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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Boob Critic! Can you imagine having a woman without boobs? I suppose that’s like having a car but without a dashboard. Honestly speaking, every man likes a woman with a nice pair of boobies. Small or big, pointy or well rounded, tits are one of the most important parts that make a woman. Of course, there are those desperate losers who won’t agree and wouldn’t give a flying fuck about having a woman with a flat chest if only she’s got a pussy. But not ThePornDude! I certainly love bitches with titties, and I don’t give a damn if they are small titties, massive melons, huge racks, soft boobies, fake boobs, and anything in between. That’s why I took some time to bring all you tit men out there a boob experience for a change in the name of a site called

Intro Promises

Well, as the name suggests, is a site that’s solely dedicated to showcasing boobs of amateur girls, wives, girlfriends, and all women from across the world just for the viewing and fapping pleasure of all boob lovers. If you have a thing for watching topless women, you not only get to browse a decent amount of user photos of boobs and even upload yours, you also get to comment and rate them. You’ll also have a fucking blast reading other people’s comments as well as go to Boob Cams and enjoy watching hot busty babes strut their stuff in webcam shows.

Being a serious and dedicated lover of busty bitches, this is my kind of site. So, when I got on to do a little exploration and see what the fuck was going down, the junk in my pants was already ravenously throbbing with excitement. Within a short time, I had seen all kinds of boobs you can imagine. I had also read some seriously hilarious and ridiculous comments and even tempted to try to hook up with some of the busty hotties featured here in the hope of busting a nut into them. But I also found some crappy aspects of the site that I felt were dumb and pissed me off.

Site Design and Layout

Honestly speaking, the people behind the design of this site did a pretty crappy job. I mean, it’s nothing short of bullshit! The horrible design is a real spoiler when it comes to viewing the boobs and you can’t get a really good look at some of the nice boobs featured here. Right at the top of the homepage, there’s a banner with the name of the site in the foreground and a collage of women showing off all sorts of boobs. Right below that there are sorting categories like Highest Rated Boobs, By Date, Boob Cams, Top 10 Boobs, and more.

All the boob images appear in a scrolling column and fill almost half of the page. I actually found this aspect to be great, but with every image, there’s a goddamn comments section right below the photo. There’s no way to hide the fucking comments and you must scroll through all of them to get to the next image. I had only been on the site for about five minutes and I was already starting to find this fucking annoying. The worst thing about this is that the better looking the boobs, the more fucking comments you must scroll through. I had just found a photo of a nice pair of natural Ds that I happen to really love. But when I finished drooling at them and I was ready to scroll to the next pair of boobs, Happy Holidays had 26 fucking comments and she has replied to each one of them. That means your hand will get tired just scrolling to get to the next image of boobs.

Honestly, that right there is some serious bullshit. I don’t want my hand to get tired scrolling through comments. I will need that hand to be in peak performance afterward when I will be polishing my pole! I mean, even if the essence of the site is to critic boobs and some of the comments are pretty hilarious, why can’t the guys behind the site’s design find a way to hide the comments so that you choose to either read them or pass? After all, most of you are here for the boob photos and not the comments, right?

A Decent Collection of Amateur Teatties

The boob photos on this site are all posted by amateurs, but that does not necessarily mean that the boobs themselves are amateurs. I bet most of them have a ton of experience at being boobs. I found it odd that men are mostly the ones uploading photos of their wives’ boobs. This is quite strange because you can’t help wondering whether the men doing this have their ladies’ consent and why the hell the ladies aren’t uploading the photos themselves.

Anyway, there’s a ton fuck of awesome boobs on The size, shape, color, and perkiness of the teats you’ll find here is fucking awesome. Of course, just like any other amateur erotic content, you are bound to find a couple of fuck dreadful sets of boobs on this site too. I know these can be quite disappointing, especially since they can kill a boner even before you start jerking off and they can’t be avoided either. But if you can persevere and keep searching, you’ll definitely find some nice ones that will make sure your fap sessions are satisfactory.

A Very Stupid Aspect of the Site

As the name of the site suggests, it is supposed to give members a platform to enjoy viewing pictures of boobs and allow the community to critique the images. But there’s a blatant fucking problem with the way the site operates that I detected straight away, and it pissed me off really bad. Members can moderate the comments on the images they post. This is fucking stupid because the essence of critiquing is to let people deal with the comments regardless of how awful they may sound. They shouldn’t be able to moderate other people’s comments.

I guess the site wants its users to have a wonderful experience while posting their boobs since no one will approve negative comments about their teats. But then again this is too fucking dumb and annoying. And I bet that’s the reason you won’t find a single shitty comment about any of the boobs posted on the site. You are more likely to find comments like “wow, you made my day,” “please post some more,” “very nice indeed,” “put those on my dick head,” and more of these sorts of comments. I mean, none of the comments I found here can truly be described as a critique. It’s basically ass-licking using weak, pussy-ass comments to make the one who posted feel good about their boobs even when they are evidently fucking ugly.

The pros

On the upside, this site is free and if you love to watch busty babes of all shapes, sizes, and colors display their wares, this place is spot on. There is a large collection of photos of boobs of any kind your sick mind can conjure so you won’t miss something to help you beat some meat. Lastly, you’ll find this is a large community so good luck with your hopes on hooking up with some hot busty babe of your dreams.

The Cons

On the downside, there are some annoying fucking features like the weak-ass old-school design. Sincerely speaking, the site’s design and layout leave a lot to be desired. Secondly, whoever the fuck came up with the idea to allow users to moderate comments on the photos they post should have been fired as soon as that dumb ass idiot came up with the idea. It’s common sense that no one will approve a nasty comment about their breasts so the whole idea of “Boob Critique” dies.

Suggestions from ThePornDude

I strongly feel that this site should change its name or allow all comments on posted photos. However, it’s not a must that you scroll through all the comments to view the next photo. You should be able to hide the comments section if you don’t want to read them or keep scrolling and all you need is a quick peek of some sexy, juicy teats for a quick fapping session. Lastly, they should do something about the design and layout of the site. I mean, it’s 2020 so make it a bit more modern.

Conclusions has some fucking amazing boobs on it and anyone with a love or even fetish for boobs will definitely love their collection of photos. It also apparently has a vibrant community as these pussies are uploading the pictures of their boobs daily. If only they could make a few changes to some of the annoying features I have already mentioned, this site would be kicking ass.

ThePornDude likes BoobCritic's

  • A ton fuck of photos of boobs
  • Free and fun
  • A large vibrant community

ThePornDude hates BoobCritic's

  • Stupid design
  • Moderation of comments