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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Joi Booru! If you’re the type of person who needs to be encouraged and motivated in order to masturbate, then you’re definitely not a beginner. In fact, you’ve hit a wall in your career of serial masturbation and need someone to verbally tell you to fap in order for you to actually masturbate. JOI, otherwise known as Jerk Off Instructions, is a relatively new genre of pornography that was pretty much unheard of up until the mid-to-late 2010s. This “zoomer” genre is simply hot women telling you to jerk off and stroke it for them, and it’s a favorite for many people, especially those who like masturbating on a daily basis.

Some of this content is femdom-inspired, with women forcefully telling you to masturbate in a dominating manner, some of it is the polar opposite of that, with women pleading you to masturbate as they encourage you, and some of it is just standard “please stroke it for me daddy” content that can be considered the “standard” type of JOI content. But there’s even image-based JOI content out there too, and JOIBooru here is full of that kind of stuff.

At first glance, this site doesn’t seem like it has much (and it really doesn’t have an absurdly large amount of content). The homepage isn’t anything special or a lot to look at, it doesn’t have much more than a search bar and four different sections. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find that this site is full of JOI material that you can use to be encouraged or forced to fap to (depending on its intensity). Let me walk you through all the highs and lows of JoiBooru here and let you determine whether or not it’s worth your time more easily.

Before We Get Started: All The Content Here is Simply Hentai Images

Yes, everything here is simply a Hentai picture drawn by an amateur internet artist who gets horny from Hentai. You won’t be able to find any nice JOI videos where a mature MILF in lingerie tells you to keep stroking it while she takes off her lingerie piece by piece, but what you will be able to find is hundreds of Hentai images – some of them are parodies of popular fictional characters, and some are drawn in Western-style art. But it’s not just plain old drawn XXX pictures, they got to have a JOI factor right?

All of the images here come with a wall of text on them (which doesn’t obscure whoever is drawn on them) that creates a certain fictional scenario that involves the person on the image telling you to stroke it for them. That’s the whole JOI factor here on this site, and while you may think it’s bizarre at first thought, you’d be surprised to find out just how many people depend on this site when it comes to their special fap time.

So There’s The Posts Section…

So the “Posts” section is where you’ll want to be most of the time if you do decide to fap to this site’s content. This section contains all the posts that have been uploaded to the site by date (from newest to oldest). Here you can see just what kind of content this site is trying to focus on and if you want to find something more specific you can simply use the provided tags on the right-hand side of the page in order to filter out everything you don’t want to see. The tags themselves come in a great variety, such as “legwear”, “long tail”, “buttplug”, “muscular female”, “tiara”, “trap”, “yaoi” and so on. But the list of tags you’ll find on this “Posts” section is oddly enough not the complete list of tags on the site – you can easily find out that there are way more tags than this list by opening a picture here or on another section on the site.

There’s A Comment Section Too

If you’re experiencing crippling loneliness in your life then you might just want to look for human contact on this site’s “Comments” section. This section shows you all the latest comments made under the site’s content by its registered users. All these people are heavily into Hentai and JOI content in general, so if you wanna get in on the fun all you gotta do is make a free profile for yourself here and start commenting alongside them. Who knows, you might end up finding buddies to go on raids within WoW here.

And a Favorites Section As Well

The “Favorites” section on this site is simply a list of all the most popular content creators/artists who upload content on this site. Here you can see all the best works that these horny amateur artists have uploaded, and to make things simpler, the site tells you how many images they’ve uploaded on it right next to their hyperlinked name. If you’re on a quest for only the best, most top-tier Hentai/JOI images, then you should definitely check out this section of the site and see if you discover anything worth saving on your PC.

Each Post Has Its own Set of Tags Attached

As was mentioned, not every tag on the site is shown on the previously mentioned pages, but every single image on this site has a set of tags attached to it, which makes navigating this site’s content infinitely easier. The tags on this site vary greatly, and while you may not be able to see all of them at once on a standalone tag section, you can see at least a handful of them on every single image this site contains. So if you’re looking for pregnant content or pictures of Miss Fortune from League of Legends, you can easily use the site’s provided search bar and continue from there.

Works Fine on Any Smartphone

Ah, the beauty and wonders of modern technology – nowadays we can see when our friends are out drinking and having fun without us thanks to a little invention called “Instagram stories”. We can even receive and send X-rated images that disappear forever after a few seconds, but most importantly, we can access pretty much every XXX website in existence (at least the ones that are being maintained) through our smartphones in a minute or less, and we can use that technological advantage to conveniently masturbate at remote bathrooms and private areas when not at home. And of course, JoiBooru here can be accessed from any smartphone easily, which means that you can fap to all the drawn JOI-themed pictures you want from your very own phone.

ThePornDude likes JoiBooru's

  • Contains a fair amount of original content
  • As well as XXX parody content
  • Some art is drawn in Western style in addition to the prevalent Anime-style Hentai
  • Most of the artists are pretty skilled
  • Has a “random” button that pulls a random image

ThePornDude hates JoiBooru's

  • Very barebones site layout
  • Visually bland
  • No videos whatsoever
  • No category section
  • Not all tags are shown on the left-hand side