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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Looking for a no-frills way to watch high-quality hentai videos? Hanime.tv has your back.

Hanime.tv is a free hentai streaming site that features free 720p videos for all kinds of nasty shit.

Videos are uploaded a couple of times a week, and the quality of the hentai is top-notch. You’ll find recent releases straight from Japan that quickly get tens of thousands of views on this great site.

The thumbnails alone tell you this shit wasn’t made in some basement. These are professional studios animating these bouncing titties and pulsating pussy.

The porn here is all Japanese releases, so you’ll have to be satisfied with censored and subbed material. Personally, I prefer subtitles, but I know some of you need that English audio. No such luck here, but you should know subbed hentai tends to be older and shittier.

The site works amazingly well for offering HD videos. The streams loaded quickly for me with no buffering, and I didn’t find any broken links. No clowning around with multiple mirror links here.

Best of all, Hanime.tv is easy on the ads. You’ll get some ad portals, but you won’t find any popups or other scammy looking shit around here. Hanime.tv kept it’s honor when it comes to not being an ad slut like so many other porn sites.

Hanime.tv also has its own Android app. The app looked high quality and is already on its 3.0 version. These people really take their hentai seriously. Sadly no iPhone app yet; you know those faggots don’t want porn on their precious Apple network.

I also want to mention Hanime.tv’s premium section. Hanime.tv is a free site, but has a paid section that gives you access to higher quality and exclusive hentai. You’ll get faster download speeds and 1080p quality for both streams and downloads.

Don’t want to pay money? Hanime.tv also has a lot of job openings where you get paid in the site’s Coin currency. You can help out by growing the community, reviewing content, and a lot more to unlock the premium content.

Let’s take a looksie

When you first enter Hanime.tv, you’ll see a small gallery of the latest uploaded videos. At the bottom of the thumbnail is the episode name and number of views.

Next up is the image gallery for the latest uploaded pics. I don’t think Hanime.tv is a great place for hentai images, cause it’s random and not well categorized, but the images are really good quality.

Keep scrolling down and you’ll find three more video galleries including Most Recently Uploaded, Trending, and Random.

I usually find a great video to watch from that main screen, but if you’re looking for something specific you’ll need to search or browse.

At the top of the page is the main menu bar. You’ll see links to various video galleries, a search bar, a link to the image gallery, and a link to Browse. Let’s check out the Browse link.

You can browse based on Trending, Random, Seasons, or Images. Seasons refers to the times that a certain block of videos came out. For example, you can search Winter 2015 or Summer 2014, and you’ll see a gallery of all the videos from that time. A good source if you’re looking for some long lost hentai porn you suddenly felt nostalgic for.

Hanime.tv also gives you a huge list of tags to browse through. Ahegao, 3D, and Big Boobs are some of the more popular categories. You might also want to check out the uncensored tag, for which Hanime.tv has a respectable 800 videos.

Let’s now deep dive into the actual video player page. When you click on a video you like, you’ll be sent to a page with the video player and all the relevant info.

The video player is at the top. You can change the video quality through the bottom right button, and yes, the 1080p option is restricted for free users. Personally, I think 720p looks just fine, but I know that sometimes you just need that pristine pussy graphics.

Below the video player, you’ll get all the basic data like title, release date, the studio, view count, and a lot more. You can also see the huge list of tags that comes with each video so you know what kind of shit you’ll be searching for next time.

Hanime.tv does a great job of providing video summaries for each work. The summaries are really well written, so check it out. You’ll also get a dozen or so screenshots to preview the anime, just to let you confirm the bitches in the video are hot.

Finally, at the bottom are the recommended and next play videos. The algorithm is really similar to YouTube. If you just keep letting the video play, it’ll automatically load and play the next recommended video just like YouTube. Really good programming here.

More than just hentai anime

Hanime.tv also has a big image gallery of high-quality porn. Rather than just hentai, the pics include Western-style 2D porn and other random shit as well. The pics are user uploaded so you’ll get all kinds of porn, but sadly there isn’t an easy way to search through these.

Hanime.tv is also getting updated constantly. They add features, fix bugs, and do all kinds of other productive shit several times a week to make the site better. New videos are added at a great clip as well.

There’s a very active community also. Hanime is constantly trying to grow its brand through the community outreach workers, Discord chat, subreddit, and more. I can feel the admin’s hunger, and that makes me want to watch how this site grows and becomes great.

What I Like

There is a whole lot to like about Hanime.tv, and I ain’t just talking about the pussy.

Hanime.tv has one of the best HD stream collections around. All of the videos are at 720p, at least until you pay up. A lot of the super HD stuff is locked under premium membership, but you cannot complain about the quality of their free shit.

Hanime.tv also provides free downloads for their videos. The downloads are capped at 720p and slow speeds, but they don’t require any sign-in which is pretty sick.

The overall presentation is one of the best you’ll ever see. The descriptions for the hentai are professionally written, there’s plenty of screenshots to get your mouth watering, and there’s minimal bullshit when it comes to ads.

Free hentai with 720p+ streams without popup ads? Is this the real life?

I really hope Hanime.tv can keep this business model up, cause a site with this kind of content at minimal ads is extremely rare. I wouldn’t be surprised if they slowly make it more exclusive as time goes on, so enjoy the free and reliable 720p porno while it lasts.

What I Hate

Aside from the basic image gallery, you’ll find some typical issues with Japanese hentai like too much censorship. This is obviously a Japan thing, and it is true you can search by uncensored to find the hundreds of uncensored pussy that they have on hand.

Pixelized pussy is a damn shame, but what can you do when the best hentai comes from Japan?

I also want to note that if you want to download episodes, I highly recommend you sign up as a free membership. The downloads come in three tiers, and your download stream will be ass if you use it as a guest. So at the very least, sign up for free, and if you really want to get hardcore with it then try a premium account later.

Hanime uses balance to set it apart from the rest

When it comes to hentai video sites with HD streaming, we still aren’t at the point where perfect ones exist. Whether it’s bad video quality, unreliable stream links, or ads getting rammed into your asshole constantly, you got to give up on at least one of these for all porn sites.

With Hanime.tv, the compromise is that it will give you a near-perfect experience for 720p videos, but it’s relying on some of you to pay for the 1080p. In this respect, Hanime.tv shows a great balance.

Stream links are very reliable. They don’t spam shitty mirror links, but have one solid stream that worked every time I tried. Ads were respectful. All the ads were easily closed, there are no pop-ups, and the video ads are less than 10 seconds long.

Of course, the compromise is that you don’t get 1080p content. Both for streaming and downloading, you’ll need to become a premium member to unlock 1080p. To me, this compromise is a fucking good deal for everyone.

ThePornDude likes Hanime's

  • Very reliable and high quality streams (720p+)
  • No popups or other bullshit, just a short 6 second ad per video

ThePornDude hates Hanime's

  • Image gallery is underdeveloped
  • Some content (including 1080p videos) is for paid users only