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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Taimanin Asagi

Taimanin Asagi

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When it comes to innovations in the porn world, my take is that animated porn games are a serious game-changer. Unlike your usual porn sites where you only get to consume your favorite dirty videos and pictures or chat and hook up with someone, you wanna burst a nut into, porn games ensure you are actively part of the action. I find that aspect to be pretty awesome because it makes the excitement more engaging and interesting. It’s one of the sure ways to ensure my fantasy fetish is satisfied, and the package inside my pants is fired up. While there are numerous porn gaming sites out there, my interest today is on Tiamanin Asagi on the Nutaku network.

Taimanin Asagi is a porn Hentai game by Lilith, a massive company producing content for the adult market encompassing a range of sub-labels like ZIZ Entertainment, Black Lilith, among others. The company has been in business for over 10 years now and have expanded its offering from VNs to, manga, drama CDs, anime, live-action, novels, and even art books. In this review, I will focus on what is perhaps their largest holding: Tiamanin Asagi.

Character Intro

As the name of this game already suggests, the main character in this game is definitely Asagi. She is a beautiful anti-demon ninja/hunter whom….well, “takes care of demons.” I must say Asagi is quite likable for a leading character, with earnest wishes and simply wants to settle down with his boyfriend Kyousuke. But this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying what she goes through at the hands of her archenemy, Oboro, the main antagonist in the plot.

Asagi’s sister, Igawa is, however, younger and a bit naive and you won’t help but feel slightly more sympathetic for her, although even that doesn’t last for long. On the other hand, Oboro is an awesome antagonist for our two heroines. She is a true sadist who unleashes all her wicked erotic desires in her quest for vengeance. In fact, when you think that she might already have had enough she just continues to humiliate Agasi and her sister even further.

Story Overview: Simply Oozing Hardcore Content

Well, how should I put it so I don’t sound boring or make you feel like I am wasting your fucking precious time? In a nutshell, the concept of the fucking game is fairly average and the plot is literally abuzz with hardcore content. No, in fact, that is somewhat of an understatement. Hardcore is the very foundation of the game’s plot – it is it’s building blocks, it’s body, it’s basic fundamentals.

There’s no actual plot, nor is there a unique concept. While it may turn out to be intriguing to some porn enthusiasts, this is probably due to it’s fucked up moral ethics. I mean, over half of the plot revolves around erotic sadism and punishment – the plot line’s existence might be weak but it is definitely there, focused on such content. Honestly speaking, it’s really interesting to see how someone can produce something 100% perverted with a mere fragment of storyline to prolong it to a certain extent and make it less mindless somehow. In the very basic sense, there’s significance to the events, but otherwise, the meaning was not elaborated clearly.

In a nutshell, this game is not your average animated porn game, no! This is extremely hardcore content. It caters mostly too sick and perverted fetishes and is packed with a shit load of rape, degradation, humiliation, tentacle play, body modifications, and more. I must warn you that this is definitely for the faint heart. Personally, I enjoy all this – all fetishes to be sincere – so I found the game to be quite thrilling, unbelievably seductive, and all-round perfect when it comes to content. If at all anything I’ve mentioned here sounds remotely or too disgusting, downright despicable or awful, then I suggest you avoid this game by all means.

Graphics and Artwork Design

Generally speaking, the artwork is pretty good and distinct, although the lighting and coloring effects may not be unique. However, the heroine looks remarkably captivating and while the design, artwork and overall concept of the characters might deviate a bit from the typical concepts you might be used to, it is rare originality that holds a distinct nature in itself. I also liked the lines as they are smooth, neatly drawn and well-placed.

Design-wise the creators of the game seem to have generally followed the wonderful designs from the visual novel by the same name. Asagi is presented as slender with large titties, while Igawa is plumper. Surprisingly, Oboro is presented as a more mature looking character. Given this is an adult game catering to a particular audience, it lacks variety when it comes to the way the girls’ bodies are presented. Nonetheless, I found their body modifications to the ridiculous size of the boobs on one of the girls to be rather awe-inspiring.

The creators of the game certainly bring a certain style that can either be an extreme hit or a total miss for many folks. Heck, even I was caught a bit off-guard and wasn’t too keen on it when I first tried out the game. But after trying it out some more I came to appreciate the technique.

I know some of you dumb ass losers might be thinking like…what the fuck are you talking about PornDude? Well, I am talking about the style or technique of the animation itself you sick fucks. I know some of you out there can’t concentrate on reading all this because you’re probably already thinking like…I must try out this game.

As some of you already know, animation is often done on a tight budget and adult-themed animation tends to be done on an even tighter budget. This means creative means are usually needed to enhance the quality of its appearance. In this game, the creative means employed is in the motion. When the girls are performing sexual acts, be it anal, oral, or otherwise, it shifts between slow and ridiculously fast motion accompanied by close-ups of the girls’ pretty faces and curvy faces. The camera also never stays still for too long and it contains some blurry images fading in and out. I found this style works well to make the game appear to be higher budgeted.

The Good

On the upside, I found the animation here to be quite interesting. Although not necessarily as fluid as I would like it to be, the sex animations are simply on steroids. The quality of the art is pretty decent and the lighting is a lot better than what you’d normally come across from this style. Back to the sex, though, this porn game is entirely rape and it’s pretty brutal, often including gangbang by either human or demon. The main character also prominently features ludicrous quantities of thick, bubbly semen, at times with complementary pubic hairs, totally free of charge. The other heroines also often swish that stuff around in their mouths or gag it and/or throw it up in a way that I found confusing at first. It sort of squirts out of their throats involuntarily. Some people might find this gross but it appeals to others.

The Downside

The stupid-fast animation speed and somewhat poor cinematography are a major letdown. The sex is not as bad but its also not very appealing. There’s plenty of vaginal and oral sex, S&M/Bondage, gangbang, handjobs, blowjobs, and tentacle rape in virtually every orifice. The actual sex positions are not portrayed very clearly but still, they are diverse. I found some positions were only made possible by the amazing power of the tentacles to twist and lift. Anyways, that’s just about it for the sex, save for one of the characters’ boobs, which are fucking huge. I bet they probably have a moon in orbit around them given their colossal size.

Final Take from The PornDude

In summary, Taimanin Asagi is an awesome game. It features a story that has likable characters and scenes that are likely to lure and arouse while leaving you open to your imagination…if this your kind of thing. If you’re looking for something in such a genre to start you off, this site is perfect and even though you might have tried out a couple of these before you will surely find something to fire up your passions and desires. Overall, if you’re not into hardcore rape and tentacles or rough and filthy erotica, this is definitely abhorrent and I suggest you steer clear of the site. It’s not worth sitting through only to get turned off when all you want is to have some fun and probably a good jerking off before you go to bed for the night.

ThePornDude likes Taimanin Asagi's

  • Hardcore content
  • Nice artwork and quality graphics
  • Hot characters
  • Interesting animation

ThePornDude hates Taimanin Asagi's

  • Weak storyline
  • Poor cinematography
  • Stupid-fast animation speed