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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The majority of American people insist that Muslims should be forcibly removed from the country, but the truth is much different. The truth is that every single guy would kill for an opportunity to fuck a hot Muslim girl, which brings us to our review topic for today. Today, we are going to be reviewing this great site called, that stores only the best videos of Czech Muslim girls getting pounded like it was their last day on Earth. If you’re a Muslim guy and you wish to see some good puss-puss before marriage, or you’re just a simple non-Muslim guy with a fetish for ‘taboo’ relations, then this is the site for you. Now without boring you to death, let’s get right into this review, and then you can tell me how you like the place.

<h3>First impression</h3> looks okay. Right at the beginning, you can choose how you want to browse this site. You see, you can either get instant access by registering, or you can choose to view free content. This won’t affect our review, but it still scares me, you know? What if I refuse to pay, and then ten dudes affiliated with ISIS come knocking on my door, threatening me to support their organization? What am I going to do then? But, since I’m a pretty ballsy guy, I’ll still choose to review and give my opinion based on their free content, so yeah. After you choose to view free trailers, you get a giant video player hanging right there, ready to give you an authentic taste of other culture. Below that, you have some options which we will explain in the navigation section, and you have other ‘projects,’ I guess they are connected to, and you can also view their free trailers too. So yeah, that’s pretty much what happens here, they don’t have much going on for them. I guess that they’re too busy either praying five times a day or still doing something else on their knees five times a day if you know what I mean.


Navigation on isn’t particularly complicated, simply because they don’t have a lot of options in the first place. It’s going to be easy to explore all of them, and we’ll start with the ‘projects’ first. If you click on this option, you’ll get to see various sites connected to their leading network, since even is not their main site. It’s, and I guess that the creators just wanted to branch out. You know, this reminds me of the old colonial times, back when Europe used to take over territories one by one. I guess that still happens today. Only instead of swords, shields, guns, and helmets, today we use our magnificent penises. Ancient priests said that one day the whole world would turn to religious ways, and there’s nothing holier than conquering the world with our god-given tool.

Next up you have the option called new videos, which isn’t just that. And it’s shocking since there is an exciting thing that I haven’t seen anywhere else. brought a new and innovative option. Besides the usual options, like browsing by the newest, most popular of alphabetic browsing, you can also browse by poses. And instead of using a boring list, they put the icons on them, and that’s just a funny little touch. As Ned Flanders once said in The Simpsons – they warned me Satan would be attractive. I guess that everyone is religious until the pussy comes in the place, thus proving my point. The world revolves around the cunt, and there’s nothing you can do about it. After that, of course, below you have the usual list of videos, so you can see what you’re looking for and what thumbnails would be attractive to you.

The last option is the models, and while you can see them right at the beginning, it gets even better. You can choose which gender you specifically want to see, so if you’re not attracted to men, you can immediately weed them out. I know that the third wave feminists want that, but I guess that whales of that kind are not aware enough to realize that that idea does not work outside of the porn industry. Men in porn are as important as pineapple on pizza is. And what I mean by that is – it’s not, and nobody wants to see that happening. What the fuck is wrong with you sick fucks? Gordon Ramsay would say the same. He’s the expert at food, and he’s probably the expert at eating pussy, even though it’s scary to imagine that. ‘IT’S FUCKING RAW!’

<h3>The perks</h3>

The biggest perk that you get if you join is that you also get the membership for and all of the videos in that network. You pretty much know what you’re paying for, just like in the old times, when Ottoman empire was strong as fuck. You get Muslim women, and you get some European women as well. If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re the Sultan himself, munching on grapes while getting his feet massaged by his harem, then nothing will. So yeah, the prices do seem reasonable, and we will discuss them later, but this pretty much solidifies my point that this network is pretty decent and that they’re options are worthy of your time and money.

<h3>The content</h3>

This section is usually reserved for the categories, but doesn’t have any. So we’ll mostly discuss the quality of content here. And some other observations that I’ve made in the past. First of all, the trailers are great. The first one makes me feel like a sinner since I’m seeing a Muslim woman acting pretty awkward while receiving a fat nut on her face, so yeah. Even though I feel like her community is going to be angry, don’t worry. The only connection to stones and measures of force here is the guys’ stone-hard cocks while they’re aggressively plowing these women. So yeah, they’ve played the ‘taboo’ and forbidden pleasure game pretty well, since the videos certainly carry that whole vibe. And I’m down with it. I’ve seen other Muslim sex sites, and this one seems pretty refreshing, unlike the rest of them.

About the models, even though this is a Muslim site, they have a lot of white models, both men, and women. I have no idea if that’s connected to the rest of this network somehow, or it’s just the reverse kind of game. You know, white guys fucking Muslim women, and Muslim men getting their first taste of white meat. I know that bacon is a massive no-no for these men, but I guess that some tasty white pussy makes up for that, since there’s nothing that beats the taste of washed cunt in your mouth. And you can perfectly see that on

And don’t worry, you don’t only get one trailer. I know that this isn’t like the good old Empirical times, but these guys still carry the gold. Only, instead of camels being the carriers, you can open up your laptop and see the best porn directly on your PC. And the quality is fantastic and golden, so even if you decide not to get the membership in the end, you can still have some fun on Most of these trailers are tragically short, but if you’re experienced in the art of nutting, you can have some wild-ass moments by yourself. Who knows, maybe the lack of membership money will make you pursue a Muslim cutie in real life too.

<h3>Registration and conclusion</h3>

About the memberships on, there isn’t much to say. That’s because the process is simple, practical, and you can pretty much complete it in a matter of seconds. First of all, let me tell you that you have three kinds of memberships. The first one is just your usual monthly membership, which will cost you around twenty-nine dollars, and that’s okay. I mean, because you get a full-ass network as a gratis. Next up you have the three months membership, which costs sixty dollars on a discount, and the last one is a half-year membership, with the price of ninety dollars. All in all, the last two are discounts. So hurry up to buy yours, since the prices won’t be this great forever. If you’re late to the party and these discounts expire, then you’re going to complain like you’re paying taxes to the Ottoman empire, and I ain’t having none of that. All in all, this is a pretty cool site, with good content, exciting options and the most important of all, fantastic prices. I’d recommend that you buy the membership because if you don’t, you’ll regret it.

ThePornDude likes SexWithMuslims's

  • Great content
  • Simple to use
  • Exciting options

ThePornDude hates SexWithMuslims's

  • The design is a bit boring
  • The trailers are too short
  • Some models aren't precisely Muslim