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Updated on 15 January 2022
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All I have to say about HouseOfTaboo is that if you don’t understand the BDSM culture and what “sinister edge of erotica” means, then I strongly suggest that you stay away from this site since this is something that’s not going to sit well with your sissy ways. Stick to the regular “missionary-big-boob-blonde-getting-laid” porn and leave the artistic expressions to those who have surpassed the regular ways of expressing their sexuality. In no ways am I judging, since even I am not a fan of this kind of porn genre but I get it. Slapping the sense out of a woman’s ass with a paddleboard while she is tied up with ropes is something that so many out there enjoy, especially women. They won’t admit it, but why the hell did each and every woman out there see “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Exactly my point. Onward to the site.

So when you land on the homepage you will immediately see that this is a Premium site, one that is set on not leaving you emotionless. With all the latex bodysuits and milk squirting and pissing and all the craziness that only a BDSM site can bring, is sending a clear message that this will be an experience that’s bound to leave you satisfied. At least that was one of my impressions since the overall look and mostly the vibe was one of that this is a site that has their stuff together. Awesome, unique visuals are made in a way that even if I saw this site without knowing the name, I’d know that this was a production. So they have a strong visual stamp that they are putting on their presentation and I didn’t even check out the meat of it all, the freaky videos that they have.

The way that the videos are presented before you actually go to the vid section is in a magazine cover type of a way. I was wondering if this was a magazine or was it a video site. It’s the later one, of course. I loved how they placed their categories in a subtle way on the homepage in a way that it seemed that you were about to go to a whole another site. There were categories such as Hardcore, Peeing, Spanking, Fucking Machine etc. I know they all sound so alluring and full of promise so I had to check out one of the categories that I considered to be the most hardcore, at least to me, the Clinic category.

Before I dive into the videos I saw that most of the videos were around 30-40 minutes long and as expected they were all 4K in quality. I didn’t expect anything less since I love my BDSM to be crispy clear. How else would I enjoy the candle melting if I didn’t see the reflection of the melted wax overlap with the lighting of the room? That’s how you know your BDSM is top-notch. I tried out this video with Belle Claire and two other dudes who were wearing leather pig masks. Pretty radical, huh? The video opened in 360p and it was a DDF Network production. The highest quality that I could set was 1080p but if I wanted to I could have downloaded the video in 2160p for 2.82 GB. Not too shabby at all.

I have to state that most of the videos are not all that sinister as they sound. They are all done in high production and they all have excellence to them. The BDSM spin to them is the only thing that makes these videos fall under this genre but all in all, they can easily pass as just another porn video. The site offers lots of value with their free downloads and promos that you can find on the site under the extras section. I didn’t find anything that would constitute a fail. I actually was gunning for this. I wanted to find something that I could use as a reason to rag on the site but there was nothing. even the tagging is done properly when you want to use the time tagging tool. Everything was done in a cool way so there was nothing that I could use as an excuse to bring the down. So I must admit that the score is 1:0 in the favor of

All of you who are into the BDSM genre, guess what? is the kind of a site that delivers what it promises. The only thing that I’d note is that if you are looking for a grimy type of a BDSM site, this is not it. can constitute for a fancy BDSM site in my opinion and maybe this was the reason why I liked it so much but for someone who is deep into the genre, I’m not sure if this would be your cup of tea. Still, a great site.

ThePornDude likes House Of Taboo's

  • Awesome visual presentation
  • The glossy BDSM videos
  • Overall a cool site

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  • Barely anything worth mentioning