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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Nothing gets me hard like some killer production quality. No, I’m not talking about all of those overexposed, blown out “HD” videos pumped out by every other porn site out there. I mean real quality. The kind of shit that deserves a place in an indie film festival. I want my porn to be a fucking work of art. But I feel like I’m in the minority here. So many of you lame cucks are more than able to jerk off to shitty, grainy, poor quality videos where you can’t make out anything that’s going on. I guess fucking dimes left and right has given me some high standards. Finding artfully produced porn can be a bit of a struggle. You sure as hell won’t find it on your big name tube sites. is a premium porn site that aims to bring you only the best porn movies, scenes, and series. Sure, it’s still all about fucking, but they try and make it something more. No harsh flood lights or shady looking sets. Every shot, set, and scene is well put together. And they’ve apparently been doing this shit since 1995. Though their numbers are pretty good for a premium site. 4 Million of you visit the free part of the site where you can view 2-minute previews. The rollover to being a member is around 458k. That’s a decent number of paying customers every month.

The membership will run you 9.99 a month if you dish out the dosh for the whole year. Otherwise, that price is going to go up. They also have a short term trial that’ll only run you 5 bucks if you just want to dip your toes in.

Many Different Ways to Browse the Various Videos, Scenes, and Movies

The site has a bright white and red theme throughout. Man, you know how I feel like white themes. I get that they want a clean and premium feel to it, but come on. It’s so clean as to feel sterile. Black and red would look sexier and so much sleeker. Lingerie usually comes in black for a reason. If some bitch came out wearing a white lace gown I’d wonder why the fuck she decided to wear a giant doily. I mean, I’d still fuck her brains out though.

A long red header stretches across the top of the site with options for “Videos, Series, Movies, Girls, Tags, Promos, Extras, and Live Cams.” The Live Cams page didn’t really work for me. It just sent me to a page where it told me to click on some babe below to get started, but there were no babes. Just an ad. I don’t know what’s up with that. The Extras section has a few links to other sites, as well as a place for sexy galleries from the site’s movies, behind the scenes clips, and a link to a store where you can buy physical copies of the porn on site if you have no shame.

No Category Page and Slim Selection of Video Tags

The tags page doesn’t make much fucking sense to me at all. I dig the fact that every single tag has a sexy preview image, but that’s not that impressive when you find out that there are only 13 tags. You’re telling me that 13 tags are enough to cover the 4 thousand some videos they have here? I wish the site would have it organized like one of those three-way blowjobs at least. You know, the ones where one girl does all the work and the other just sits and holds the balls and smiles every now and then. Right now there’s just the ball chick. There’s no category page to pick up the slack.

At least the Girls page isn’t nearly as disappointing. Full HD pictures of every model, multiple filter options, and a rating out of 100 percent. Right now Mia Malkova is the most popular slut on the site. I’m not surprised. That blonde succubus could suck me dry any day of the week. Each model page gives you a decently long description of the model, their measurements, and all of their videos.

Videos, Series, and Movies are all pretty similar. Movies have full-length content with every video from a particular movie. Series are kind of the same. Treat them like episodes of a show. Videos houses everything else from raw unedited footage and random parts of movies to kinky parodies and blockbusters. There’s definitely a wide variety when it comes to content. There’s not a lot of crazy fetish content compared to other sites, but it’s there. This site is for you more vanilla fucks out there. Most of the videos are just straight fucking with maybe some facials or ass eating thrown in there for good measure.

Excellent Video Previews and Full 1080p HD Videos

The video previews give you a good, long, animated shot from the movie or video. Fucking love that. The title will include an episode number so that you don’t get lost. You’ll also get the name of the pornstars in the video, when it was released, how many views and likes it has, and a tag for if it’s an episode or standalone video. No video times. Why do premium sites seem to feel like they’re above that shit for some reason? It annoys the fuck out of me.

The video page is great. You can flip between the trailer for a series, galleries, info about the movie or series, and all of the videos or episodes you need. The video player is fucking massive, and all of the videos stream quickly in full 1080p HD. The downloads for videos are fairly quick as well. No sitting around for an hour while your favorite movie downloads. My only complaint here is that every single video has a massive logo in the bottom right. Come the fuck on. I’m paying for the site. At least make it small enough so that it doesn’t take up such a large portion of the screen.

Quality Mobile Experience

The mobile site works well. It better if I’m paying up a premium price. All of the previews are scaled properly for mobile, and all of the regular site features function just fine. No nasty surprises or wonky design choices to deal with. Downloads work, videos still stream quickly, and it’s simply a good mobile site.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is how the site approaches videos. It’s not the same old shit again and again. If I wanted that I’d just fall for the marriage trap and fuck the same stale pussy for the next couple decades. This site has unique videos that are stunning to look at. Sure, it’s still porn-level acting at times, but at least they’re trying to do something a little different. Plus, everything being in 1080p HD helps out quite a bit. This is one of the few non-fetish/non-VR premium sites where I’ve felt like they provide videos that justify the price you’re paying.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Despite being an awesome premium site, there is a good bit of room for improvement. Add in some videos times for the previews for one thing. Give this site a nice, sleek dark theme. And include a category page for all of us picky fucks, or at least make a tags section worth visiting. Having only 13 options is just so pitiful. There are plenty of videos on the site that don’t fit into any of those tags, or have some cool, kinky shit going on that deserves its own tag. It would also help users find similar videos and know what to expect when they see a long list of tags on a video.

ThePornDude’ Final Thoughts

Overall, is one of the better premium porn sites out there. Sure, there are plenty that offer more videos and have a generally better site design, but you will be pretty hard pressed to find another site with the level of production quality these guys have. If only they went one step further and got this shit in 4k. I’d be in porn heaven, or hell? I don’t fucking know. Whichever one has whips and ball gags. But, yeah, this is a good premium porn site that has a relatively reasonable price. If you’re going to be that guy that pays for porn, then this is a good site for it.

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  • Quickly Stream or Download 1080p HD Videos
  • High Production Values
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  • No Categories and Very Limited Tags