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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sexy Youtubers

Sexy Youtubers

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Way back in 2005, something magical went live on the internet. Born of a wild, wet dream of a trio of nerds from PayPal who worked in continuously in a garage to provide a video sharing and hosting service, in the middle of the aughts the great granddaddy of the tubes was born.

Okay, that was an oversimplification, but you all know that I’m talking about YouTube.

Anyway, within just a few years, that free service blew up into a global cultural phenomenon which not only allows all of us to see funny clips of animals sneezing and guys imitating Jackass, we also got to see tons of videos sexy female vloggers.

After that site took off and internet speeds increased, new tube sites – especially those for porn – have cropped up everywhere and given even more fine women a platform. In addition to those style of sites, new social media platforms and apps have cropped up and done the same thing like Snapchat, Twitch, and Instagram.

Fast forward about a decade and people can now connect with the content released by a bevy of babes talking about and playing video games, makeup, fashion, fitness, and even vlogging about their own bodies.

While these people do post a lot about themselves already, you might have found yourself wishing you could see even more.

Well, guess what you can – thanks to

“What Internet Stars Can I See On This Site?”

In short, this website is hosts videos of hundreds of female internet celebrities from a half dozen platforms showing off their bods and doing stuff which you could never share on Facebook flag-free.


The majority of the vloggers featured on this site are of course famous from YouTube. The footage featured includes stuff from makeup beauty gurus like Okaylaaa, Adults React personality Alix Archer, and fashion expert Taffania Ray. Now, what would all these seemingly good, church-going girls be doing on a site like this.

Well, on SYT has a GIF of Okaylaa from her own vlog where one of her gorgeous nipples on her engorged breast slips out of an incredibly skimpy fashion jacket. Alix Archer has had a series of her nude selfies released by her to the net and, while they apparently have been pulled from her Instagram account, copies of them are up on SYT.

And Ray has worn several outfits in her videos in which her nipples not only stick out but are nearly visible thanks to some semi-transparent clothing. In case you are wondering there are a whopping 19 pictures just of that.

Of course, when it comes to some YouTubers like Bluxxy Haze, they’ve deliberately and intentionally released naked pics of themselves which have been cataloged and categorized on SYT.

In addition to all of this, there are audio and video clips made by sexy women which are in the auditory sensory meridian response variety. So, if you are looking for erotic content which affects other parts of your body besides your dick this place is a great resource.

Bro tip: If you’re not familiar with ASMR or have never seen an erotic ASMR video with a good looking woman, I’d search for DatMommy on Sexy YouTubers to start.

Twitch Streamers

Who says that gamer girls and gurl gamers don’t want to have a fun, wet, (nearly) naked good time? Well, if you don’t believe that to be true then check out SYT’s collection of vids and pics from Twitch.

While YouTube girls lie to tease their audience or “accidentally” leak some nudes to one of their social media accounts, these girls love showing off their bodies and getting wet and wild at the tap of donate button. Hell, some of them seem to be so horny, they might let a nipple slip if you give them a compliment.

Anyway, this section of the site has mostly pictures and not too many videos, but since most posts have anywhere from one to a few dozen pictures in a gallery it’s still worth checking out.

Private Snapchat

Where would we be without Snapchat? Well, probably still sending nude pictures via email or on “dating” apps like Tindr. But anyway, Snapchat is a great way to chat with a lovely lady and swap some sexy pics. And, if you’ve seen my article on Fancentro, it’s a great place to become a semi-pro porn star.

Of course, there are plenty of amateurs who love to show off their bodies as well, and as it turns out, there are copies of their smut uploaded here. Sporting the most content of any of the other sections, with most of the posts there is usually a few if not several dozen pictures and one or two videos.

Since this stuff is from Snapchat, the vids are going to be pretty short which might suck for most of you guys who’re trying to get off in one go. However, the average gallery and video length I think is about perfect for you quick cummers out there. 😉

Instagram Models

The ultimate platform for fashion models, narcissists, bodybuilders, and exhibitionists, Instagram has also been a great way to find new wank material. But, with so many hot women on that platform, and a fuck load of terrible posts, it can be hard to keep up with all of the best content without spending half a day on your phone.

But SYT keeps you up-to-date with several new weekly updates from some of the hottest girls from Insta. Some of the girls like Kendra Rowe are posing in lingerie poolside or in other idealistic settings while others like Taylorkaytee are want to flash there pretty titties and others like erotic model Effybabyliss have made posts letting literally everything all hang out.


You might be thinking “how do you get erotic footage from a site which is for money payments to internet entrepreneurs you want to support with money?” Well, the footage on this section is from the private accounts of several female net celebrities’ rewards pages. I’m not sure if these are copies from people who actually paid for it (I doubt it) but more on that later.

Only Fans

You probably figured that photos and footage for this site would be on here as well. Featured material includes nudie pics, blow job videos, and even some full on fuck footage. The number of pics per post only have a few pictures each, and the vid clips tend to be around five minutes long. That said, the models are still extremely sexy.

“ “What Is Using This Site Like?”

Overall, this website is minimalist with a white background contrasted by black text and accents and certainly enhanced with gorgeous pictures of internet celebrities. The built-in search engine runs like a dream, and the drop-down menu has exactly the features you need to get to the best parts of the site. Further, there is a “light switch” which inverts the color scheme – perfect for making the clips or pics you are viewing really pop.

“ “What Categories Are Popular?”

You’ve probably got a good idea of what you will see on this website, but in case you don’t or are looking for something, in particular, the drop-down menu has a simple but well-organized category section. Categories include sexy photos, leaked nudes, nipple slips, bikini photos, revealing cleavage, general photoshoots, and of course masturbation/sex tapes.

In addition to that, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a list with links for the top posts of the week, a recommended list called “Why Not Check Out,” and an alphabetical list of all of the women who have been featured on SYT.

“ “Just How Did They Get this Footage?”

From what I can tell, Sexy YouTubers get their footage from a variety of sources including copying publicly available photos and videos, and take screenshots of girls at very select moments of their vlogs when they’re nipping out quite a bit or happen to experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Of course, just like the stars of the small and big screen, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of this footage has been “leaked” originally by the vlogger.

Other footage seems to come from random users who upload content they’ve purchased from the vlogger or stuff that they may have gotten from someone else. Though I’m not sure how many photos and videos there are, I’d imagine a good chunk of the content is pirated, too.

“How Can I Participate?”

If you have pictures or video of a famous internet hottie – or are one and want to show off – then you can send that material through the Submit/Request page with a simple email. Now, should you send them someone else’s pics or vids, that’s another issue…

“ “So, Is This Stuff Legal?”

Yes, no, and maybe so. As I said, a lot of the material here is publicly available or is “leaked” by the vlogger for purposes of exposure. Then there are the videos and GIFs which have been made by people taking screenshots from YouTube videos or other streamed footage which, as I understand copyright law, does count as an original work. So, stuff like that is entirely or at least mostly legal.

However, since this site takes user submissions, and I’m don’t know how many videos were given freely by the ladies in them and how much are from fans who have taken their footage and shared it. Technically, that could be considered piracy, but SYT does seem to have an “act first, beg forgiveness later” policy since they apparently honor DMCA notices and takedown requests.

“Are There Ads?”

Yes, there are ads posted on the website, but if you’ve got ad blocking software, you won’t have to deal with banners or most pop-ups. However, Sexy YouTubers is crawling with redirect links and pop-ups if you click on the wrong spot on a page, so have fun with that. That shouldn’t be a problem when playing a video (usually) but a stray click will take you down the spam rabbit hole.

“Oh, And What’s The Sex Game Like?”

Don’t bother clicking on that link. I don’t know why but a lot of smut sites seem to think that they don’t make enough money and post spam links into their menu. Click on it, and you’ll be taken offsite to any of a number of shitty porn flash games. I suppose if you feel adventurous and lucky you might want to give it a shot, but I personally wouldn’t bother.

“Is This Site Worth Watching?”

Sexy YouTubers certainly does live up to its name – there are thousands of videos of hundreds of sexy women from all over the interwebs of every color, cup size, and hair shade. There are videos of every length and tons of pics featuring solo pussy diddle sessions, boob flashes, lingerie and swimsuit modeling, and loads of fucking.

That said, the number of ads you have to put up with, even with ad blocking software, is fucking ridiculous. Further, since at least some of this content has been pirated (or even hacked) I’m not sure what I think about the sourcing of this website’s content. Sure, most of it seems to be copies of public pics and vids, but the unknown number of stolen footage makes me feel uneasy.

ThePornDude likes Sexy Youtubers's

  • Thousands of pics and vids of sexy ladies
  • There are hundreds of women's portfolios to choose from
  • The quality of the type of footage like modeling, masturbating, and lovemaking is excellent

ThePornDude hates Sexy Youtubers's

  • The number of ads that you have to put up with is ridiculous
  • The source of some of the media is sketchy
  • The pointless sex game spam link