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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Am one heck of a MILFs fanatic and I wouldn’t shy away any day from hanging out with more than a few old wines because I can attest that they actually taste better always. Anyways, MILFs are basically everywhere and are slowly becoming some of the most sought after women and an increasing number of young men are seeking out sexy and experienced cougars to rock their world. These women are always fucking horny and want nothing but to have their hot desires satisfied by equally horny young studs. So, are you the kind that is attracted to MILFs? Today seems to be your lucky day as I’m about to introduce you to a site that claims to hook you up with horny and willing moms in your area. This hub for hooking up with older women obviously wants to be referred to as MILFaholic, but that name looks ugly as fuck so for a tidy review’s sake, let’s just call it Milfaholic.

So, what do you get with these women? For one, they are experienced and know the exact buttons to push between the sheets. These aged sluts can milk every drop of semen in ways teens can only think of in their dreams. They know what they want and exactly how to get it without playing games like you’d expect with younger women. Did I mention that MILFs have the highest libido and desperately crave dick? Now imagine a site that puts you in contact with sexy, horny MILFs in your area and theoretically makes it easy for you to score some experienced pussy. But does it work? Let’s find out how easy they make your cougar cunt hunt.

Familiar outlook, plenty of features

If you’ve ever used a dating site before, you will notice some familiarity with Milfaholic‘s outlook. At the very top is a menu bar that should prove useful in navigation. There is also a convenient control panel that keeps track of your messages and notifications. Some of the tabs available for you include Home, Search, Messages, Quickie (which is similar to Tinder’s matching game where you swap left or right on the hot MILFs available from your area), and SMS / Text (there are actually women whose personal numbers feature in their profiles, and you can text right away) among others.

Milfaholic seems to be well equipped with all the features you’d expect from a dating site. They include a message manager, a basic search function, an in-site mini Tinder matcher, quick chat box, and more. Fuck, they even have some amateur porn you can be rubbing one to as you wait to score the right MILF pussy. However, one major question remains unanswered; how do the features get you closer to getting between the legs of a hot and horny MILF?

A handy search feature

The only way to find out how useful the features are is to take a deep dive. The cougar hunting adventure starts on the search bar, which allows you to look for MILFs from within a specific distance from your location. Whether that’s 50 miles or 1000 is upon you to decide. In addition, the search feature lets you specify the age of your preferred pussy carrier and while the default setting is 25-45, you can choose anything between 18 and 60 (although I’m not too sure anyone below 35 can be considered a MILF). That said, there doesn’t seem to be other options to specify your search, which is quite unfortunate. How I‘d have loved to search by size, height, ethnicity, interest, and such.

It’s not all lost, though. You have no control over what you can search for, but at least the site gives you control on how you want your searches to appear. You may organize the results by Near Me, Online Now, Newest, Detailed, Username, Best Matches, Featured, or whether your potential match has Text / SMS activated on their profiles.

Ready to pay to play?

However, all these features are not available for free, and you will have to pay to play. Milfaholic requires you to upgrade to the paid membership if you’d like to access them. Are you willing to fork out some money to use the full package or you are just fine being stuck with the limited capabilities of the basic membership? Depends on how badly you want that pussy. They are offering a 3-day limited trial membership for $2.97 a day. This comes with only 10 profile views and messages per day. Monthly membership is $29.95. Silver membership is 3 months for $49.95. That equals $16.65 a month. Should you decide to upgrade your membership, beware that the charges are recurring and will be automatically withdrawn from your account if you don’t cancel.

Another thing you won’t be able to do without an updated membership is message anyone. You can use the Chat function or manage your messages in a separate page on the site, but without a paid membership, you can’t even read the full message. That’s obviously fucking frustrating. Damn, you can’t even interact with other members and with that comes the added inconvenience of not being able to verify whether the lineup of naked women are indeed real users or a bunch of fakes.

Beware of the bots

The site prompts you to create a profile in a four-step exercise. However, within minutes of creating my profile (even without a profile photo), I received 5 messages. That was fucking fast! One red flag is the site seems intent on signing other men. Anyone familiar with how dating sites for cougars operate is they heavily target women as members, but I’ll leave you to interpret that piece of information whichever way you see fit. Otherwise, how do these fucks maintain that balance?

Maybe some porn will do?

Let’s take a tour of the site’s XXX Movies section and find out whether they allow you to get off the smut without paying. For starters, the porn does look tempting, mainly featuring high-quality videos of amateurs having the hell pounded out of their pussies. I clicked on a video, and you can imagine my frustrations when the site promoted me to “Upgrade your membership.” Even porn is not for free!

Well, what the fuck can I do at Milfaholic is I can’t message MILFs, read messages, or masturbate to the porn? The only option I have is to part with my money, but no. Thank you very much. But that’s just me. If you are willing to upgrade your membership and see where that gets you, be my guest. My only hope is these fucks are legit because there are so many half-cooked sites out here promising to hook you up with a fuck mate, but they only manage to give you a hard on and take your money.

Things to love about Milfaholic

Lots of features; note that the features are only available for paid members, but at least the site has provided enough tools to make your searches smooth.

Effective design; Milfaholic looks like your typical adult dating site, and that effectively means you will have an easy time looking around for a MILF pussy to devour. Everything is well arranged, and it’s near impossible to miss a detail.

Some hot porn; again, only members who’ve upgraded their membership will be able to access this, but at least the porn looks hot and is an alternative to looking for horny MILFs.

The not so desirable

Potential chatbots; it is not possible to verify the profiles, and there is every chance of coming across fake profiles and chatbots. Do I really need to say anything else about that?

Most features are not free; damn, even the porn will need you to fork out some cash! Just a few, largely lame features have been availed for free, with the most important ones (like the ability to chat and read messages) only availed for paid members.

What I think should be done

As far as I can tell, this site is pretty obviously a low-quality attempt to get you to part with your hard earned cash for something that isn’t worth it. If you desperately need to hook up with sexy and horny cougars, I suggest you look for an alternative and do it quick. Meanwhile, Milfaholic should up their fucking game, and that’s saying it politely.

Final thoughts

Can I tell you with certainty whether Milfaholic helps you score a MILF’s pussy? That’d require me to be pretty generous with my assessment. Granted, the site seems to have all the features in place for a decent adult dating site, but the inability to verify the profiles or do pretty much anything without paying leaves a huge question mark. There is no way I can honestly recommend this site. But if you are willing to give it a try, that’s all on you.

ThePornDude likes Milfaholic's

  • Lots of features
  • Effective design
  • Some hot porn

ThePornDude hates Milfaholic's

  • Potential chatbots
  • Most features are not free