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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sex, Porn, Incest, XXX and Erotic Stories Sites

I want to read free sex stories, short erotic fiction and adult novels online to satisfy my sexual fantasies!

That’s it? You just want to shake your dick at a bunch of words? That’s certainly easy enough. I can hook you up with all kinds of erotic blocks of black-and-white text if that’s what you’re into, all for free, too. I’ve got to remind you, though, we’re living in an age of goddamn miracles in pornography. I’m talking about superhumanly beautiful sluts with the sexual talents of goddesses and bodies enhanced by cutting-edge medical technology, and these days you can have the videos delivered straight to your eyeballs via VR.

I get it, though. There’s no bad acting in a written story about an 18-year-old virgin getting her cherry popped by a group of aggressive, forceful studs. You won’t find phoned-in enthusiasm or hear fake moans in Literotica about two sisters who decide to find out how the other one’s pussy tastes. The girls getting strapped down to tables and fucked with dildos on sticks in super kinky BDSM scenes are the same stunning, beautiful girls of your wet dreams you’re always beating off to, because you get to pick the faces and luscious bodies when all the action takes place in your head.

Best of all, these erotic stories sites don’t have to play by the typical rules and regulations that govern the entire world of online video/photo pornography, nor the typical rules and regulations that govern the entire world of reality. You can spank your monkey while reading about literal monkeys getting more than just spanked, a scenario that violates the very laws of nature and could easily result in bitten or severed genitals. There are incest movies without the silly legal dance “taboo” stories have to perform; the moms, dads, sisters and brothers are all blood-related here. Some of these sites even take advantage of their all-text format to include stories with characters far too young for visual media.

What kind of (true) erotic stories and XXX literature can I read here?

You can find anything and everything on these free porn stories sites. Smack your junk around while reading about teen harlots blowing their boyfriends in the backseat of a car or Latina MILFs double teaming on a rich guy with a huge package. There is blonde missionary, brunette anal, and redheaded finger cuffing. Girls eat semen for breakfast and creampies for dessert. You’ll read stories of group sex, public sex, and toilet sex written by some of the most talented writers in the world.

Of course, that may be a little vanilla for some of you. The typical stuff you find in video porn is here in abundance, but you’ll also find stuff way too hardcore for anywhere else. There are stories here that the hentai sites won’t even touch, and those freaks are known for violating every law of perversion known and creating new ones just to break them.

There are gay, straight, bisexual and transgender sex stories in the archives, but that’s old hat to porn viewers on the Internet. Throw in some cats, dogs and maybe a huge-dicked horse and you’ve got something really interesting on your hands. If furry sex isn’t enough, how about some violent rape or just general sexual abuse? Or skip the rough stuff and check out some sweet, loving family time with real incest stories. Even those first-time tales that would have the feds kicking down your door if they were videos are good to go on a handful of these sites, so this may be your only opportunity to legally satisfy some of those felonious urges.

Can I share my own literotica?

Most of you greedy perverts just take and take, never giving anything back to the worldwide porn community, so it’s nice to see some interest in sharing with the rest of the class. Yes! You absolutely can share your own dirty fantasies, filthy daydreams, and meandering sexual epics about your quest to tie up, bone, and urinate all over every woman in your family as they transform first into human/feline hybrids before fully transitioning into house cats.

Of course, you’ll probably want to check the rules on each side before submitting every piece of Harry Potter orgy fanfiction or loli foot fetish erotica you bang out. While the rules are a hell of a lot looser than on video amateur sites that let you upload stuff, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the regulations so you don’t get banned. Literotica, for example, has a strict rule against pedophilia, while ASSTR has a blurb explaining that they are exempt from those kind of laws. Nifty Stories is one of the top archives on my list, but they don’t want your stories about straight people humping each other.
XNXX likes to push the envelope, CHYOA is interactive choose-your-own porn, and AdultFanFiction specializes in exactly what it sounds like.
If you’re on the fence about whether or not to share your deepest, darkest fantasies with everyone, just fucking do it. You’re anonymous on the Internet, dipshit, so nobody’s going to know it’s you posting that epic-length saga about the squirting, fisting, shitting twins. These sites have really active communities, so you should find out pretty soon if your writing and storytelling get people in the mood for breeding (or fisting/shitting). You don’t really have anything to lose.

Why do mostly women get turned on by (real) porn stories?

Men and women just have very different wiring when it comes to what gets us turned on and what gets us off. Dudes have it pretty easy. Show us a pair of big boobs bouncing around and a meaty stick going in and out of a fleshy hole and we are ready to pop in a few minutes. It’s a bit more complicated for the fairer sex.

While gentlemen can appreciate a good setup for a sex scene, women basically need it. Do you really think 50 Shades of Grey is just 500 pages of BDSM sex? Hell no. It’s got plenty of that light bondage that gets the soccer moms all hot, but it’s all wrapped up in this very elaborate wish fulfillment plot about getting together with a rich dude. Seeing a beautiful young whore speared on a monster dong is all the wish fulfillment I need in my spank material, but I ain’t a broad. I can piss standing up, too. It’s good being a dude.

Women might tell you they prefer literary erotica because it’s more sensual, realistic and sexy with titillating turns of phrases that linger in the mind long after they’re done masturbating. I guess that’s probably true, but you know what I think? I think some women just prefer reading their threesome, rape and fetish scenes because it seems classier and cleaner than diddling the Skittle to hardcore anal fisting movies on the free tubes while you’re at the library.

Taboo adult stories with family incest, young teens first time and animals? Can I say #MeToo!

Shhh! You can’t say that too loud or you’ll end up summoning a women’s study major, and they always do their best to ruin the party. I try to avoid that sort of company, but then again I’m the kind of guy who really values my stories about secretaries forced to do rough anal to keep their jobs, and young teen prostitutes practicing their cock-sucking and dick-riding moves on their brothers before taking the show on the road.

I think these sex story sites are safe and will stick around for a while, but you never know what the Junior Anti-Sex League is going to come after next. Look what they did to revenge porn! Keep this page bookmarked and check back often if you want to know who’s serving up the sickest, most depraved, and hottest fucking erotic stories on the Internet.

1. Literotica
Literotica - literotica.comstories

Literotica.com is the original Internet home of written smut, and it's still the best in the world. Read hundreds of thousands of free erotic stories or submit your own. Nearly anything goes! From consensual dorm-room blowjobs between attractive humans to werewolves titfucking reluctant teens, you really will find everything dirty and imaginable.

2. Nifty Stories
Nifty Stories - nifty.orgnifty

Nifty.org is an erotica site that serves as a free platform for GLBT stories and authors. This site has been around for nearly 30 years and has the readership to back it. You won’t find a better site for GLBT erotica. It’s completely supported by the community and is simply a great site to use. Don’t hesitate. Head over to Nifty.org and find a new favorite author.

ASSTR - asstr.org

Ever since the beginning of the net, people have been posting stories about there own perverted fantasies. To give those people a platform, tons of web designers have put together sites to showcase textual smut. Well, guess what – one site has stories uploaded which even pre-date the creation of the World Wide Web. To find out more, keep on reading to learn about a unique alternative sex story repository.

4. XNXX Sex Stories
XNXX Sex Stories - sexstories.com

Some people prefer reading their porn to watching it. Erotic lit is one of the most commercially successful genres of literature in the world and is a tradition hundreds of years old. Thanks to the internet, though, amateur erotic lit writers (and readers alike) have places like sexstories.com to share their work with the world. Read my review of Sex Stories today to see if it is worth looking into!

5. The Kristen Archives
The Kristen Archives - asstr.org~Kristen

Porn is always good, but erotic literature can be even better. After all, while traditional multimedia porn makes you focus only on what you hear and see, literotica plays off of the theaters of the mind. One of the best and longest working indie authors in this genre I've found merely goes by the pen name Kristen and has maintained a massive archive on ASSTR's site since ‘97 called Kirsten's Archive. To find out more, click here for my full review of her site and her work.

CHYOA - chyoa.com

Chyoa.com is an interactive story website where you do not only get to read the erotic stories, you also get to choose how they will end. Each story has a couple of different routes, and you get to choose the route you like the most or you can write your own ending instead. If you plan to write yourself, make sure to create an account, since it is completely free.

7. Lush Stories
Lush Stories - lushstories.com

Lushstories is an adult site entirely dedicated to adult stories. Most of these are text, but you’ll also find some audio stories too read by men and women alike. The erotic stories are nicely categorized into shit like exhibitionism, cuckold, college sex, fetish, and of course, a whole lot of cheating. With over 50,000 stories and a community of 400,000 members, Lushstories has taken over the online erotic writing market, and you’re sure to get off if you appreciate the literary fuck.

8. Bellesa Stories
Bellesa Stories - bellesa.costoryall

As ThePornDude, I've explored the labyrinth of adult sites out there, and "Bellesa Stories" definitely piqued my interest. It embodies class, sensuality, and originality. An oasis for those who crave absorbing sex stories that ignite your deepest fantasies. With its diverse range of erotic tales, "Bellesa Stories" is the Holy Grail for literary pleasure-seekers.

9. StoriesOnline
StoriesOnline - storiesonline.net

Storiesonline.net is a uniquely tailored blog site entirely dedicated to stories especially of the sensual nature, erotica. There are thousands of authors showcasing their erotic writing talents on the site. Whether of the erotic or non-erotic nature however, stories, novels, and serials and ebooks are available for free. To top it up, the user interface is up to standard, and a daily updates schedule maintained on new stories and features. This should be your ultimate online fiction choice of galore!

10. AdultFanFiction
AdultFanFiction - adult-fanfiction.org

Adult-FanFiction.org is a fantastic platform that brings together freaks with creative minds to showcase their writing talents. There are hundreds of adult stories covering multiple niches, including anime and manga. The site provides a perfect platform for authors to challenge and nurture each other’s skills. Adult Fan Fiction also has a community vibe about it, and the forums are filled with interactions. Any lover of written erotica will have plenty of fun.

11. Indian Sex Stories
Indian Sex Stories - indiansexstories2.net

IndianSexStories.net is an Indian sex stories site where you can go and have a good read where the main protagonists are having sex and it is all described in vividity and precision. If you are a fan of literotica, the literary expression of sex, then by all means, give Indian Sex Stories a chance and see how Indian writers do it!

12. FictionMania
FictionMania - fictionmania.tv

Those who love to have some solo fun by reading an erotic story about the lovely ladyboys, will surely appreciate the content shown on FictionMania.tv. This site is filled with thousands of great erotic stories of transgender hotties who love to get down and dirty. You can read all of the stories for free, and become a part of their community.

13. MCStories
MCStories - mcstories.com

MCstories.com is the only place that you need to consider if you’re looking to get down and dirty with mind control erotic stories. Not only are there thousands of stories on here to read with new ones popping up all the time, but all of the content on here is absolutely free. On top of all that, there are no ads to distract you from reading either, so check out MCstories.com today!

14. BDSM Library
BDSM Library - bdsmlibrary.comstories

Those who love to watch kinky BDSM videos, read naughty torture stories, and explore the incredibly addictive porn images of BDSM lovemaking, will definitely enjoy what BDSMlibrary.com has to offer. This site is dedicated to everything BDSM, and you are able to explore everything for free. So, if you get hard thinking about BDSM, you should start exploring.

15. OpenTGC
OpenTGC - opentgc.com

What's up guys! Dived into OpenTGC today and I must say, it's a pit-stop for all your sexy storytelling cravings. It's like a virtual world teeming with kinky narratives and edgy erotic tales that will fuel your erotic imagination like nothing else. The site's easy navigation and engaging content has left me, the PornDude, absolutely satiated.

16. SexStories69
SexStories69 - sexstories69.com

SexStories69 is your erotic literature paradise! As PornDude, I must admit, the titillating tales they peddle here are some of the best I've come across. The arousing narratives, diverse themes, and excellent writing style make this a destination for those in pursuit of literary erotica.

17. Sexual Stories
Sexual Stories - sexualstories.club

I, The PornDude, dove into the provocative world of "Sexual Stories" and came up breathless. This sea of enticing narratives is an exquisite masterpiece of erotic literature. The potent mix of desire dripping words and simmering fantasies churns a storm of sensuality. This forum is a paradise for those desperately seeking an intellectual form of intimate pleasure. "Sexual Stories", is the perfect spice for your life.

18. HyperDreams
HyperDreams - hyperdreams.com

HyperDreams is a mesmerizing realm that offers much-needed relief to those drenched in the thirst for lustful tales. As ThePornDude, I can vouch for the quality of the sultry narratives that this Sex Stories Site delivers. Navigating through HyperDreams is like exploring an erotic universe with endless scopes of fantasies.

19. FimFiction
FimFiction - fimfiction.netstories?q=%23porn&order=latest

Howdy folks, PornDude reporting. Today's pick is "FimFiction," a cornucopia of sizzling stories that will leave you hot under the collar. The website’s design is impeccable, and the array of erotic narratives is mind-boggling. FimFiction is the ultimate destination where pleasure meets penmanship.

20. XXX Indian Stories
XXX Indian Stories - xxxindianstories.com

XXX Indian Stories hits you like a sensual spice-laden aroma from an Indian kitchen. This site doesn't just tell stories, it weaves intricate sexual tales that spark your imagination. From innocent housewives to rebellious college beauties, the site explores the remarkable variety of Indian erotic experiences. It's a captivating bazaar of sensual tales that draws you into an irresistible world of pleasure.

21. The Fet Library
The Fet Library - thefetlibrary.com

Erotic literature lovers, The Fet Library is your playground! This haven for 'Sex Stories Sites' offers an arousing anthology of sensual sagas, teasing your mind as much as your body. The scintillating stories found here bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, delivering a delicious cocktail of candid carnality. Venture into these lascivious landscapes and let your erotic imagination run wild.

22. Fiction Live
Fiction Live - fiction.livesmut?contentRating=mature,nsfw,teen&storyStatus=active,finished,hiatus&sort=active&page=1

Step right up porn lovers, it's the PornDude here with a fresh serving for you from the erotic story buffet. 'Fiction Live' oozes sexiness from the get-go. A treasure trove for story enthusiasts, it tickles your imagination and engages your lust in a delicious tapestry of adult stories. Dive in, folks! Let the sensual tales stoke your deepest desires.

23. DreamPress
DreamPress - godude.vipdreampress

Well, my adult-content connoisseurs, ThePornDude delved into DreamPress under "Sex Stories Sites" and found a treasure trove of titillating tales. With a vast range of categories and classy site design, DreamPress is like a sensual library for the erotic enthusiast. Each story is steamier than the one before it, offering an exquisite reading experience. It's like 50 shades of DreamPress!

24. Lustix (AI)
Lustix (AI) - godude.viplustix

Ladies and gentlemen, as the PornDude, I'm thrilled to introduce Lustix (AI), a unique addition to the 'Sex Stories Sites' category. This site stitches together wild sexual fantasies using cutting-edge AI. It's a veritable fountain of tantalizing tales and risque narratives. For every erotica aficionado out there, Lustix (AI) will be a hot and steamy escape.

25. NovelTrove
NovelTrove - noveltrove.com

NovelTrove is an exceptional destination for sex story enthusiasts. Every story is crafted to intrigue your senses and kindle that fire of lust within you. It’s a blissful playground for those looking to peek into others' erotic adventures. The quality of narratives on NovelTrove will leave you astounded - a must-visit for erotica fans!

26. Reddit Taboo Stories
Reddit Taboo Stories - godude.vipreddittaboo

As the infamous PornDude, I delved into the risqué world of "Reddit Taboo Stories". This is not your standard adult site but a pulsating hub of erotic literature, where your wildest fantasies unfold through text. Under the "Taboo Porn Sites" category, it holds the allure of being not only explicit but also delicately intriguing, an exciting blend of the forbidden and highly erotic.

27. Reddit GoneWild Stories
Reddit GoneWild Stories - reddit.comrgonewildstories

As ThePornDude, I've roamed the naughty side of cyberspace for the wildest adult content and boy, Reddit GoneWild Stories didn't disappoint! This corner of Reddit is the Eldorado of titillating real-life escapades. A melting pot of raw, first-hand accounts that fuel your naughtiest fantasies. Dive into world of forbidden pleasures and unashamed lust, an enticing page-turner for erotomaniacs!

28. Reddit Erotica
Reddit Erotica - reddit.comrErotica

Reddit Erotica, a provocatively intoxicating corner of the internet, adds an arousing twist to the Reddit ecosystem. It blurs the lines between imagination and reality with an endless array of engaging, candid sex stories that span multiple kinks and fetishes. It's truly an adult playground that will stimulate you as much as leave you wondering 'what's next?

29. ChatMeHard
ChatMeHard - godude.vipchatmehard

The moment you log into ChatMeHard, you're plunged into a world of sex stories that keeps your adrenaline pumping. This platform offers a diverse mix of kink, adventure, romance, everything tailor-made for your fantasy. It has a clean interface and easy navigation. The stories here are well told, enough to stimulate the imaginative mind. Don't take my word for it, go explore!