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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Have you ever heard about How about Live Escort Reviews? Well, that was their former name, as they decided to rebrand themselves. Before, if I remember correctly, they used to have zero reviews on the site. Thus their name made zero sense. With the rebranding, I am hoping it became a bit more interesting, to say the least.

I mean, anything is better than claiming to have reviews and then offering shit. Not to mention that on their FAQ page, they have clearly stated that they are just an escort index website, so I really do not see the point of naming themselves like that, if they offered no reviews. But oh well, that is in the past, so let’s move on.

From what I have seen, the site looks a lot better. But, is it actually worth your time, and what is the purpose of an escort index at all? Well, my curious little friend, I am here to explain all that you need to know. But, let’s be honest, I am pretty sure that you already have a nice idea of what the fuck you can expect.

Is that it?

One would think that after such a nice rebranding, they would offer much better shit… but I was just welcomed to a plain white site and a wall of text on the homepage. This literally screams ‘index’ of anything, and that is not a good thing. I understand that the whole point of the site is to be an index for escorts, but stepping up your game a bit is not so damn hard.

If you check out some of the other escort index sites I have reviewed before, almost all of them will have something that makes them stand out. I had to keep looking back at to see what else they could offer because I kept literally forgetting about the site the moment I looked away. Now, that is not a good thing for any business.

Take my site for an example. It could be considered as an index of the best porn sites out there, and I am sure most of you fuckers already know my persona. The animated dude, the colorful yet stylish background, and the lists that are actually worth your time. Everything is separated into categories and simply done in a tasteful way.

Now compare that to whatever the fuck was trying to do. They do have a good structure, but that is not enough for me to be impressed by your shit. Let’s be honest, everyone remembers The Porn Dude because I am awesome, but I am sure that people will not easily remember what is all about. Just to put things into perspective.

Lots of areas covered.

Let’s move to some better aspects of what has to offer. They are an index website, and they cover a lot of areas, which was a nice change of pace. While some of the index websites I have talked about look amazing, they are not that great when it comes to variety. At least, that is one thing that has got right.

The homepage will list all the areas you can check out, from Alabama to Minnesota, to Canada, the UK, and so on. All of these will have a list of cities you can check out from that certain area, and so on. I think you get the gist. I mean, when thinking about hiring an escort, the first thing we often consider is where that escort is from since it is much easier to hire the girls locally.

With that said, I am sure that with enough money, these sluts will be able to travel as well. Let’s be honest, these sluts are just that, babes who would do just about anything for money since that is their job. So, your options are pretty open, but at the same time, it is still a lot easier to search for chicks locally instead. It saves you time and money, trust me.

I think it is safe to say that when it comes to the areas or whatever, you will find a chick from your city, probably. I mean, they cover the majority, but they do not really cover worldwide. Make sure that that is the first thing you check out since if your area is not listed here, you might as well check out different escort directories.

Lots of escorts, and lots of ads.

I was very surprised to see that all of the cities that were listed actually had escorts. I have seen plenty of escort index sites in my time browsing, and honestly, plenty of them were just filled with garbage. Most of them had half of the cities empty, so there was really no point in claiming that they were an index to begin with.

I was surprised to see that was not like that. I think I was mostly surprised because the site itself looks pretty fucking shitty. I have already explained my thoughts about this place, so there is no reason to keep on ranting… but common. They could step up their game just a little fucking bit.

Anyway, you can click on any of the cities you want, and you will have another wall of escorts you can check out. These escorts can be found all over the net, and the majority of them are available in more cities. Usually, when you open her profile, you will get to see some of her details, but not too much. They will mostly list images, and all the other areas the beauty is available in.

While they are pretty skimpy on the details, they will list the important shit, aka her name and how you can reach her. The images are pretty important as well, since why the fuck would you hire an escort you have never seen? So, make sure that you take your time and explore the site and the escorts. There are plenty of babes to go around, so you will find a hottie who suits your taste, probably.

One thing I did realize is that there were plenty of plain ads laying around. Basically, within the list of hotties, you will also have a lot of ads that will just take you to other sites, usually for sex or dating. They are pretty well hidden, so they were fucking annoying when I was browsing. But then again, I can’t say that I did not expect to see them.

Escort cams, trannies, milfs, grannies…

Whenever you choose a city, you will get different shit on top as well. For example, you will get to select if you want sugar babies, live escort cams, locals, single milfs, grannies, and so on. Sometimes you also get the option of tranny escorts, as it all depends on the area you select. For the most part, they really have a lot of options for your dirty tastes.

I must say, however, in a lot of cases, these options are fake. As in, they will just take you to a different site, like a dating app Tinder, or whatever. That is again, a big letdown, but oh well. Did you expect anything more from a free escort index that looks like shit? If you did, then that is your fucking fault.

If you exclude the fact that the site looks quite shitty and has ads, I think that really does its job. This place is supposed to serve as an index website, and that is exactly what it does. There are many hot women who would love to be your companion, and with so many areas covered, I am pretty sure that you will find a hottie you’d love to take out. Simple as that. is OK.

It ain’t special and it ain’t bad as well, so it is just an OK website. As I have mentioned, v serves as an index for escorts from all over, and they do cover a lot of areas, so that is a big plus. But, with so many ads, lack of options, and the crappy design, I cannot really say that it blew me away.

If you are just searching for an escort hottie, you would like to hire locally, or from a certain city, you can explore Of course, this place is free, and they have a lot of escorts to offer. They will always feature a bunch of images from the escorts, but they are skimpy on the information. Nevertheless, they serve their “index” purpose quite nicely, I guess.

ThePornDude likes Escort Index's

  • Lots of escorts
  • A nice range of places

ThePornDude hates Escort Index's

  • The design is shit
  • No organization
  • Little to no info about the girls
  • A lot of ads