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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Indie Nudes

Indie Nudes

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IndieNudes! Sometimes when you sit down in front of your PC to fap, you have to stop and think for yourself – what am I doing this for? How will this improve my quality of life, and how will I get closer to perfection in regards to aesthetic taste? Well, if you’re masturbating to sites like PornHub and XVideos, chances are you’ll never become as sophisticated as those art hoes you so desperately want to fuck. And yes, everyone wants to fuck art hoes nowadays – even art hoes want to fuck art hoes since all of them are bisexual. I mean, who can resist a pale-skinned goddess with dozens of meaningless tattoos and fishnets who probably do drugs every other weekend and has a scathingly toxic personality?

Definitely a weak-spot of mine (just make sure not to keep one for long after you get one). But in order to do that, you can’t just masturbate to mass-produced porn – these art girls don’t really dig that kind of blatant commercialism. You have to get into those artsy, alternative, erotic blogs and see what’s really happening in that world in order to strike up a promising conversation with one of those elusive art hoes.

You’ll have to develop a few fetishes and refine your taste for art enough to be able to properly mingle with these fishnet-clad hoes. And there’s no better site to do that on than in IndieNudes here – it’s not your typical porn website that’s for sure. You won’t be able to find any HD POV 1080p videos here of famous pornstars, and you won’t be able to find “Verified Amateurs” videos here as well. In fact, you won’t be able to find any videos here at all – this is a sophisticated porn link directory that contains links that lead to both mainstream and alternative porn websites – and it contains a lot of links that art hoes would love.

In fact, a lot of its links actually contain nude art hoes in them, so it’s definitely a site to consider visiting if you’re the kind of guy who chases girls who attend art shows, watch exclusively indie movies and are vegan despite consuming copious amounts of drugs and alcohol every weekend in abandoned techno warehouses. Let’s get to it!

You’ve Got Artsy, Independent Porn Links

So the main focus of this site is artsy porn links that are usually run by one individual, hence their independent status. This site tries to promote tasteful erotic content as much as possible, and I’m sure that if you look through its links enough, you’ll eventually start to get a feel for what “tasteful erotic content” actually is. Most of the time, it’s black and white nude stills of people, but don’t think that this kind of content is boring.

Nowadays, with everyone stuck indoors, there’s a large influx of new original homemade content being uploaded to the internet, and of course, that also includes tasteful artsy porn. A lot of girls who are stuck indoors are horny, bored and craving attention, and in order to get their fill of it, they take nude pictures of themselves and upload it online for the world to see. I mean, what else is a girl to do nowadays when the world’s facing a worldwide economic collapse and people are stuck indoors rattling with fear of impending doom?

Including Erotic Photographers

Lots of these links here on IndieNudes here are erotic photographers who take sultry, succulent pictures of people naked, and obviously, that’s not the most “hardcore” kind of stuff out there. You have to remember that these pictures are supposed to represent some artsy erotic concept or whatever the hell the photographer wanted to portray. The point being; there’s really not much value to get out of them dopamine-wise if you’ve watched hardcore porn videos for years, and chances are that you have. There’s no way you can find this stuff super-hot or at least hot enough to yield a successful fap if you’ve been jerking off to good old fashioned porn videos either recently for a long while.

You can try to use your imagination and are totally welcome to be as mentally creative as you want, and god knows you’re going to need one hell of an imagination (or plenty of past experiences) in order to pull it off. With that being said, there are still some hot pieces here and there on this site that can get you rock-hard in almost an instant even if you’re a chronic porn consumer and masturbator like the porn geek is, but they’re pretty uncommon..

As Well As Private Exhibitions

Of course, they have links of OC porn here on IndieNudes, which is mostly composed of private erotic exhibitions – creative artistic freedom comes in many shapes and forms, and nowadays with everyone stuck inside, it’s only natural that there are tons of people uploading XXX content of their own onto the internet in one-way shape or form. What this means is that you can definitely expect to run into a fair few links here that lead you to completely amateur XXX creations of all sorts.

People will do anything on camera nowadays what with all the Onlyfans and e-clout commotion going on around the whole commercial side of the internet. And we all know that if you want to be talked about, then being controversial surely helps – so expect to see a lot of weird, new and bizarre crap on these links here. Most of it might be softcore, but ideologically it could be something that only an art hoe would find erotic, and you’re going to have to get familiar with what that is if you want to bag yourself a hot jet-black hair tattooed girl who smokes and has a bad history with her exes.

You’ve Also Got a Subsection For Nudes

Oh yeah, amateur nude selfies have been all the hype for some time now – since at least the grand unraveling of The Fappening went down back in 2014. By then, people knew that not even one nude is safe to keep on your phone because you never know when some psychopath (or a Government agency) might lay its eyes on it and bear witness to your incredible three-inch good ‘ole boy of a penis.

But hey, the girls who upload selfies and pictures of themselves on this site’s porn links couldn’t really give a fuck, so you can even save them and put them as your PC’s desktop for all they care. And yes, that undoubtedly means that there are plenty of links right here on IndieNudes containing plain-old nudes, which are all voluntarily uploaded by the very same girls featured in them.

And Of Course, You’ve Got Links For Classic, Straight-Up Porn

Slow down there bucko – you really didn’t think that this site had no classic porn on it, right? Well then I’ve got news for you – it does! And they’re all pretty solid links if I do say so myself – some of the very same traditional XXX links on IndieNudes here are even on my site, but only the better ones. The people running IndieNudes know all too well that most people who visit their site won’t really have the patience to fap to black and white nude stills of some semi-attractive girl – they know that classic dirty XXX videos are what the people want, which is why this site is filled with all kinds of traditional-XXX links. Some of them include “PornDig,” “Your Dirty Mind,” “xHamster,” “Amateurs Gone Wild,” “Girlfriend Videos,” and so on.

IndieNudes Can Be Accessed Easily From Any Smartphone

Fapping is a crucial practice in these quarantined times – I mean living alone in lockdown is damn near impossible, and living with others can make you super stressed from their constant presence in the household. It could be your family or your partner – it doesn’t matter, you’re always going to get sick of them if you spend all your time sitting at home with them, being socially distant and all.

Even your girlfriend’s coochie or your boyfriend’s meat rod could get boring – but porn is always fun, and masturbating is a crucial necessity in the midst of all this quarantined boredom. That’s why you might be glad to know that IndieNudes, along with all of the websites linked on it, are totally optimized for smartphone access, allowing you to fap to them in the peaceful solitude of your room or the bathroom in peace.

ThePornDude likes Indie Nudes's

  • It’s easy to tell which links are most popular according to their font size
  • This site along with all of those attached to it are fully optimized for smartphone access
  • Plenty of linked sites contain OC
  • There are also plenty of sites with traditional porn

ThePornDude hates Indie Nudes's

  • The age verification prompt when you enter the site is totally useless and dated
  • The visual design of the site isn’t very interface-friendly
  • The interface of this website is unorthodox and might take some getting used-to