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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It is sites like this remind me of my extremely naughty adolescent years, during which every dumb boy wanted to see a certain girl’s coochie. With braver bastards choosing to mirror down some yummy upskirts with some rather silly ones peeping into the girl’s washrooms when opportunity allowed. Like damn! The things crazy hormones drive us into at that particular age!

And you would think it is just a phase, but later when I have grown-ass enough, I figured that the big boys had some stubborn roots they wouldn’t rest themselves from. Which is probably why they decided to complicate this act of peeping on girls shitting or should I say thwarting by including some rather squeamish shit while still advancing it into an actual quality porn recording. Like do we men really grow from being naughty boys or shall we remain just as the saying goes; boys will always be boys!

Oh! I guess we don’t fucking give a shit about that crap and would rather be in Czech toilets enjoying some bitches toilet shitty and equally delightful business? Well, I can’t quite figure whether all coochies are the same, especially now that there is a fiction of pussy types. But what I can’t quite comprehend is how the fuck shitting or pissing is a turn on for some. However, irrespective of my preservations, it’s my life mission to provide guidance to horny souls, no matter what fucked up shit they subscribe to. So, let’s fucking get down to it.

What to expect

Well, I most certainly will agree with lots of people that recording people taking a shit in public toilets is hell a lot fucked up granted that it’s actually against their will. However, what to do? In any case, I’m made to understand that nude toilet spying is actually a thing people are actually into. My advice perhaps you should warn your Czech hot wives lets you find themselves as a great pissing fetish fapping aggravators. The key selling points of this site lie in that:

There are tons of hotties in fact so many that you could basically come to a conclusion that; it’s only pretty babes who piss in the goddamned public toilets.

Well well well, should I say these freaks are genius or what because their voyeur cameras positioning is on point. Like you can even be able to view a bitches face from in between her sexy legs as she spills some salty waters. Like damn!

It’s some crazy-ass archive down here! Am telling you it’s almost like some goddamned sort of gothic history of cuties from the Czech Republic blessing the tools bowls with some hot coochie showers. And in as much as it might actually be fucking gloss as hell, it sure is a site to reckon with and particularly one that you will barely come across every fucking day.

Real Shit and No bullshit! Videos

Well, while the pissing public thing could as well be faked real easy. There is actually some reassurance in their voice within the site; “Hey, guys, look out! We’ve got hidden cameras in a real public toilet!” Like damn! If I was living in the Czech Republic I would also be scared as fuck about shit like; gay dudes getting off to me pissing or even scathing in some public toilet I can’t even remember shitting in. Eeew! However, whichever way we would like to look at it, these motherfuckers have got three hidden cameras, in various public toilets. And these include the one in the bowl, and it seems that the innocent featured beauties or in other words, Czech amateurs have no fucking idea. Kinky asf, damn right!

Well, these fucks sure promise; 4K HD, mobile-friendliness, and regular updates, just like every other premium site and impressed that they keep their goddamned word. And while there are so many fucking videos to get off in this freaky site. I must warn you that most of the action here involves; pretty bitches sliding down their undies, pouring down some mighty golden salty waters and a close up of them wiping their kitties from front to back. And it’s not like there aren’t some shitty ones who disgustingly throw up before getting to piss. But that’s just it, and so you can forget about all the yummy could have been shit because there is no sign of beans getting flipped and on the contrary, they only get wiped off. With the most glorious thing about all this being that you get to have an immaculate view of diverse pussies and of course pretty pink panties as well as faces. What can I say? If they sure serve the purpose, then why the fuck not?

Streaming videos

There is a preview button for most shit, and I couldn’t just help but marvel at the thought that it’s actually 80% similar shit going down. Like wtf? Anyway, the first thing that appears after pressing the play button is; FIRST REAL HIDDEN CAMERA IN TOILET! NO SCRIPT, NO FAKES! THIS IS REALITY! Probably to get your voyeur shitty ass excited or something but if I were you, I wouldn’t me be all that excited.

After all, whether the streaming speeds are remarkable or not, it’s the same shit anyway and what changed is only the girls parading in and out of the toilets, faces, and panties perhaps. Like why the hell would one want to view pussies in this rather uncouth manner all day at a fucking cost unless they are shitty ASF or there is just something freaking wrong with their brains. Anyways, what to do? The heart wants what it wants, right?

Positive site features

4k quality videos; 4k quality porn doesn’t just come easy, especially when it comes to voyeur cams and therefore I must say that these freaks have surely outdone themselves in that regard.

Frequent updates; well, it’s a no brainer that there are always new pissing scenes in line. Like, it isn’t obvious that bitches keep pissing in public toilets every day. But for some reason, consistency outweighs these facts.

34 sites bonus sites; everyone loves some extras, right? Especially when they involve access to a total of 34 Czech diverse porn sites. Way to go bitches!

Pissing scenes exclusive; it’s a goddamned pissing fetish porn arena and sure to this, this sort of content remains consistent all through.

Negative site features

Girls don’t poop?; well, isn’t it a wonder that all the featured babes don’t poop and instead this shit is supposed to be direct from the cameras or something. Or perhaps these toilets are ‘poop-proof,’ I can’t help but think aloud.

Same dumb shit all through; its girls pissing alright and pussies that look like close replicas anyways! And frankly, I don’t think that even if I were to subscribe to this kind of shit in my worst nightmare, it would be enough to keep me interested, unless these bitches were flipping their beans, moaning or something and that’s just me.

Users pay for the toilet cams access; while members crave the access to these public toilets, I for one am totally pissed about having to dig deeper to pay for access. Like wtf!


I totally understand that kinky or fetish kinda shit can get way overshadowing and stuff but the fact that these babes don’t fucking poop in any scene, there is one type of action going down all through, and suckers get to dig deeper into their pockets for access sucks. And instead, the way I see it; these suckers better get realer with their shit and perhaps introduce some diverse thrilling action or otherwise quite charging for some boring crap!


Well, personally am not into crappy kinky shit like this pissing shit and especially not the spying kind. But hey! There are thousands of horny suckers out there somewhere looking to beat meat to random Czech women’s pretty kitties, and there is no better place for them to be quenching that sort of thirst other than on And you know why? Because in as much as it costs some bucks, there sure isn’t a better way to get a hold of 4K quality videos of this nature. Enjoy!

ThePornDude likes CzechToilets's

  • 4K quality videos
  • Frequent updates
  • 34 sites bonus sites
  • Pissing scenes exclusive

ThePornDude hates CzechToilets's

  • Girls don’t poop?
  • Same dumb shit all through
  • Users pay for the toilet cams access