells me that, I am utterly annoyed.

Oh well, lucky for them, the content they had to offer right off the bat got my attention. There were loads of 3D pornographic scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Whether you will share that hype or not is something that solely depends on whether you like crap like this or not. Keep in mind that here you will have mostly animated porn, no actual porn.

A solid design, and lots of porn.

I mean, that is what it is all about, porn. You have lots of naughty 3D pornographic videos here, featuring some of the most known characters I am sure you’ve wanted to see in porn. The design is pretty simplistic; I was expecting to see a lot more crap. Usually, sites that offer free pornography are just filled with ads and crap that make it seem ugly.

Well, on top, you have the usual crap that allows you to browse through the site, and on the homepage, you have all of the videos. The homepage is all you really get, and you can list the videos. I mean, that is basically the gist of the whole site, when it comes to the design. There ain’t much else for me to tell you, so if you are interested, check out the site yourself.

As for those who are not really interested in the design, I shall go over their content too. However, I must say that personally, I prefer to see a good-looking site with some bomb ass content, and this place did not really deliver. The content is not bad, but the site overall is not the best. You will see what I mean in a bit as I go over all the aspects of the site.

The content is good, but short.

Well, the quality of the videos, the animations, and the characters are spot-on. I loved every second of it, but the problem is that there ain’t that many seconds. Basically, you have a ton of videos that are almost never longer than one minute, and I say almost simply because I did not check out all the shit they had to offer… I do have a life.

However, for the videos I actually watched, they were just a couple of seconds long, and I do not know about you, but that ain’t enough to make my dick hard. I mean, sure, the flaccid fellow could harden a bit, but to actually make my boner raging and erupt, yeah fat chance. However, if these types of videos make you feel good, then you’ve come to the right place, what can I say.

I liked their videos, even if they were too short, but at the same time, not like they actually did anything for me. It all depends on how sexually frustrated you actually are because if you can cum in only 10 seconds or however long the video is, you might want to find an actual woman… just saying man, it is unhealthy to be that thirsty.

On the other hand, you could watch these at the end of your routine. You jerk off to something else, and then you just open the video for the climax. But that does seem like an extra step to enjoying porn. Oh well, I guess my biggest issue with this place is the fact that their videos are hella short for my liking, and I am pretty fucking sure that you will agree with me on this one.

Many popular characters.

As for the actual content, be prepared to see some of the most popular characters. For example, one of the first videos featured the gorgeous Mercy babe getting rammed in the hospital, and she was riding pretty hard in a cowgirl. As for the clueless motherfuckers, I am talking about the game called Overwatch.

There were also videos featuring the slutty silver-haired babe from Nier Automata, and we all know that we imagined her getting fucked at least a couple of times while fapping. All the fans of that game will be happy to know that there are a couple of different videos featuring this gorgeous slut, so in a combination of all that, you might be able to make a full fappable video.

One of the longer videos I checked out was about 4 minutes long, and it featured some of the popular Witcher characters, including the futanari ginger chick. I mean, at this point, it does really all depend on what the fuck you are trying to find, but I was just happy to see that there was a video longer than a couple of seconds.

There was also a video featuring Tinkerbelle in her original size, so the dick was bigger than her body. I think that that video was pretty fucked up, but at the same time, I am sure most of you thirsty mother fuckers will enjoy what this site has to offer. I am just stating some of my personal favorites for you to see the variety they have.

I think that they offer a huge range or random crap, whether these are characters from known anime, movies, games, or whatever. You basically have a little bit of everything, which is a good thing, obviously. So, if you ever wanted to see your favorite characters get fucked hardcore, this place is the perfect chance for you to do that… I mean, it is called Rule 34 for a reason.

Some search options.

On the right side of the site, you have some categories listed, which are just names of games and whatever else, where the characters are taken from. There is also a category dedicated to unsorted videos, where you can see random characters or whatever the fuck. Some of the categories that might interest you are Overwatch, Batman, Final Fantasy, LoL, Mass Effect, WoW, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, and so on.

I think it is safe to say that you have all the classics, so it all depends on what the fuck you were hoping for in the first place. Take your time and browse; after all, is a free site. With so much content, even though the majority of the videos are pretty short, I am sure you will find some candy that will make your dick hard. If I was able to do that, so will you.

Other than the categories I just mentioned, there is a tab on top called ‘All Tags’, and oh boy, that place is messy. Basically, you have a shit ton of tags to check out, and they are bound to help you find the porn you are interested in. On the other hand, those who come here probably already know what the fuck they want to see, when is mostly dedicated to fictional character porn.

Lots of fictional porn with amazing 3D animations.

Finding good 3D pornography can be rather difficult if you ask me. I’ve searched and searched, and I am not saying that it is impossible, I am just saying that the amazing graphics are rare to find. However, this is why I am here to introduce to fulfill all of your dirty wishes when it comes to watching your favorite fictional characters in pornos.

Take your time and browse through Disable your ad-block and get fucked by some ads, but hey, at least what they have to offer is free. The search options are a bit sucky, the videos can be rather short, but the animations are fucking amazing, and there are many popular fictional characters for you to check out. So… eh, silver lining, I guess.

ThePornDude likes Rule 34 Animated's

  • Free site
  • Lots of 3D porn
  • Popular fictional characters

ThePornDude hates Rule 34 Animated's

  • Videos are too short
  • Not that many search options
  • You have to disable Ad-block