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Updated on 05 February 2024
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r/IncestPorn aka Reddit Incest Porn! I mean haven’t we all? I’m pretty sure that most young boys have felt awkward, sexually-awakening boner from staring at their female cousin’s parts for a little too long as kids, and while the thought itself may be creepy to most people, it’s actually a normal thing that happens to most kids growing up. Getting turned on about it and thinking about doing all kinds of dirty deeds with that cousin or another family member of yours that you’re attracted to is a little ‘out there’ though, and it’s what the modern Western world calls incest.

Incest has been around for pretty much as long as humans have been able to fuck, and there have been plenty of XXX works and titles that are dedicated to showing you all the taboo goodness that incest can provide, from pornos dating back to as early as the 70s to modern-day step-family XXX scenes that you can see everywhere on popular porntubes like XVideos, XHamster, PornHub and so on. About a decade ago there was no need to name all incest porn the way it’s named now, and people could randomly upload videos titled ‘son fucks mom’ and so on, but nowadays that genre has experienced a surge in popularity, and the videos that depict it have to be named with ‘step-family’ instead of actual family members, since fucking a step-family member isn’t technically considered to be incest.

And amid this whole incest porn renaissance that’s going on, one particular site has been able to gather up a large community of incest-lovers who all love this kind of porn. I’m talking of course about Reddit and its incest-based subreddit, which is home to over 173 thousand individuals who are all just as much enthusiastic as incest and as a medieval European monarch. This subreddit is a literal cesspit of incest-lovers who’ve come flocking from all over the world, uniting under its banner to praise and enjoy incest-based XXX content of all kind (and I’m sure their Reddit profiles have been set to hide their incest-loving tendencies too). If you’re someone who gets turned on by the notion of having sex with a family member or close relative then this is precisely your go-to destination for whacking off when you decide to please yourself to internet porn.

Disclaimer: Everything Here is Narrative-Based…

One thing that you have to know before deciding fap here is that everything you will find on this subreddit is 100% written. What this means, of course, is that all of you who are into images and videos as your format of choice when masturbating to online porn should definitely lower your standards if choosing to fap on this subreddit, because everything here is a text-based narrative written by random Reddit users who happen to be incest enthusiasts.

If you can handle ‘reading’ your way into arousal then by all means knock yourself out here on /r/incest, but if you prefer to watch videos (that are hundreds of times more visually stimulating than text) or at the very least look at still images as a means of watching internet porn, and you don’t have the patience to get into reading, then you might not like it too much here on /r/incest. I mean don’t get me wrong, some of the posts here (which are actually incest stories) can be pretty hot and arousing if you’re big on incest, and I’d say that a lot of the people posting these stories have some sort of writing skill too. But I’ll say it again – if you can’t exercise the patience it takes to read through an erotic, incest-based narrative then you probably won’t like /r/incest all that much.

Sometimes It’s not a Narrative but More of a Real-Life Description or Confession

The main difference between the posts here on /r/incest seems to be the way they’re written – the post is usually either a well-written story that details some sort of incest-related sexual encounter, which is most likely completely fictional, or it can be a real-life retelling of an actual sexual encounter with a family member or relative. The former is usually more common than the latter, and from the looks of it, these fictional-story based narratives make up roughly 80% of all the posts here in /r/incest.

The latter, however, is much rarer, and that’s because real-life sexual encounters with relatives don’t really happen that often, but they still do happen from time to time, and sometimes the people they happen to are subscribed to /r/incest and have the writing skills necessary to explain their encounter. Now usually a real-life encounter would do the job far better when deciding to fap to the content on /r/incest here, but the fictional narrative posts can be pretty good a lot of the times – at least good enough to get you in the mood to fap and see to it that you finish.

Posts Are Organized in a Few Different Ways..<>h3>

One thing I like about this subreddit’s posts is the fact that they’re organized based on what the dynamic in the story is as far as family members and relatives go. Most of them seem to be in-family relationships, with sexual encounters happening between mothers, sons, fathers, and daughters as well as brothers. Let me break down the three most common post-types here on /r/incest…

There’s The Classic Brother/Sister Relationships…

A lot of the posts here detail sexual encounters that happen between brothers and sisters, because to incest lovers few things are hotter than sexually active siblings that love to get it on with each other. I’d say about a third of the posts on this subreddit detail sister-brother encounters, but if you’re looking for some content that involves MILFs, then you’re bound to run into it…

As Well as The Mom and Son Flings…

There are plenty of posts (again, about a third) on this subreddit that detail sexual encounters between mothers and their loving (maybe a little too loving) sons. I think this is probably the most popular family relationship dynamic when it comes to incest porn because there are just a fuckton of mom and son videos all over the internet’s most popular porn websites, and there are also a fuckton of posts on this subreddit that depict this very same family dynamic too (albeit in written format).

And Who Can Forget the Daddy/Daughter Encounters…

Last but not least, there are plenty of posts on this subreddit that detail sexual encounters of the dad and daughter kind. Again, this dynamic takes up about a third of all the posts here, and it’s perfect for all you young+old lovers out there who love fapping to young girls getting pounded by older cocks, especially if the scenario involves a dad pounding away his old daughter (I guess that’s one way of showing fatherly love). But no matter what kind of incest dynamic you’re into, you can’t deny that the writing skill of most of the posters here is pretty solid, which brings me to my next point…

Most of the Writers Here Know How to Tell a Good Story

A lot of the posts here are written excellently, if I do say so myself; they’re spun in a way that entices you and pulls you in initially, giving you a sense of suspense and making you more and more sexually invested into the story as you read on (I mean duh, you are fapping to this stuff after all). There are some lackluster writers here and there but most of the time the posts seem to pertain to a certain level of standard that makes the content itself enjoyable and completely worth fapping to – hell you could even get off on this stuff even if you’re not too much into written-format porn, which is saying something.

Yeah You Can Read All These Stories from Your Smartphone

And if you were worried that you couldn’t get any of this ‘quality reading’ done while away from your PC, then worry no more because as you may or may not know (depending on if you’re living in a literal cave or not), we are in 2019, and that means almost everything on the internet has been made 100% accessible from smartphones. You can boot up this subreddit from your phone anywhere – just remember not to use the local Wi-Fi at your workplace or college when accessing this stuff because in that case, if they want to find out whose been on /r/incest, they can. If you have a good data plan you can simply sneak away to any bathroom and get some quality reading done while at your work break, which is sure to relieve some tension and stress.

But If You Need Media-Based Incest Porn, Why Not Check Out My List?

At the end of the day, reading your pornography of choice can be a little daunting, especially if your brain’s used to video and/or image-based formats of pornography. A lot of people who are into incest (and porn in general) don’t have the patience to read through a story that can get them off with just words, and a lot of the time, people might not even have the time. If you can’t be bothered with reading your incest porn of choice, why not check out my list and find yourself some good quality video or image-based incest content?

ThePornDude likes IncestPorn's

  • Posts are organized depending on the family/relative dynamic
  • No low effort posts are allowed
  • Most of the posters are pretty skilled with their storytelling and writing abilities
  • Dark mode is enabled, as with all subreddits
  • Fully optimized for mobile

ThePornDude hates IncestPorn's

  • No video or image-format porn
  • Not able to organize the content much save for a search box
  • Reddit is not an actual porn site
  • Most of the stories are fake
  • No external sources for media-based incest porn whatosever