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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There’s been kind of a lot of buzz about VR entertainment over the last few years, but it’s only finally blowing up now. People are openly excited about the science fiction epics and horror nightmares we’ll get to experience nearly firsthand, and privately super fucking pumped that we can jerk off in 3D with sex machines strapped to our faces. XVirtual is the first virtual reality porn site to ask the question, why not both?

XVirtual.com is currently pulling over 70,000 visits per month, but I already know without logging in that this material ain’t for everyone. This is the same Czech company that brought you HorrorPorn and PerverseFamily, two of the most unique paysites you’ll find on the web. They are known for high production values that straddle the line between pornography and horror flicks, completely insane and depraved scenarios, and some seriously rough fucking. If that sounds like your speed, grab your sex helmet and let’s get strapped in.

Fuck a Sexy Alien or an Evil Nun

The preview page is topped by a big banner for one of their newest and most popular VR fuck movies, Damned Nun in 180. I remember the 2D version from HorrorPorn, but I didn’t know they had a 5K version ready to stream directly to my eyeballs. The tagline is Fuck for Forgiveness, which is a noble goal I think should be adopted by all horny little sluts.

The preview seems nothing like a sex movie for most of its 30 second run time. You stand in a spooky, darkly lit convent room with a nun walking in front of you, her face largely hidden by the angle. Pulse-pounding music blares in 3D sound, letting you know some scary shit is about to happen. I really thought the bitch was going to spin around with a pair of fangs and glowing red eyes, but when the shot cuts you’re suddenly spreading some bitch’s ass cheeks with your hands to get a good look at her butthole.

The preview ends with a smack to that pasty white ass, delivered by your virtual counterpart in VR. Next, I checked out the sample of Roswell UFO in 180. At least, that’s what I thought I was going to look at. It turned out to be an overall sample of the site, which is fine by me. Remember I said this site ain’t for everybody? This clip will let you know if you’re among the select few deviates who will really appreciate this freaky smut.

The site preview for XVirtual opens with some Pinhead slut straight out of Hellraiser menacing some naked girl shackled to a wall. We see naked and afraid broads lined up against the wall, trying to cover their dirty bodies with their hands, and then an alien strapped onto a gurney and totally helpless against any oncoming cock. Freddy Krueger runs his claws over a babe in a room that looks to be stocked with dead bodies. A bitch rides a cock in a room full of blood, a female cop pisses all over a jail cell threesome, and a bunch of filthy women out in a jungle somewhere bounce on your virtual Jimmy.

Get Your Tickets for Thrills, Chills, and Boners

The standard price for a month of virtual reality monster blowjobs and gender-swapped Edward Scissorhands cosplay banging will run you about 40 USD at XVirtual. That’s more than a typical adult paysite, and since a lot of the big VR sites are trying to hook new viewers with lower rates, it’s significantly more than you’ll pay for the usual 180 gangbangs.

The thing is, this ain’t your typical porn and it sure as fuck ain’t your typical virtual reality smut. You always expect to pay more for niche movies, and then you’ve got a figure somebody needs to cover the high budget of XVirtual flicks. I’m pretty sure most porn studios get a bulk discount on Viagra, but similar deals are unavailable for special effects. It probably costs a lot to make a realistic third breast or Avatar costume, so pony up!

Possessed Sluts Need Your Cock Now

The first 3D sex horror movie I experienced was The Demon’s Grip. Sometimes I’ll watch a scary movie and think, despite the tattered clothing and blood all over her face, this zombie bitch is really fucking hot. The same thing happened in the intro to this one. I couldn’t help noticing how nice this ghost’s legs are as she walked down the stairs. She walked past me a couple of times before attacking the broad I was apparently with.

Maybe I should have read the synopsis, because I’m not sure what happened or who these people are. All I know is one minute this petite brunette was standing next to me in a white jumpsuit, then she got bitten by a ghost, then she was climbing on top of me to show me her white irises before using my cock.

The 3D sound is always a trip in VR porn movies, but XVirtual has some creepy shit going on. While this spooky-eyed broad bounces on my cock, I hear that low horror movie drone that keeps my nerves on edge even as I thrust away at that possessed cowgirl.

Get Your Kicks with Monster Dicks

Aside from some very light monster makeup on the chick I was just virtually smashing, The Demon’s Grip is actually fairly vanilla as far as XVirtual’s collection of VR terror sex. The chick may have had her mind controlled by a demon that made her want to get me off really hard, but the actual sex was nothing extreme.

The Beast from the Woods 180 is another story entirely. That one places you in the role of a vicious sex predator who kidnaps young, beautiful girls and abuses the fucking shit out of them in a dirty old shack out in the woods. Don’t let the #MeToo bitches hear about this one or they’ll be coming out with their pitchforks. Honestly, I think a pitchfork sounds more like The Beast’s kind of toy.

XVirtual has a lot of very rough sex. I’m not just talking about the monster fucking in movies like in Edward Cumminghands or their Evil Dead VR porn parody. I’m talking about a horrific clown tying a girl up, taping up her mouth, and brutalizing her in a sadistic BDSM sex scene. I’m talking about a dentist in a filthy office taking anal advantage of his patients. I’m talking about an incestuous family of inbreeders straight out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills Have Eyes.

They’ve also got some lighter stuff. Fuck City — A Dame to Cum For is a pornographic riff on Sin City with the same stylized color. Hot Baroque features a baroness with a ridiculous wig and tight corset who wants to swallow all of your jizz. A black and white feature that looks like it could be from the twenties is hyped as The First VR Porn Ever. Apparently, they liked threesomes and hairy, wet pussies back in the day. Star Whores: Episode Four – A New Hoe will let you live out at least some of your Princess Leia fantasies. I hope they do another one where they put her in the slave costume and you get to be Jabba the Hutt.

If I have a complaint about XVirtual, it’s that the mobile interface could use a little polish. I wanted to play with myself on Google Daydream, but I had trouble finding the Download button from my phone. I ended up downloading from my laptop and then moving it to my phone. VR smut is always a little extra work, including waiting for the download since streaming is subpar, but this seemed like one step too many between me and this crazy BDSM monster orgy.

XVirtual is certainly not for everybody, and I’m sure they know that. They’re putting out unique material that only specific kinds of perverts are going to be into. If you regularly rub one out while watching Amazon cannibal movies or James Cameron flicks, XVirtual will definitely be worth the extra few bucks it costs over a typical virtual reality porn membership. The material is so fucking crazy that I think a lot of you rubberneckers will appreciate a look just for the sheer spectacle of it, even if it makes your dick shrink up like a frightened turtle.

ThePornDude likes XVirtual's

  • VR movies that combine porn, horror and sci-fi
  • Extremely high production values and realism
  • Regular updates
  • Compatible with all devices

ThePornDude hates XVirtual's

  • Pricey
  • Not for everyone
  • Mobile interface needs polish