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Updated on 05 February 2024
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While I am quite an open minded person, there are some things in the porn industry that I will never understand, and is all about such content. As you might have guessed by the domain name, the main theme is all about scat porn, and if you happen to have a fetish for that, I believe this is a great place for you.

The design is quite generic

Usually I would call a design like this quite shitty, but in this case, it would probably be considered as a positive thing, since the whole site revolves around shit, so I am going to call it generic garbage instead. While I do understand that a theme like this just works, since some of the most successful porn sites are using a design like this one, that does not mean that every porn site has to have the same design. I am sure many of you will actually like it, but things can get better, trust me.

The background is in generic gray color, and that is actually much better than the generic white color that most sites use, so while you are browsing this site, you are definitely not going to lose your sight if you happen to do it in a darkened room, which is always appreciated. On the very top of the page, there is the logo on the left and a search bar on the right. Just underneath that, you will have a menu bar which is the main way to navigate through the site. Under that, you will immediately see a list of videos, which are going to be listed from newest to oldest by default, and by scrolling down through the page, you will quickly reveal page numbers, which will allow you to browse further if you so desire.

The first button on the menu is the home button, which is kind of useless, because whenever you navigate to another part of the site, you will get a full path that redirects you to that part, and of course, the homepage is the root every fucking time.

Since this is a scat related site when I saw the “sex games” button, I could not believe that there is a whole section of porn games revolving around shit, but I decided to check it out anyway. As soon as I clicked and the new tab opened, I knew what I was in for, as it was simply a referral link to some crappy 3D game which you can find in form of ads on pretty much all porn sites.

The “scat links” will link you to a list of other sites that are related to shit, however, this link is kind of pointless since the “scat dating” and “scat webcams” are much better features, that do pretty much the same thing as this button.

The “scat dating” section will feature a couple of sites where you can find people that are into this strange fetish, and all the sites are going to have a short explanation, which is just enough for you to know what you are getting into. The “scat webcams” basically does the same thing, but there are a couple of images from live sessions, just to give you the taste of the shows on those sites. Another button on the menu is the “friends”, which again features other sites that are related to scat.

Kind of shitty categories, no pun intended

Usually, when you have a section devoted to categories, you expect to find a big list that features all kinds of tags, however, in this case, there are only seven of them, and they pretty much act like folders. The categories are also named very weirdly, as some of the names should just be default browsing features, like the “Hall Of Fame” category.

The other categories do kind of make sense, as they do include different type of fetish completely. You can use the category part of the site to filter out porn videos that are related to male scat only, pissing porn, vomit porn, menstruation porn, and scat porn which is basically female scat porn only. There is also a category called fetish porn, which is basically pretty much every other category from a technical perspective, but in this case, it refers to things like BDSM, bizarre acts, gay sex, and some random fetishes.

Browsing through videos is quite simple

So far, all of the features kind of have their ups and downs, but something that is not too bad is navigating through the site and browsing through the videos. As I mentioned, there is a search bar on the top right of the page, which you can use to search for videos. When it comes to the response of the search bar, certain keywords will list you a lot of videos, and some keywords are going to list you less than ten videos. Considering the fact that the site has less than 100 pages of videos, I would say the search works well.

Besides the search bar and the categories, there is also a little drop down menu where you can list videos from newest to oldest, which is the default option, by popularity, length, views, and you can also choose to list them in random order. While all videos do have titles and thumbnails, it is quite unfortunate that you will not get a preview as you place the mouse on a thumbnail, but oh well at least you can see some other information like the number of views, the video length, and the like to dislike ratio.

Upon entering a video, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will be able to find even more information about it, if you scroll down. The strangest thing here is that certain videos are going to have a lot of tags, and I mean like thirty of forty tags, which you can actually click on, and find other videos that belong in this category. I am not sure why these tags or categories can’t be discovered in another way besides finding them within videos, that design is just very trashy.

You will also get to vote with a like or dislike, without being a registered user, and you will also have instant share links to various social media sites, which in my opinion is completely useless, since I am certain that no one in their right mind would share something like this to their social media account, unless it is an account that specializes in posting this kind of content.

I like the fact that all of the videos have a description, and while most of them is an actual description of what happens throughout the video, some of them are actually quite funny, and those are usually descriptions for videos that are not that long, so giving these things a read before you watch the video is recommended.

The video player is extremely limited

If someone would ask me what is the most simple video player on any porn site, the one here would definitely be on the top of that list, as the number of options that it offers is almost non-existent. All you can do with the player is use the standard play, pause, and volume features, with the addition of making it fullscreen and rewinding through the video of course.

A very small detail that made me laugh is that the time bar fills up in brown as the video progresses, and if the idea was to simulate the shit coming out of the pornstar’s ass, well I’ll be damned, that is definitely one brilliant part of the site’s design.

Unfortunately, you cannot download videos here, and instead of that option, there are going to be a couple of ads between the video and the description section. By scrolling down, all the way past the description and the suggested videos, there is a comment section, however, you need to be a registered user to comment, and when it comes to registering, commenting is pretty much the only option you are going to get, since the account management on this site is quite bad.

While I might be giving the site a hard time because I am personally not into scat porn, I do believe that is a pretty good place who get turned on by this type of content, and that you should give it a try, as you are going to find some great videos that feature hot beauties shitting on someone else or themselves.

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  • A lot of videos
  • Easy to navigate
  • Different fetish videos

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  • Limited video player
  • Some Ads