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Updated on 15 January 2022
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One Backpage! There are a lot of weird websites on the net – some are practical, and some are just for fun. Some can get you a 5$ handjob behind a fast-food restaurant, and some can get you a brand new 2004 Toyota pickup truck for a few thousand bucks. People have always tried to find a balance between pleasure and their job. The “work hard play hard” attitude has done its fair share of shaping and creating the modern, working Western world as we know it today, and sites like OneBackPage are in the eye of the storm that is that philosophy.

There are so many things to be done on this website – not only activities but people as well. You see, this site is like a horny Craigslist – not only can you buy and sell items on it, but you can also buy and sell services on it too. I’m pretty sure you know what kind of “services” I’m referring to already – the types of services that you don’t tell your friends about, the kinds of services that are reserved only for the wildest of bachelor parties.

Sex workers are in abundance here on OneBackPage. Still, it’s also got a lot of relatively normal individuals on it too that are just trying to make a buck by pawning off something to the internet for an affordable price. And hell, the sex workers here are also ordinary people. I mean, they all live the same way any other under 30s person lives, except they can make a few hundred bucks in one day by offering their companionship to lonely souls out there. You know, the ones who are too socially inept at finding a partner for themselves but rich enough to afford sex.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to have sex with an actual prostitute but don’t want to deal with pimps and overpriced pimp cartels that can literally murder you, then why not take a chance here on OneBackPage? You can meet yourself a hot, single independent prostitute who isn’t afraid to get some dick in her without her pimp watching from the other room. Let’s get to it!

This Site Serves Three Main Functions Really…

I mean, let’s face it – you’re not going to go on here to sell your Playstation or that old cum-stained couch of yours. OneBackPage has three main functions when it comes to having a good time and busting the occasional nut. If you do decide to go on here and spend time on this wonderfully chaotic site, then you’ll need to know how to attract and meet the right people in the right way to experience one of these three main services that this site is mostly known for, and they are…

First One’s Hook Ups

Yes, you can actually find yourself a brand new fuckbuddy here on OneBackPage. This site has a lot of lonely individuals frequenting it, and a large portion of them spend time looking for other lonely souls who they hope to have sex with and feel a little less lonely together with. Some of these lonely souls will post themselves on this site, much like a Craigslist ad, except instead of offering an item for sale, they offer a very special service: Their undivided companionship, complete with their genitals and sometimes even mouth. There are a lot of different kinds of companionships, but in the case of OneBackPage, a lot of people just want to meet someone who looks attractive enough to have sex with in real life. The dropdown filter menu allows you to filter in people willing to meet and hook up in a variety of locations, including bars, restaurants, events, band gigs, salons, and so on.

Then There’s “Personal Connections”

Hooking up is one thing, but some people tend to go even further than that and are more than willing to offer themselves up for straight-up no bullshit sex, regardless of what you look like (so long as you pay up of course). There are a lot of people like this here on OneBackPage, and they can all be filtered in with any of the services under the “Personal Connections” option in the dropdown filter menu. The “Personal Connections” group of services refers to all kinds of services that involve paid sex, which is literally prostitution. You have a whole variety of different kinds of services here, ranging from basic stuff like “Female Escorts” and “Body Rubs” to more specialized services such as “Trans Escorts” and “Dom and Fetishes”.

And Last But Not Least There’s Normal Dating

And of course, there’s a whole section of services in the dropdown filter menu that focuses on nothing but good old Christian dating. Okay, it’s not THAT Christian, because it also has special filters for services like “Women looking for Women” and “Men looking for Men”. Also, it has stuff like “Friendship – Activity Partners” and “Casual Connections” (which is basically just hookups made to look more friendly). In any case, if you don’t wanna meet some freak who won’t achieve climax until they’re electrocuted, or someone who won’t have sex with you unless they’re in full leather-clad gear, then the small selection of services under “Dating” might just do you right.

You Can Narrow Your Search Down to Whatever You Want from a Whole Mess of Things

This site has three different dropdown search menus that all focus on a different aspect and work together to narrow down to even the most specific of things you might be searching for. For example, midget sex with horses or sex in public while being slathered in honey. The dropdown search menus include “category” (which is where all the previously mentioned services can be located, including some other ones), “region” (covers all US regions), and “city” (covers all US cities). There is pretty much no room for mistake or error when using these dropdown search menus correctly, so you’re bound to find even the most specific services and offers you might be looking for here on OneBackPage.

Most Posts Have Images Attached And Insightful User-Submitted Reviews Too

One thing that I love about this site is how most of its posts that offer several different kinds of services that only people can give also feature images of the people who are willing to give them. Pictures are always very essential when it comes to searching online for companionship, because they let you see what kind of product you’re about to cash in on, and you don’t want to cash in on a product that you can’t see, right? I mean, who in their right mind would agree to meet up with someone they met online without at least seeing what they look like first?

Yeah It Works From Any Smartphone

You can browse through this site’s many ads and look for fuck buddies, relationships, and hookers all day from your phone. OneBackPage here is 100% optimized for smartphone access, which means that you can hop right on it in a jiffy just about anywhere. You can use the old reliable bathroom excuse to excuse yourself out of pretty much every situation and waste a good 10-15 minutes in a sweet solace as you look for your next date, fuck buddy, or hooker here, all from your phone.

ThePornDude likes OneBackpage's

  • Site contains a nice set of search filters
  • The user-submitted reviews must be over one sentence long
  • Most posts have pictures attached and plenty of information including contact numbers
  • Site contains a wide variety of services
  • You can buy/sell items through here

ThePornDude hates OneBackpage's

  • Nonexistent visual theme
  • Not too many reviews on most items/services
  • Site’s interface and navigation options remind you of the time before the smartphone
  • Posts can be submitted by any free visitor
  • No XXX content on the site itself