3+ Premium Leaked Celebrity Nudes and Sex Tapes
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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Premium Leaked Celebrity Nudes and Sex Tapes

I want exclusive leaked nudes and sex tapes of my favorite celebrities, actresses and Hollywood stars!

As red-blooded primate males, we are literally programmed to look for things to fuck. That’s why you can’t even order a coffee at Starbucks without wanting to the spear the barista’s head on your penis. A similar thing happens when you watch TV or movies. There are certainly some men who can watch a Hollywood blockbuster with Megan Fox or Jennifer Lawrence and not think about seeing them naked. Those men are called fags. I made this list for the rest of you, because I know you want to see these homemade fuck videos and nude selfies of famous bitches.

We are living in a golden age of celebrity sex tapes, my friends. Back in the old days, fucking on video was reserved for pornstars, wrinkly swingers and general perverts. The self-obsessed Instagram generation has made it into a thing everybody does unless they’re locked in a church basement or something. And everybody, including stars of the screen and stage, has cameras in their pocket! It was just a matter of time until enterprising and horny hackers got to work stealing those private collections and sharing them with the whole class.

What kind of premium hacked, stolen or exposed naked celebrity content can I see?

These sites pride themselves on having encyclopedic lists of sexy actresses, musicians, models and socialites who have appeared naked on film or smartphone. Look up your favorite celebrity babe and see what she’s got on the menu. It can be hit or miss, depending on how much of an exhibitionist slut your favorite girl is. Some actresses go pretty hard on private video, others just do light sex scenes in Hollywood films.

My favorite celebrity content is the material we were never meant to see at all. iCloud leaks have provided us with so much fap material, from Kate Upton polishing cock with her famous lips to Kim Kardashian and that luscious, perfect round ass in a hacked iPad sex tape. Kanye is a lucky fucker, but at least us plebs get a peek, too. Jeanette McCurdy, Kaylee Cuoco and Rihanna have all had their private nudes spread all over the net.

Of course, there’s something to be said for famous bimbos willing to spread their legs for the camera even when they know everybody is going to be watching. I didn’t give a shit about MTV’s Teen Mom, but Farrah Abraham looks good doing anal. Tila Tequila was born to give blowjobs and squirt, and who can forget such celebrity sex classics as Backdoor to Chyna?

Some women are only willing to take it off for the right director who they think is going to do it tastefully. I’m not exactly a tasteful dude, but I’ll take what I can get. I’d rather watch Kate Mara and Ellen Paige in a full-on, hardcore lesbian scene with close-ups of their warm mounds, but I’m not opposed to beating my meat to their scene in Tender Mercies.

What are the best premium nude celebrities sites in 2019?

You’re staring right at the list, dipshit. Is this your first time on the Internet? If you don’t want to read the reviews, just start at number one and work your way down.

BannedSexTapes has got to be my favorite right now, and it’s not just because they claim to be the #1 Nude Celebrity Site on the Web. Every porn site makes a similar claim, but it might actually be true here. They’ve got over 120K photos and nearly 20,000 hours of video, all uncensored sex tapes, leaked videos and scandals. They just posted iCloud hacks of Iggy Azalea, Anna Paquin, and Maggie Q.

ShockingCelebrities hosts similar content, but the price is a little higher so you may not get as many celebrity bangs for your buck. MrSkin focuses on gorgeous actresses taking it off and having fake sex in mainstream movies. VividCeleb has a ton of officially released celebrity porn, like the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape.

Is it legal to see these famous women’s private naked iCloud pics, homemade porn and topless photos?

As of right now, yeah, you can browse these topless celebrity selfies and blowjob practice sessions to your heart’s content, busting out load after load of popstar-inspired spunk. They may have arrested the guys behind the original Fappening, but that certainly ain’t your problem. If the crackdown ever does come, The Man is going to shoot for the distributors (these websites), rather than the consumers (you, you greedy little pervert).

And honestly? I wouldn’t be very surprised if that crackdown was coming down the tubes as I type this. We’ve seen a huge explosion of “revenge porn” laws that make it illegal to post those pussy shots your ex sent you or the POV doggystyle clip you made when her face was buried in the pillow. It’s just a matter of time until some famous #metoo broad like Rose McGowan takes the fight to the high courts. Incidentally, Rose’s face hasn’t aged all too well, but based on her leaked nudes and sex tapes, I can see why Harvey Weinstein wanted a piece. Just saying!

PornDude, this shit isn’t fake or photoshopped, right?

What kind of wannabe, amateur, bullshit Porn Dude do you think I am? I didn’t go to pornography college for seven years just to get confused about the difference between genuine celebrity sex movies and fakes! I’ve got a full section of next-level simulated stuff filed under Deepfake Porn Sites, but all of these Premium Nude Celebrity sites are stocked with the real deal.

The closest thing to a fake celebrity sex tape you’ll find here are the ambiguous ones. Honestly, some of them ain’t all that ambiguous. Arianna Grande claims that isn’t her beautiful naked body in that hacked iPad video, but it sure as hell looks like her. I’m a little more skeptical of the Emma Watson tape. Not because it doesn’t look like her, but because Hermione always seemed like kind of a prude. It’s just hard to believe the outspoken feminist would open her mouth and let someone sperm all over that beautiful face. Either way, though, I’ve worked the clip into my nightly forearm workout.

PornDude, shut the fuck up! Let me signup, before the FBI shuts down these barely legal sites forever!

That’s a damn good idea. I hate to be a fear monger or anything, but they keep coming for my favorite smut! Make sure to download all the musician humping, model banging, and actress fucking you can just in case that crackdown comes. First, they came for the revenge porn, and I did not speak out…
Porn sites sprout up and die like weeds on the Internet every day, but these premium celebrity sites are rare. They’re fragile, too, since one law against posting hacked selfies could potentially blow one up. If you really love your celebrity news and sex tapes, bookmark this page. The Porn Dude will always keep you up-to-date on who’s serving up the best amateur pornos of the stars.