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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The name of the website really tells it all! You can’t really expect to see normal porn on a website like this. However, you can’t really ignore shit like this even if you’re really not into extreme porn! While this page isn’t all about a specific porn genre, I can tell you that if you are a person that’s into vanilla pornography, you won’t like it in here. The kinds of shit you’ll encounter in here aren’t always meant to be seen by straight people, and even if they do end up seeing them…well, they’ll have a bad time!

While I did not see any proper gay porn on this page, there’s a whole lot of questionably heterosexual content on this website. There’s a whole load of creepy stuff on this page as well, so you better look out for that as well. For example, there’s a whole lot of tranny porn in here, and the trannies are actually gorgeous for the most part, but they have some of the biggest dicks out there, and that’s probably the “shocking” element in those movies. Just imagine those girly bodies taking dick inside of them, but you see a massive dong twitching as the anus gets all filled up. It just doesn’t add up, right? You don’t expect a huge cock on a very feminine dude, but there it is none the less! Then, there’s a whole lot of pegging movies here as well. Now, while a whole lot of dudes would argue that pegging actually isn’t gay because it’s actually a girl that’s shoving things up your butt, the majority of straight dudes wouldn’t enjoy something like this. I mean, in the end, someone’s still putting stuff inside of your butt, and if you can genuinely enjoy this, even if its a girl placing those things inside of you, you’ve got to be bisexual, at the very least. So, come out of the closet, and accept yourself for what you are.

Taking things a bit further than the other pages out there

So, we find that this page up in here is actually a bit more extreme than the other “extreme” pages on the internet. While the content here, for the most part, is just “unconventional,” you’ll find tons of videos where people do a lot of stuff that is considered to be socially unacceptable. For example, I saw a dude of a dude walking around in public with his cock out (it was barely concealed with a trench coat, though), and he jerks off while he does so. Now, when he approaches a girl that he likes, he whips his dick out while the gal isn’t watching and he cums on her clothes. That’s pretty fucking nasty, is it not? I actually think shit like this could be even considered to be rape in some countries, which is pretty fucking strange. Then, there are videos of girls stripping down in the middle of a street and then kneeling only to release a whole lot of pee. It’s fucking weird, and you don’t really get to see this kind of shit in real life. So, you better focus on these movies while they’re still here, as they just might be taken down the very next day!

The conventional stuff

So, if we exclude the public movies, the stuff on this page is actually pretty god damn tame. For example, there are some gang bangs on this page, and loads of videos of girls experimenting. For example, we find tons of movies of girls shoving huge dildos down their throats and crying, which is pretty strange. Then, there’s even a movie in here where a girl with massive titties brings her nipples close to her mouth and then sucks the milk out of her own titties! Again, this kind of shit is weird, but it’s not impossible to watch this kind of thing, even if you’re a dude that’s only into vanilla porn. However, I doubt that a lot of girls are browsing pages like this, I mean, how could a girl get turned on by things like these? How could a guy get turned on by shit like this? For the most part, this is completely absurd to me, so I really don’t understand you folks, but hey, at least I am not judging you!

The various tabs

So, while the design of this website might seem to be a very simplistic one at first glance, we find that it has quite a few tabs on it. The first tab on this website is the “home” tab, and basically, this is the only tab that you’ll want to use, seeing as the majority of the content can be seen in here. Next, we see yet another tab to the right. This one’s called “live sick cams,” but there’s really nothing sick about these cams, seeing as they’re pretty fucking average. For example, the cam shows you get to find in here are actually just your regular, average cam shows that have nothing to do with the content of this website, so don’t get your hopes up. Furthermore, you should also know that clicking on this button will redirect you to some other website that has nothing to do with this one, so if you don’t want to waste data, please don’t go there.

Yet another tab can be seen right next to this one. It is called “best porn sites,” and as you can imagine, it will redirect you to some other page, so, again, if you don’t feel like wasting too much data, you shouldn’t go here as you will be forced to load yet another page.

If you feel like you could be a content creator

Obviously, there’s the “upload” tab on this page. If you have any videos on your hard drive that fit into the thematic of this website, you should totally upload them, but please, if it’s just going to be a solo video of your jerking off, please don’t do it. Oh, also, this page also has a twitter account, so make sure to check that out if you want to stay updated about all the happenings on this page.

One of the most disorganized places out there

The homepage on this website is uh, pretty awful if you ask me. Sure, the content is great, and all that, and the owners of the page don’t even ask you for money and shit like that, but the homepage is so fucking weird. You do get to see some basic info underneath all the movies. You get to see the date when the movie was posted, and you also get to see a brief description of the movie, and that’s about it. It’s not much, but you don’t really need much more than that. If you look to the side of the page, you find a bunch of tiny thumbnails and video titles. These usually have very shocking names. Some of the movies in this section are about girls drinking pee. Some are about girls crying because their partners are being too rough, and some are all about moms exposing their titties on the internet. However, some of these movies aren’t even sexual, and they’re straight up just absurd and disturbing. At least every single movie on this page has plenty of tags, which is great.

Did I mention that the movies from this website aren’t actually uploaded to, but rather, the page just redirects you to some other website? Well, it’s something you should know for sure. The majority of the movies are from PornHub, as far as I can tell.

The conclusion

What we have in front of us is a truly horrific pile of (mostly) sexual content. The page is completely free, there are no ads up in here, which is pretty neat. While the website does deserve a better design, I find this ugliness to be a tiny problem. I am glad this page delivers so much amazing material, and I am so glad I didn’t even have to make an account here because I hate wasting time! The page is pretty easy to navigate as well, so I wouldn’t tell the newcomers to turn away, but rather, make sure you all come in great numbers, as the content of this page needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

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  • Tons of content
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  • Lame page design
  • No proper categories