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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Mad Thumbs! As soon as I opened this site up, I thought to myself “Oh hey, another generic tube site, whoever saw that coming”, but I believe there is always more to things than it meets the eye, so let’s just dive into the review, kicking it off with the design, because that is probably the most generic thing.

Overused design

You guys know that I really appreciate when a porn site tries to be unique, and even if it doesn’t work out in the best way, and if it might be worse from the generic formula, it still gets a big plus from me, as they tried to do something innovative, and probably some of that is going to be used somewhere to achieve an amazing design. As you might have guessed from the extremely obvious hints, doesn’t try to do anything new when it comes to the design, which is quite boring.

The background is completely black, which to be fair is probably the only thing that I don’t mind in the generic formula, as I don’t want to get blinded by an overly bright background when I am browsing for porn during the night in a dark room. Other than that, you can pretty much find everything that you can expect from a free tube site.

On the very top, you will have a search bar, which is actually one of the most responsive search engines that I have found recently. I have tried a couple of different keywords that make my boner dance, and I have gotten results for every single one of them, which is definitely a big plus from me. Right under that, you will have a couple of navigation buttons that will get you to various videos that the site offers.

For example, the “Popular” button will list some of the most popular videos, listed by the number of views. You can filter out the time range that you want to filter the videos through, the default is set to “all time” however, you can also filter them monthly, weekly, or daily. While I was checking out the most popular videos, I was quite surprised that the most popular one was a video that happens to last four hours and thirty minutes, which is actually a shockingly long time for a porn video. Naturally, it grabbed my interest, so I decided to check it out. It did not take too long before I was overwhelmed by disappointment, as the video didn’t even fucking work. I mean, how the fuck does a video get to be featured as the most popular one, when it doesn’t even work, holy shit.

All kinds of categories to browse through

One thing I have to give props when it comes to this site is that the number of categories and the way they are featured is done very nicely. Not only that you will get a nice image of what the category represents, in case you want to discover some new kinks for yourself, but it also says the number of videos that each category says.

Something that makes this section a bit weird is that each category has a ratio of likes and dislikes, and all of them seem to go around 50%, and some of them are liked only by 9% of the people. There are of course some questionable decisions, such as having the same category under different synonyms, but you can’t have it all I suppose.

Video quality is all over the place

When it comes to tube sites, it is quite expected that the video quality is all over the place, especially when the videos come from all kinds of sources. This can be both a positive and a negative because you can find some really incredible porn videos that you would usually have to pay for on a site like this, but on the other hand, you can find some amateur porn videos that are recorded with the camera worse than the first camera ever invented.

Videos that have been “stolen” from paid sites are actually in extremely impressive full HD quality, and you can enjoy all of them in its primal glory for free. While I don’t personally support piracy, I do understand that not everyone wants to throw their meet every day, which is why they don’t want to invest in a premium site membership.

I have to get back to that whole like and dislike ratio once again because that is definitely one of the weirdest things that this site has fucked up. While browsing through some videos, I have come across a whole section of videos that happen to have around 3000 votes and only 2% likes. I would understand if it is a single video, but I am talking about fifty videos in a row or so. Honestly, I am really hoping that the site is just bugged and that someone didn’t pay people to dislike bomb videos here.

When it comes to the video player that the website uses, while it is very simplistic, it is quite responsive. No matter how big the quality of the video that I was watching was, It was loading it smoothly without any interruptions, and rewinding through it was almost instantaneous. Overall, browsing through the videos is a nice experience, the variety of videos available is impressive, and there are hundreds of newly uploaded videos pretty much every day, which again, is nice.

To make the browsing even easier for you, if you happen to be looking for premium content only, there is a tab just for that. Upon opening the “Premium” section of the site, you will get a big list of sites, which will present you videos only from that place once you open them.

There is also a picture section

While the videos seem to be the main highlight of the site, there is also a section that features galleries of stunning beauties as well. The galleries are not uploaded that frequently, in fact, the last update seems to be almost a whole year ago, however, the number of already uploaded pictures is more than enough to make you cum multiple times. Using the search engine works for both videos and photos, so you can find whatever type of content you are looking for with ease.

The quality of the images is once again all over the place, similar to the videos. The galleries are usually divided into photoshoots, and they usually revolve around a single pornstar. Speaking of pornstars, there is also a pornstar section where you can check out all the videos from your favorite porn star in one place. While there is some space for biography and other info, most of these spots are completely empty. You can also subscribe to a pornstar, so you can get notified if a new video related to her is uploaded.

Registering an account grants you additional features

Similar to other tube sites, you can register an account for free. The registration process is extremely simple, and you don’t even have to confirm your e-mail, which is fantastic, as you will not be required to wait a random amount of time to log into the site after registering. You can use your account to vote on the videos, comment on them, and add them to your favorites so you can easily return to some of those videos that you can pleasure yourself multiple times to. As I mentioned earlier, you can subscribe to pornstars to receive notifications about the newest uploads, and you can also add other people on the site as your friend, which is a bit odd if you ask me, but you can do it.

Other than that, you can upload both videos and photos, however, I believe that the uploads have to go through some kind of validation since otherwise, I don’t think that the last photo upload would be almost a year old.

One of the things that I forgot to mention, is that the number of ads that the site has is actually extremely minimal, as I only ran into one or two ads without my ad block turned on during the time of the review. That is somewhat strange, since the site doesn’t ask you for a membership either, and I have no idea how manages to keep itself alive without self-revenue. Either way, it is definitely a great thing, and while the place is somewhat generic when it comes to looks, the content is astonishing.

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  • Lots of videos
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  • Generic design