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Updated on 05 February 2024
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As a person who does not often need to upload naughty images or whatever the heck, I was taken aback once I visited, and I shall explain the gist of it. First of all, I’ve now gotten into using it, which is a lot coming from a person who previously did not do that fucking crap. So, if you were already looking for a site that offers this shit, well you have basically just found it.

Before you actually get to enjoy what, this site has to offer, you will have to become a member, which is not a bad thing, but then again, there are many host sites where you do not have to do that. So, you might wonder why the fuck am I suggesting this one. Well, if you are so fucking interested just continue reading.

A good design and great options.

At the very beginning, I was very driven in by the site’s design, which was a first when it comes to the host sites. However, they do claim that they are “not just another image hosting” site, and I think that that is true, to some degree. They still offer most of the usual options and not a lot of new shit, but they offer that in a much stylish and overall better way.

The registration overall does not take that much, so I can’t really complain about it. On the other hand, I cannot really say that I was not annoyed by the fact that I had to create an account, but in a way, I understand why the fuck that was necessary. Once you register and confirm your shit, you will be welcomed to everything this place has to offer.

The first thing you will see is an option to upload your shit, where you will have a couple of options to choose from. On top, there will be the usual menu where you will get to find whatever the fuck you might be searching for. I mean, all this should have been fairly obvious if you ask me. Personally, I think this is one of the better host websites, and that is just because it is slick.

I prefer the sites where everything is where it should be, there is no need for you to search and search until you find the option you want. I mean, all the necessary crap is on top, and the homepage will basically explain all the shit that you need. Sure, you might want to know more about the site in general, in which case you can check out their FAQ page. For some reason, they decided to add that, but I highly doubt anyone gives a shit about the FAQ.

Now, if you run into any problems, you can always contact them. However, I spent a lot of time on this site, and I did not really run into any sort of problems, so I am pretty sure that you will not as well. I mean, all the shit that is like that, the contact, FAQ, linking is on the bottom of the page, and if that is what you are interested in, just check it out.

Well, I am assuming that you are not really here to check out everything that is wrong with this site or other boring shit, you are here to know how this place functions and that is something I can certainly help with. While I am pretty sure that you will understand everything this site has to offer without my counseling, I will still do it.

So, how does function?

Well, once you register you will be able to upload your own shit. You will immediately get to upload crap since that is basically your homepage once you are a member. First, you will get to choose if you are going to have a single or multiple uploads or you want to upload something from an URL. Below you will see that you can upload anything up to 6Mb with a limit of 240 files, which is again pretty standard if you ask me.

I think that their upload section is quite descriptive as it tells you everything you need to know, from the size of the image to the resolution. You can also choose the images per row, domain, and if you would like it to upload to the gallery. Now, this is where the registration comes in handy because as a member of this site, you will be able to upload to your own gallery.

Registered users have many privileges!

As I have mentioned a couple of times, you cannot really do much if you do not become a member, so saying that you have privileges as a registered user is a bit of an overstatement. Oh well, it is important that they even offer any sort of crap like that, for obvious fucking reasons, and I will tell you all the juicy parts, as well as the crap that is a bit fucking annoying.

When you open your profile, there are a lot of things you will be able to see. I was quite intrigued to see that they have a small window for their tweets where you can see some of their updates, which was honestly very nice of them to include… but then again, are we really interested in the updates on such a site?

One thing that confused the shit out of me is that they have a premium section that does not work as well as one would expect it to. The premium section is free, and all you have to do is press the button that will give you the premium options… and then you are also able to request money that will be converted to points or whatever the fuck.

Honestly, that shit is quite fucking annoying and confusing to explain, so if that is what you are interested in, just check it out on your own instead. I am assuming that if you want to extend the size of your gallery or whatever the fuck, you can do so by paying. This is something that you are more than welcome to discuss with them instead.

I just know that you are allowed to renew the premium account, and that is when you will have to pay. Not really sure how that makes sense, but hey at least the membership is not really that expensive. The features you will be given include: better image viewing, no ads, priority support, images will not die (whatever the fuck that means and you will have more upload slots.) The premium shit will cost you $4 for 30 days.

If you would like to create your gallery, you need to click on the File Manager, obviously. There you will be able to create a gallery, and upload images. Now, the good thing about such hosting sites is that all kind of naughty shit is allowed, so you do not have to worry about the content. In addition, the overall options with the galleries are very smooth, which is always good.

Some other options…

I think that overall, for those who just want to upload their own shit, that is as much as has to offer. However, there are a couple of other features that you might be interested in. Like I said their twitter is basically filled with news about their site and functions, so if you are going to become a premium member or whatever, you might as well follow them.

The section ‘Earn Money’ is basically what you would expect it to be. Yes, you are able to earn money on, and I know that that is the first thing I should have mentioned. However, I am leaving this gem for those who are actually reading my full reviews, the real fans. This section is basically a list of benefits, rules, and conditions that will allow you to earn money while you are posting naughty shit on their site. Since you are already here, you might as well check that out.

From the design to their overall options, I think that is a much better host site than most others, but everyone has their own definition of perfect. You can register, upload your shit, create galleries, become a premium member and even earn money. I mean, that is a pretty good deal considering this is just a host site, so explore and do whatever the fuck you want.

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  • Free site for hosting images
  • The premium is quite cheap
  • Earn money

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  • You have to register