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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Greeting y’all perverts. Anyone who gets off Japanese porn knows it, but for the greenhorns, JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. If you put the word kiss before that, you get Kiss JAV. But don’t get it wrong; you will be seeing much more than just kisses on this site which offers all sorts of Asian porn particularly from Japan, China, Thai, Malay, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. It seems like the content is geared more towards the amateur and homemade niches, but the sheer volume in this bitch’s archive means you are likely to run out of sperms than steamy videos to beat meat to. Don’t even get me started on those super-hot Japanese girls and their moans of pleasure and soaking wet pussies.

Before proceeding, it’s important I warn you that most of the shit here is censored, as is mostly the case with South East Asian porn, especially from Japan. The only way you will have a clear view of genitals is in your imagination as they are all a blurred mess. Blame Japanese obscenity laws for that. It hits me as quite ironical that the Japs have some of the kinkiest smut, yet elect to fucking censor their shit. Maybe it’s all part of why many crave Japanese porn since we are programmed to want what we cannot have. Feeling the Pacific Ocean rumbling in your scrotum? Pull one off to the bevy of naughty Asian whores lined up at Kiss JAV.

Who’s down for censored porn?

I don’t know about you, but I prefer watching porn where I’m able to see the entire penetration. Luckily for me and a good chunk of freaks reading this, Kiss JAV does have an uncensored section although the volume is significantly smaller. Out of over 2500 pages worth of porn, only less than 500 pages contains uncensored porn, which is about a fifth of the content. So, if you hate seeing blurred genitals and don’t mind seeing whores that are not necessarily Japanese being penetrated, the Korean and Chinese porn might be your best bet. But hey, don’t blame the lack of uncensored porn on the site. I understand Japan is fucking serious about this issue. The laws are the fucking laws, and uncensored Japanese porn is rare to find unless porn studios leak the porn before it’s censored. See, whoever does that puts their ass on the line so y‘all thankless bastards can jerk off to uncensored Japanese smut.

Community oriented

One of the things that stand out about Kiss JAV is their community features. Just like other major porn tubes like Pornhub, users can register for a chance to like and share videos, upload content, follow their favorite users, comment on videos, and create customizable playlists. How fucking cool is that? Granted, the community is understandably not as active as Pornhub (c’ mon, you can’t even begin to compare the two sites), but the features are there which is a huge fucking plus. It’s your opportunity to interact and share videos with other sick fucks. Kiss JAV doesn’t stand out much in design or layout. It features a minimalistic outlook, but I absolutely love the black background for obvious reasons. You don’t want a site that will make you blind as you look for hardcore smut to play with your monkey. The site has a few sections to help you navigate including models, movies, and playlists. The site has also availed several sorting filters and typing a keyword in the basic search feature reveals the related searches while you can also filter results by duration, category, as well as quality (All or HD). Overall, I find the site very well organized even though a bit more effort could have gone into the design.

The ads are a fucking menace

Saying that the pop-up ads are a fucking bother would be a huge understatement. I’m not kidding. It’s almost like wherever you click; there is always a pop-up ad. Damn, even the freaking search bar is ad-infested! This will fucking ruin your experience. Even worse, these little devils don’t go away on the first click, and it’s so annoying. Also, there are other traditional ads everywhere you look it’s so unbelievable. I know it’s a free site and all that shit, but this click-ad fuckery will get into your nerves. It took me several minutes to figure out how to play a video because it’s an ad galore wherever you click and even if you click on “close ad and play,” it just proceeds to open up the ad and doesn’t play the video. In this era when there are literally thousands of porn sites to choose from, such a frustrating process is fucking unacceptable. If these fucks at Kiss JAV want to stick around for longer, they better step up their game or go home.

Quality won’t sweep you off your feet either

With the ad shit safely out of the way, its time to have a look at the content. Like earlier mentioned, the videos here are mostly amateur and homemade so don’t expect too many HD videos. If you do manage to find a high-quality scene, it’s usually not a real Japanese girl fucking, its mostly solo action (nude modeling and solo masturbation and such stuff). Even then, such videos are few and far between. While this may not necessarily be the site’s fault, we can only judge a site by what’s on it, and the doctor’s report is not all positive in terms of quality. If you’ve been reading my reviews, then you surely know I’m not one for sugarcoating shit. It seems to be an issue with the user uploaded porn since other sections of the site have similar quality challenges. If you are planning to upload porn on Kiss JAV, please spare all of us the agony of some fucked up quality and put your goddamn effort and time into it.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for homemade porn since there are normally no fake boobs, butt implants, and fake moaning and all that shit. But I only wish those shooting the videos invested in better cameras and came up with better ways to handle the shooting. I mean, no one wants to see you attempting and failing to get your dick in a girl’s asshole. How the fuck does some of these guys think we are interested in seeing such shit anyways? At least show us you tried, dammit!

What makes Kiss JAV stand out:

Thousands of Asian porn videos; anyone with an appetite for Asian porn will find this site a perfect destination for free content. Enjoy seeing the cute, shy, and innocent looking Asian whores whose pussies are tastier than some of the finest sashimi in the world having all their fuck holes stuffed with huge cocks. You won’t help but wince as you see huge rods easing into their tight assholes.

Emphasis on user-uploaded content; nothing beats a collection of smut uploaded by ordinary no-life fucks who know their tastes. The majority of the collection here is user uploaded, and you can expect some pretty varied tastes all bound together by the love for the Asian pussy. Minimal site design; the site has gone for simplicity with the design which means you will have an easy journey locating whichever content makes you hard. The content organization cannot be faulted.

Some rough edges to be tended

Annoying ads; the site features some pretty aggressive and annoying ads and popups that will make your stay here a fucking nightmare. I know the content is free and guys have to make money but damn!

Much of the content is low quality; no one was expecting studio quality porn on a free tube with an emphasis on user-uploaded content, but still, some of the crappy quality in these scenes has no place in a 21st-century society.

Improvement suggestion:

Where do I even start? First of all, chill the fuck out with the ads, and maybe we can talk about the quality (or lack thereof).


It’s hard to turn down a porn tube like Kiss JAV which gives you access to thousands of Asian porn videos from Singapore, Thai, and Taiwanese to Korean and Japanese. However, most of the content is amateur and user uploaded so you can expect some with pretty mediocre quality and some annoying ads. If you like jerking off to free smut and don’t mind being heavily bombarded with ads, low-quality scenes, and uncensored videos, then check out Kiss JAV.

ThePornDude likes KissJAV's

  • Thousands of Asian porn videos
  • User uploaded content
  • Minimal site design

ThePornDude hates KissJAV's

  • Annoying ads
  • Low quality