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Updated on 05 February 2024
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VQ Tube! You’ve searched and searched for free HD porn, but it is not that easy to come by, right? Well, what if I told you, that the site on today’s menu is literally what you want. A free place with thousands of HD pornographic videos. It is called vqtube.com, and I am pretty fucking sure that it will satisfy all your dirty desires. Unless you are into something fucked up.

I think that that is all the intro you need before I dabble into the details of the site. I mean, you could also just browse through the site yourself, since it is definitely worth the visit. Or, you can read my review and see what a professional wants to say about this place. Honestly, the choice is yours, since I could not really give a rat’s ass.

A basic porn site, with lots of good content.

There is nothing too special about this place if you were expecting me to say something extravagant. One could claim, however, that what makes vqtube.com so special is the fact that they offer a lot of HD porn videos. I mean, how many free porn sites have you seen, where you actually have HD content? Yeah, not that fucking many.

It is understandable. They offer free pornographic videos, so why the fuck would they provide quality as well. I often tell my readers that if they want true quality, they need to register to a premium porn site. However, there are a couple of free places where you can enjoy the dirty porn videos in higher quality than usual, and vqtube.com is the perfect example.

Now there are a couple of stereotypes surrounding free porn sites. Well, we are sure that they offer quality content, that is great. But, vqtube.com is also filled with lots of ads, which is to be expected. I mean, since they offer quality crap and they are free, you have to expect some form of shittiness. So, that is where the ads come in.

But do not worry, there ain’t that many ads, for me to say that they are shitty or whatever. There are some, they can be annoying, but you can ignore them. If you do not enjoy that, you can also just fuck off to a premium site. Those who do not want to pay are very welcome to stay here… I am not sure what else were you expecting me to tell you?

As for the site itself, it looks like any other place. Sure, they could have added a darker layout, since the white makes my head hurt… but at the same time, nobody is perfect. There will always be some mistakes that will piss you off, and right now, the white background is less annoying than the ads. Once you take in that this is a free site, so you cannot expect too much, you are welcome to browse.

On top, you have all the browsing options you will need, and the homepage is filled with random content. You can obviously watch whatever catches your attention since everything they have is free. I like the details they added, as in you can see what time the videos were posted, the quality, and so on. I also appreciate that the little icon for this site in your browser are spermatozoids… that basically explains it!

We are all here to wank it off, and I am sure that everyone will find something that makes their dick hard. However, if you are too picky or you plan to shit too much, you can fuck off, as I have said. Now, I do not waste my time on sites that are complete garbage. So if you are just interested in whether vqtube.com is worth the visit or not, it fucking is. Visit the place and explore. Or just stay and read what I have to say about the site, saves you the time you’d spend exploring.

Videos are fucking great!

Most of the clips here were taken from known premium sites, like Brazzers or BrothaLovers, so you already know that the quality is guaranteed. With that said, be prepared to see some ultra HD content, as well as those with passable quality. I mean, the majority of the clips here did have good quality, but not all of them are so peachy.

The same applies to the content and the length of the videos. I mean, you cannot expect consistency with a free site. They basically upload whatever they are able to find, and they do it in the best quality possible. The thumbnail of the videos will basically tell you what you need to know about the clip, and the titles are pretty descriptive.

When you open a video, you will usually have to close an ad, and you might also get a pop-up, so be prepared for that. Below the video, you have the tags, and other video details, including screenshots. If you just want to see what the video is all about, checking out screenshots is the best option. But, for some reason, you cannot really save the images.

Usually, when you find a screenshot you like, you would right-click on the pic and save it. However, this site does not allow you to do that. But there is always a way around this shit, in case you really want to save the pictures. But then again, who is here for the images? I am pretty sure all your dirty motherfuckers are here to watch some good quality porn.

What about the content?

Those were all the video details, but what about the actual content? Well, the content is also fucking good; otherwise, I would not have wasted my time. For example, one of the first videos I checked out was rather creative. It featured a son in a superhero costume and his mommy with huge tits. I do not think that there is a need for me to tell you the details.

The second clip I saw was a bit more basic. There was a babe who was very horny, so she used one of her favorite toys to please herself. Obviously, she took off all her clothes, pleasured her drenched puss with her fingers, and proceeded to masturbate with toys. There were loads of solo videos that were pretty fucking hot, in case that is what you were looking forward to.

Now, let’s not forget the kinkier clips, where you can see babes do all kinds of dirty things. One of these particular videos, included a gangbang, with a gorgeous blonde and three black dudes. She got fucked in all positions, and there was even a double penetration scene. I think I nutted a couple of times while watching…

As you can see, it took me quite a while to explore everything this place has to offer. I am sure that whoever is here to fap, will find the appropriate content actually to pleasure himself. But, this also all depends on whether you are very picky or not. On the other hand, those who browse through free porn sites are not allowed to be too picky.

Not many user-features.

I can’t say I expected too much with the user-features, but they could have added some spunk here and there. When it comes to listing through their options, you have the categories, and some tags listed on the bottom of the site. You can also list the latest, top-rated, and most viewed videos, in case you just want to see what is new or whatever.

Their categories pretty much cover all the basics and some other, not so basic categories. For example, you had sections for teens, cumshots, POVs, ebony, and so on… but you also had categories labeled as wild, babes, all… and others. Some categories were basically repeated with a different name, such as cunnilingus and pussy licking… that is the same fucking shit.


So, is the site worth it? As I have said much time, it fucking is worth it. You have a separate section for the videos as well as the galleries, and if you are interested, you can check out the models too. If you register, you can upload your own dirty shit and get some special privileges; such as add friends, send messages, comment and like the videos and so on. Personally, I had a lot of fun fapping on this site, and I think that you will love it as well.

ThePornDude likes VQTube's

  • Free porn site
  • Actual HD and solid-quality videos
  • Lots of galleries, as well.

ThePornDude hates VQTube's

  • A lot of ads and annoying pop-ups
  • The site could have a darker layout option