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Updated on 15 January 2022
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DT Video! So what is DTVideo? Is this site worthy of your time or not, and should you blow a load (or several loads) to its videos? Well, I’m here to help you decide. DTVideo here is a free porntube website that has an extensive variety of porn that ranges from the standard POV doggystyle stuff all the way to “piss on my face” kind of stuff. It’s not a specialized “bizarre” or “vanilla” porntube, it just has a great variety of a lot of free porn.

One of the things which I find stands out most on this site is the sheer number of amateur videos on it. I’m not talking about those step-family videos you see on PornHub that are full HD and are made in a professional studio with actresses who get paid 100$ for every stroke of dick they receive. Oh no, these are fully authentic amateurs – the kinds of girls you pick up at clubs when they’re shitfaced drunk and record them while you fuck them and make a mess on your couch.

The amateur stuff is definitely this site’s strong suit, but that doesn’t mean that there’s plenty of professionally-made stuff too. DTVideo here is an all-rounder, and it provides a fresh experience as far as free porntubes go. Its videos are recommended to you via an algorithm that’s unlike that of PornHub, XVideos or XHamster, so if you’ve ever wanted to fap to a whole new porntube that won’t show you the same 20 recommended videos over and over, then you might want to head on down here to DTVideo and “try your hand.”

When You Go On This Site, It Automatically Redirects You to Your Country’s Version of It

One of the main things I like about this site, which is peculiarly interesting by porn website standards, is the fact that visiting it automatically redirects you to a local version of it. The local version is accustomed to whatever country or region you’re living in. For example, if you’re visiting DTVideo from Germany, you’ll see whatever is most popular in Germany, and that also includes a lot of amateur videos that are made in that country.

The same goes for every other country or region – there’s a chance that you can even see your ex, your next bitch, or a random bitch in your local area here on an amateur homemade-filmed clip on this site. So if you have some nasty native girls who like being filmed while they’re being fucked, then you might just see them pop up on this site’s homepage in the form of a badly-recorded video that some bastard took while pounding away. Moreover, the search bar which the site provides can be used to find videos regardless if the keywords you put into it are in your native language or in English.

There Are No Categories Here

As you probably know by now, nearly every porn site (at least the ones that want to be taken seriously) has a category section that lets you pick what kind of content you want to fap to. But for whatever reason, there is no category section at all here on DTVideo, and that’s somewhat scary because it makes you feel like you have no control over what you’ll watch and ultimately blow a load to. Instead of letting you pick something, like say “Lesbians” or “MILFs,” DTVideo just gives you a random content dump of all kinds of porn, which can make you very indecisive. There’s nothing worse than wanting to jack off and not being able to choose what you want to jack off to – pretty soon, you’ll notice you’re furiously masturbating to random videos that you’ve only opened because you like their thumbnails. If you actually know what you want to masturbate to, then you should probably find a different website that has actual categories on it.

And The Tags Only Appear On the Homepage

One of the most annoying things about porn websites is the lack of content organization, and I really don’t know how someone could repeatedly rely on a porn website that has no standalone category and tag section. I mean for God’s sake – don’t the people who go on this website know what they want to fap to? Or are they all just crazed porn fans who would fap to anything? I really don’t know what the hell the people who run this site were thinking, but the only place you can see any sort of tags on DTVideo here is on the homepage and under the videos.

There isn’t even a separate section for tags, which could’ve really been useful. That’s really all you get in terms of content organization here. I can’t imagine there being too many regular visitors to this site when it offers little to no content organization tools other than a couple of tags on the homepage and a few tags under every video, which don’t really help much in the end.

But It Has Plenty of Rare Amateur Stuff

When it comes to amateur porn, plenty of websites, both popular and obscure have managed to upload amateur porn, and some of it has even been exclusive. And you can’t tell me you haven’t jacked off to those verified PornHhub amateur videos. But when it comes to authenticity, a lot of amateur stuff isn’t really as “amateur” as you think. Real authentic amateur stuff is homemade, and filmed by a phone camera most of the time – it’s not that step-family crap that’s everywhere on popular porntubes nowadays. But here on DTVideo, it’s not hard to see that most of the amateur porn videos are 100% real. If there was ever a site (not counting the popular ones) that had a random assortment of the finest and not-so-finest amateur porn, it’’s guaranteed to be DTVideo here.

And Some Decent HD Porn Too

Real-life porn stars are like professional hookers – they’re properly educated and prepared to take dick on every occasion, and they make it look fantastic. Picture perfect even sometimes. Their pussies know no bounds, and as a result, their paychecks know no limits as well. I mean, let’s be honest – you don’t watch a big-time MILF actress like Anissa Kate the same way you do some drunk amateur bitch that some dude picked up from a party and is now banging raw. Professional porn actresses are a special privilege to watch, and if you like HD pro-porn, then this site definitely has you covered – for days even.

No Annoying Ads, And The Videos All Load Fast

Don’t you just hate it when you’re hornier than a rabbit in mating season, and you try to open up a porn video that you’ve chosen to nut to, only to be derailed by an annoying pop-up ad that takes away your horniness?. Well, DTVideo here doesn’t do its visitors like that – this is one of the rare barebones-style porntubes that don’t flood you with ads the moment you open them up or click on something of theirs. Plus, all the videos here load fast (even the HD ones) – faster than you can say “internet porn addiction.”

Site Can Be Accessed Easily From Any Phone or Smartphone Device

You can open DTVideo on any kind of device. If you are bored on your shift at work and looking to spice things up a little bit, just take your phone out, open DTVideo, and head to the toilet. Or maybe you can do it right where you work if no one’s watching – or maybe you like it better when there’s risk involved? Whatever your masturbatory process is, I assure you that your boss won’t find out (unless you’re dumb enough to jack off in front of a camera).

ThePornDude likes DTVideo's

  • Free website with plenty of free porn
  • Instantly redirects you to a native version depending on where you’re visiting the site from
  • Contains a lot of authentic amateur stuff
  • Videos load fast
  • Optimized for smartphones and all other devices

ThePornDude hates DTVideo's

  • No standalone tag section
  • No standalone category section
  • No pornstar section
  • Some video thumbnails won’t show up
  • Not many content filters and the visual design is very basic