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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Gromets Plaza

Gromets Plaza

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GrometsPlaza! After dealing with the incredibly detailed and annoying front page that states that you need to be 18 or older to enter, you will actually get to see what the site has to offer. This place is great for those who like to read dirty stories, and who are open to naughty experiences since offers a lot of random pornographic shit.

They introduce themselves as an improved search engine for the story database, as you are now able to search in many different ways, and not just the usual crap they use to have. Now, for those who did not even visit this site before today, you might be confused as to what the fuck I mean, right? Oh well, if you are an old member you know that this is a place worth the visit, and if you are new here, I shall explain everything.

Dated design

At first, when I read that has been updated, I expected them to change their design as well since as I remember it from the last time, their design is quite shitty. Well, apparently all they did is update their features because as everyone can see, their design is basically the same. Now, I know that most of you fuckers do not care about the design… but at the same time, I am pretty sure that most of us would rather visit a site that is not dated.

From the very beginning, you will see that is a site with a very dated website, and that is basically what you have to deal with. I mean, there is really no around it, and I think that that could be rather annoying. Oh well, those who came here for just the free content, cannot really complain… since everything this site has to offer is, in fact, free.

They look like a site taken from the 90s, just with a bit spunk… I guess, you could say that this site would look great back then, but now… it is really debatable. Well, the first thing that is offered will be the stories, which makes sense when in its essence, that is what this place is all about. However, as you will be able to see on the side, that is not the only thing that they have to offer.

In the beginning, you will get to see the updates, from the updates about the sites to new uploads, or whatever the heck. You will also get to see a couple of messages from the admin of the site, and this place really looks and feels like it is taken care of by just one person. Whether that is actually true or not, is a whole new story, if you ask me.

I’d say that those who do not want to spend their time reading my detailed review, should just read the first part of the site, because the admin basically explains everything that you need to know. I am pretty sure that you will get a hang of this site without my help or any of that shit, but you are still welcome to check out everything I have to say, obviously.

Those who are not into pornographic stories, I am not sure why the fuck you are here… but those who would actually want to read some interesting shit, I am here to tell you all has to offer. There are many hot stories and a lot of interesting crap I am sure that you will love, so if you are interested in something like that, go right ahead and browse.

Do keep in mind that you do not really have actual porn here. If you want to watch dirty porn videos or some shit, you should check out other sites I have already reviewed, since here you will mostly have stories… As for those who are here just for the stories, well you are in for a treat since we all know I would not be wasting my time with a site that is not worth the mention.

What kind of stories do they have?

Obviously, I spend a lot of my time checking out to see just what this place has to offer, and I think that those who love naughty stories will enjoy what is all about. Personally, I prefer to watch porn, but that does not really matter in this case. I am still able to talk about this place objectively, otherwise, I would not even have a section for stories. Aren’t you lucky I am just a swell guy?

When you scroll past all the admin posts, you will get to see the latest stories that are posted, and those will be sorted into a couple of categories. You can choose if you want to read those or you can search for a story yourself. One of the first stories I decided to read was about two horny girls who visited a dude, to help him plan a party or some shit, and ended up with lots of light bondage action.

Then I read a story about a beautiful babe who was sad because her husband was not able to properly please her, so she decided to look for a new mate. Lucky for her, she was able to find a kinky black dude who loved the same shit as her, as the two of them engaged in lots of dirty intercourse sessions.

Overall, I think that the story you will like all depends on you. I mean, you have stories of all kinds, and that is what matters the most, right? Whether you want to check out the bondage section, BDSM, doll stories, or whatever the heck, is something that completely depends on you. So, take your time, and browse through, I am pretty sure you will love their content.

When you choose a random story to open, the page will completely change, and the site does not really look like you would expect it to. I wish they made that design when reading a bit different because the screen is too fucking white, it hurts your eyes when you stare too long. Some of these stories are also hella long, so you will be staring at the screen for quite some time.

Another thing that could make all of this better are images. Now I understand that the whole point of this shit is to tell stories, but adding one image as like a cover of the book, could spice things up… Especially, when the design for the reading section is even worse than the site, and we all know how the site looks like.

Good search options.

One thing they do have is good search options, which was honestly surprising. Usually the search options will be shitty or whatever the heck, but apparently this place, even though it looks like shit, has a couple of good options hidden. When you scroll down you will have a couple of categories listed, but on the side, you will have all the necessary shit shown, which is fucking great.

You can choose to view the stories by the categories, or you can search by the author. Now, you might not know the authors now, but once you start reading, I am pretty sure that you will pick favorites, and every author has a separate page with only their stories listed. Other than that, you will have to settle with the categories.

Other stuff.

As you will see, they also have a section for the forums. Agnone can become a part of their site, and within the forums, you can talk to anyone who is willing to talk, basically. There you can meet lots of people who love to share their dirty crap, and you might even be able to meet the authors, depending on whether they visit the forum or not.

I think that is a place where there is a little bit of something for everyone out there, especially those who love to read dirty stories. Take your time and browse through, read the stories, and do not forget that some stories are separated into different chapters.

Since the site is completely free, you can browse as much as you want, and that is why I am sure that you will find whatever makes your dick hard. Their stories are pretty random, and they cover a variety of fetishes and random sex acts. It all depends on the author and the story you are reading.

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  • Free story site
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  • Become an author
  • Good searches

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  • Annoying ads
  • Bad design