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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I know what you are thinking… what the fuck have I stumbled upon? Well, my dear friend, that is the beauty of my website, you do not have to do any fucking research, I am here to do all the dirty work for you. So, if you are interested in learning what is all about, I am sure that you could spare some fucking time and continue reading, right?

Well, I am sure that this place is very confusing to newcomers, and I know this because I was there. Even I was not 100% sure as to what the fuck I was looking at, but here we are, right? You are free to check out everything has to offer, obviously as the site is free. Or you could wait a bit, and I shall explain all you really need to be interested in, as simple as that, mate.

What is all about?

So, the site in its original form is just a place with five links. If you have not clicked away yet, I shall tell you some other shit that might interest you, coming from this place. I think that the name of the site is a bit of a delusion because you cannot really watch any free porn on, and out of the five sites that are suggested, three of them are premium… So, who the fuck were they trying to kid? The homepage was rather empty and a whole lot of confusing, which again makes sense because is not your typical porn site… or not a porn site at all. It is more of a host website that will take you to other sites, and show you the naughty videos that you are probably very fucking interested in, otherwise, why would you be listing shit here?

Suggesting a wide-range of porn.

The first two suggestions are very well known free porn sites, xvideos, and XNXX. If you have never heard about these websites, you must be new to the internet or porn in general, because how the fuck is that possible? I mean, other than, these two are some of the most popular porn websites out there, offering thousands of thousands of pornographic content for free.

Well, lucky for you is nice enough to link both of those sites, and I highly suggest that you pay them a visit if you have never done that before. The reason for this is very fucking self-explanatory, don’t you think? Well, below those two sites, you have three other suggestions, which are basic suggestions to premium sites.

The first site that is suggested is, the second is called LegalPorn, and the third is Xvideos Red… and again, if you have not heard about these sites as well, are you living under a fucking rock? Well, I am about to make your day so much fucking better, so sit back, relax, and read my hot recommendations and reasons to love the suggested websites.

But, before I go down with that, was there really a need for Not really. I mean, the site just suggests five other websites, so I am not sure what the fuck is the point, but ok. It exists, and The Porn Dude is here to talk about it, that is clear as day.

Great free porn sites.

When talking into consideration the sites that they are offering, I cannot really say that has not offered sites that are the hottest when it comes to the variety and amount of porn they offer. So, you have a place with two naughty site suggestions that are free, and that is why I shall talk about them before I go down to the premium offers. If you are interested in exclave HD content only, then skip onto the next section of the review.

When talking about a site with a huge chunk of variety, and a little bit of everything, I am definitely talking about xVideos, and you are about to see why. This site has been around for quite some time, and they have a shit ton of porn to offer. Not to mention that Xvideos is an award-winning website with free videos showing the hottest selection of international pornstars in a variety of dirty scenarios. They have videos ranging from a shitty-ass quality to super HD.

You should also know that while they do have some HD videos unless you search for the HD videos, most of what you will get is 480p at best. I mean, that is to be expected from a weird site, right? You cannot really tell me that you expected something more when free websites tend to have shitty quality and a ton of videos… that’s just how it always was.

With that said, it is also worth mentioning that there are over 40 million scenes for you to check out, and their updates are daily… without hundreds of thousands of content updated daily. I mean, they really go all out with their content, adding the usual user features, as well as the ability to subscribe to your favorite users and get notified when they upload something dirty.

Other than, which I am sure got your attention, you also have XNNX, another free porn site that has all the juiciest videos. Out of the two, I’d say that I prefer XNXX, and that is definitely not because of the look of the site, because that fucking garbage design has been pissing me off ever since I started browsing through XNXX in the first place.

I choose this site only because within the category of porn I prefer, they have the most options, and obviously, that is why the fuck we are all here, right? There are millions of videos featuring all kinds of shit, and everything is neatly separated into categories, allowing you to search through all of this shit without the smallest issue.

But just like with xvideos, their quality is not the best, although they do have some videos of higher quality. I’m just saying, it all depends on the video you check out. And let’s also not forget that the site has a shit ton to offer, and a lot of them are real amateur porn videos, some even posted by the users of the site who love to show their private crap.

Premium sites are good as well.

So, once you have gone through the free sites, it is time to see what kind of premium content are they all about. Well, the first site that will be offered is called Bang Bros, and while I am sure that most of you fuckers heard about it, I shall explain the fist of it anyways. There are over 8900 full-length exclusive movies and about 53 websites. If you register to BangBros, you will get access to most of the websites, and their incredible selection of pornographic videos. is a site that everyone can easily enjoy, and I think that the niche of the site is basically in the name. You have a site dedicated to all the lovely girls who are barely legal and ready to get fucked. Also, there are many other scripted scenarios where the act might look illegal, but you can rest assured that it is all legal. Their hardcore sex scenes are all featured in HD, and all of their content is obviously exclusive.

Now, if you actually liked what xvideos has to offer, how about checking out You get the first seven days free, which is quite a lot if you ask me. This is an elite hardcore sex tube with the hottest HD scenes and no ads. Finally, a good fucking alternative to all the ads that has to offer. They cover a wide range of porn variety, so I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it… especially considering that there are over 8 million movies, and a lot of them are exclusive.

What’s the gist?

Well, the site is not as interesting as its suggestions, but still worth the mention. It offers five links that will take you to different sites you might not have heard about, two free and three premium. So, take your time and make sure to browse through those sites, because I am pretty fucking sure that at least one of them will suit your taste. If they are no good, you can always come back to The Porn Dude, and check out other shit I have reviewed.

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