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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you’re feeling bad, then you must have some sort of craving for violence. However, there aren’t that many ways to vent all of those feelings, and they’ve just got to go somewhere at some point. It is best that you make the best possible cocktail of emotions right now by whipping up a special cup of sex and aggression for you. Your partner might end up loving you even more because of it. However, feeling angry and being horny is not enough to help a masochist get off, and that’s precisely why you must get ready to learn a bit more about properly dominating your partner.

The other half

Of course, in order for one to be dominant, or rather, in order for the phenomena of “dominance” to even be observed, one must create the concept of submissiveness first. Once this dialectic exists, we humans are there to make sure that both of these are balanced out nicely so that we may fully enjoy the benefits that these two “forces” provide to us. At this point, it should be obvious to you that some people must embody the “dominant” energies of the universe, and some people must embody the “submissive” energies of the universe. Both are dependent on each other, and so they must always exist at the exact same time.

In the introduction to this review, we talked a tad bit about what it means to be dominant. Of course, this isn’t all there is to it, as a 3000-word essay could easily be written about a topic such as this one. However, this is not the goal right here, since we are supposed to be talking about AbuseMe.com, if that’s not obvious to you by now. Now, a proper dominant partner will make sure that you know just who is in charge, but your lover must also be able to take care of you. If he or she can’t deal with your mind and your body, then your other half is just not good enough.

Of course, a submissive ( a sub, to put it short) needs to know just how they’re supposed to behave. First things first, to make sure that the both of you can get off, you must make it so that you fire up all sorts of feelings inside of you and your partner. All sorts of things are going to come through and help you reach orgasm after a while. It is not all about physical contact, obviously. Maybe men will cum eventually if you stroke them long enough, but women aren’t like that. There’s a massive emotional factor that comes into play with girls, and such a thing must not be forgotten. Submissive men might be a bit more into physical violence and all that, but in the end, the principle stays the same. Furthermore, subs must also remember to tease their doms every now and then so that they can get a proper emotional reaction from their stronger half.

The ethics of “sexual abuse” and all things similar

Now that we explained the sub/dom, or the master/slave dialectic, if you will, it is time for us to talk a little bit about the way hardcore sex is supposed to work. Once you include some sort of power dynamic, you are sure to make your partner super excited, but of course, there are tons and tons of limits. Both in these videos and in real-life sexual encounters, you will find that people only like to be “abused” as long as they really like it. If they do not feel like getting their faces or genitals mutilated, then there’s no need to keep doing what you’re doing. Usually, people use certain safe words in real life in order to prevent getting pushed past their limits and suffering some sort of mental or physical trauma.

In these videos, the principles remain the same. The subs make the doms feel certain feelings, and the doms do the exact same thing, obviously. However, there must be certain limits to all these feelings. So, you will surely be seeing some slapping and some harsh, fast fucking in these movies, but the slaps and stuff like that just won’t go way too far in here, and that’s surely something you expected. If this was a BDSM website, though, then yeah, you would see all sorts of freaky, violent shit, but that’s not something that most people would love to get themselves into. This page mostly focuses on fast and hard sex, while the violence, or rather, the “abuse” that you will be seeing on AbuseMe.com isn’t that harsh, to be quite honest. It seems that this page doesn’t really live up to its name? Well, it’s perfectly understandable, so we can not hate them for it, that’s for sure. At least that how I feel like it.

I mean, people know just what they are getting themselves into when they browse a hardcore website that doesn’t really have any BDSM stuff on it. However, newbies don’t really know what they’re going to have to watch on pages such as AbuseMe.com, so I should explain it all for them. Now that I went through all the basics here, it’s time to move on and get a bit more specific with the little things on AbuseMe.com. I mean, you’re surely somewhat impatient at this point, and I don’t doubt this for a single second.

The looks

The design of AbuseMe.com is pretty god damn simple, especially if you don’t head out to the member’s zone in order to see just how things are coming up. For starters, you will find that there is literally nothing too complicated on the homepage of AbuseMe.com, which is pretty strange. I mean, you would assume that there are some header tabs, sections, or anything of the sort in here, but this is simply not the case, and that’s pretty fucking weird, to be quite honest. You don’t see shit like this on other websites, and that’s the weird part. However, whoever made this page right here surely has some sort of fetish for gifs, as there are tons and tons of those on this website right here. IN the end, this is not a bad thing, after all, seeing as there are literally no downsides to being forced to looking at random sexy gifs on a porn website.

So, instead of proper previews, you will get to see tons of pictures, and right next to those, there will be some pretty interesting gifs. Those gifs will usually focus on the most appealing scenes in the porno movies you’re about to watch. You don’t really get to see lengthy descriptions or ratings of the movies, though, so that’s a bit of a downside. This is nothing too serious anyway, as we can live without something like that, that’s for sure. Furthermore, you will also find that this website right here really loves posting the names of the actresses all over the place, which is pretty dope.

However, the names of the male performers are never really displayed. Though, the majority of you folks surely do not care about things like that, seeing as most porn fans literally do not care about male porn actors if they are straight. Sure thing, some of you might look up to dudes like Mr. Sins, but you most likely don’t find him sexually attractive or anything like that. You only end up liking the dude because you want a body and a cock like that…not because you feel like getting drilled by the man himself! I mean, it’s okay if you want something like that, but this most likely isn’t the case with the majority of you.

In conclusion

While this isn’t one of the friendliest websites out there for people who don’t like paying for their pornography, there are loads of gifs and pictures for you to feast your eyes upon. You are also free to download every single one of them to your computer, and there are loads and loads of them on AbuseMe.com right now. Furthermore, you will also find that this website gets updated every now and then, so there will be new stuff for you to download, too. However, catching up on all the stuff that’s already on the page right now is something that you should do as soon as possible. Furthermore, it really doesn’t cost all that much to get a membership to this page, especially if you’re into hardcore content. You’ll see women getting spit on, choked, pinned down and fucked real hard…and you just don’t get to see actresses getting that dirty anywhere else!

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