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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Javy Now! I have to admit that after exploring so many Japanese scat and torture sites, it’s bizarre imagining them tackle a “normal niche.” I bet it would be a total breeze, a walk in the park so to speak. Frankly speaking, I’ve always had this wired fascination with Japanese cuties that is kind of hard to explain. Well, they seem all pretty and innocent when you first get to watch them, but you’ll be surprised to find they can also pull some nasty, freaky, hardcore stunts in bed.

These bitches may look cushy from the outside, but it just baffles me how they possess the power and willingness to fulfill some of the craziest fantasy fetishes. I know some of you may feel icky about hairy slits, but the extraordinary sensual cries and submission is a sure way for getting my junk all pumped up and throbbing with exhilaration. JavyNow.com is purely dedicated to delivering all sorts of kinky Asian porn for your fapping pleasure.

This site features a ton fuck of sexy Asian beauties. There are mature women, nubile hotties, cuties in sexy costumes, as well as some top pornstars from the legendary Land of the Rising Sun. Their performances when it comes to erotic action varies widely with girls masturbating, having lesbian sex, giving footjobs, sucking cock, and getting fucked in all sorts of crazy styles. Some of the cuties here lose all control when having an orgasm and can’t help but squirt when cumming, whether while getting nailed or masturbating. The amount of content here is also quite decent and you won’t miss something to take care of any fetish you may have for Japanese kinks.

Overall Layout and Appearance of the Site

The overall layout of the site is pretty basic and looks like many other porn tubes you’d find out there. I mean, it’s simple and while it might not look all that glossy, it doesn’t overwhelm you with those fucking annoying ads and banners that will distract you every so often. The general skin of the page is black and nothing too flashy here. I often find this kind of simplicity to be an appealing feature in any porn tube. It’s straightforward and the landing page takes you right to the content you want to view. The homepage is spread out with thumbnails of the videos so you can click on any video that seems to interest you right away and get off to a quick fapping session if that is what you’re after.

The other thing I noticed about the site’s layout is that it doesn’t have any tabs for categories. It’s really simple, with a search tool at the left-hand top corner of the page, and the login and sign up tabs on the top right-hand corner of the homepage. The search tool displays that there are 195,907 videos to search from. Scrolling down the page, you’ll see more thumbnails of videos to watch.

All the thumbnails are still and even when I hovered my cursor on the thumbnail I could not watch a preview of the video. The videos also don’t have any titles to show the content that you should expect, only still pictures of some bitch getting laid, nude, or sucking cock. Some of the thumbnails only show a fully-dressed woman, which is kinda hard to tell what might be going on in the video. Right below each thumbnail, you can see the length of the videos and right below that you can see the number of views each video has received. The length of the videos varies greatly with some as short as 25 minutes while others are full-length movies.

I must mention that JavyNow.com is lagging behind other tubes since the thumbnails to their videos don’t have titles and previews. There are also no comments under the thumbnails. Given how I respect the Japanese when it comes to matters to do with technology, especially animation, I would expect a lot more from them in terms of enhancing user experience on this site. I mean, you just have to look at how glossy and appealing some of the online Japanese manga and anime productions are and you’ll tell the guys at JavyNow ought to do a lot better. Just watching that shit will make you cum even without polishing your pole. And for this reason, I would be hard-pressed not to give the team behind JavyNow the fucking middle finger.

A Decent Serving of Free Japanese Erotic Kinks

JavyNow claims to be the most complete and revolutionary Japanese free porn tube. I’m not so sure about being the most revolutionary and complete site due to a couple of misgivings I had about the site, but I am sure of one thing. The site ensures it’s living up to its promise and their purpose is straightforward the instant you step into their homepage. The site has over 4,350 pages and they include scenes containing all sorts of kinks that you’d expect from those sick Japanese perverts. There are bitches sucking dick so sensually you’d think it’s a new flavor of lollipop, couples getting down in the living room, pussy licking, dildos, and more. I know things can get somewhat strange with Japanese porn, but if your goal is to find something out of this world, this is definitely a good place to stick around.

On the downside, the site claims to add new videos to their collection daily. But there’s no way I could verify this because none of the videos is dated. I noticed that all the content on the site is uploaded from third parties, but I must give the site credit for providing original links to the content.

A Not-so-great User Experience

I liked the fact that all the scenes in this site are free and you can stream the videos smoothly without coughing a single dime. The video player is also pretty decent and allows you to view the full screen. However, you cannot download any of the videos here, which is a bit of a letdown if you want to download some videos to your hard drive for later viewing. The videos have catchy storylines and come with a decent length ranging from 20 minutes to over an hour. Unfortunately, the site lacks any interactive features and users cannot comment, like or rate the videos.

The other thing that pissed me off with the site is that I had a difficult time finding my way through the site. The scenes don’t have any titles or descriptions and it’s hard to tell what a particular video is about. It’s like trying to find your way in the dark in unfamiliar territory where you might just bump into anything. I like it when I can tell what is going on in a video before I jump in. I wouldn’t want to jump right into a video only to find some disgusting shit like gay porn or monsters fucking some bitch with tentacles until the girl’s pussy tears. And that’s not all, the site does not present their content according to categories. So am like, how the fuck am I supposed to narrow down my search to something that appeals to my fantasies?

In a nutshell, navigation on this site is such a bitch, although they have pagination which works pretty well. But that is still too lame of a consolation. Apart from the scenes, there are no options to make it easy to navigate through the site. There are no sorting or filtering options either and I still don’t understand the function of the search tool they have here since all the videos lack descriptions and titles or even dates. Additionally, expect to come across some advertising whenever you play a video, but the bright side is that the ads here are not as many as you’d find on other free porn tubes.

I usually love free porn, but it often pisses me off when the quality of the videos is wanting. That’s what I experienced with JaouvyNow.com. I only found a few videos in HD and most of the other videos are poor quality. Most of the videos don’t even show any genitalia, which I guess has something to do with a crazy Japanese law that forbids exposure of genitals. Perhaps that’s the reason many of the videos are pixilated into a mosaic, which only added to my frustrations.

My Final Take

if you are seriously looking for Japanese porn and you don’t want to spend a dime of your hard-earned fucking money, JavyNow.com might just be the right thing for you. And that’s only if you don’t give a fuck about the quality of the videos. But to be fair, I have seen other free sites with much better quality and would take a second thought before diving in here full throttle.

ThePornDude likes JavyNow's

  • Free porn
  • Kinky Asian action
  • Loads of contents

ThePornDude hates JavyNow's

  • Untitled scenes
  • No categories
  • Nonfunctional search tool
  • Ads
  • Poor video quality