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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I don’t know if these Asian sluts are high or are they laughing but the name of the site JAV HiHi made me question a couple of things before I entered the actual site. Alright, I said, I’m going to keep an open mind and just go with the flow. As soon as I landed on the homepage, there was a scrolling bar to the left and to the right where the videos were. That was unexpected. Alright, let’s see what else they got. Usually, when a site has any kind of animation on their landing page I start questioning the speed of the site overall. It was time to put my Sherlock hat on, light up my pipe and get to some Sherlocking.

Personally, I love Asian videos since I never know what I’m about to get. It might be a squid getting stuffed inside a hairy pussy, then some other times, it might be some weird ass incest porn where the uncle gets pussy deep in his “so-called” niece. That’s not my cup of tea, but Asians, to be exact Japanese are strange with all their kinks, not just porn, so I was cool with it. The videos were all regular, high end, production house made vids, full version clips. What I disliked was the fact that all of them had an HD sticker in the right top corner of their thumbs but once I clicked play on the vid, my head exploded from frustration…

The videos are coming in three versions, 360p, 720 and 1080 HD. Yes, the HD versions are available but, with a big BUT! They are buffering like a snail that’s crawling on a stream of peanut butter spill with windbreakers on…I freaking lost it! That rotating circle that signifies buffering was my fixation the whole time I wanted to see some good ole Jap sex action and at my lowest point, I wanted to punch my monitor just so the video starts playing, because that makes sense, right? No dice! I had to drop the quality to 720p and it was slightly better but not until the buffering MBs ran out. BAM! Another smack for my monitor. At this point, I realized that my CP hardware was more important to me than this Japanese slut who was sucking on a wee pecker in her botanical garden. Moving on…

Once I got past the slow runtime and started watching vids on 360, I actually liked the videos. They had their unique Jap style and I could get into it since most of the videos had a storyline to them. You know how I love my stories, nasty and with the money shot. Each video had a description of the pornstar featured in the video, with useful tags and categories along with the comment section. Since I wanted some of the videos to show to my buddies but I didn’t want to stream them since I value my time and I don’t want to be an old man showing his buds porn videos in 360p, I downloaded some to my computer, which was a neat option. This way I can watch JAV HiHi (often misspelled as “JAVHiHi.net”) content whenever I feel like it.

What I found interesting about their categories section was that they have a “Maid” category but they don’t have a “small tits” category or some other more clicked-on category than “maid”. I love my maids to clean up my house and get the hell out of there so I can watch me some porn, but besides maid porn, I wanted to see some small titties, and I couldn’t find them. For an Asian tube site, they do have some kinks that they have to work on but for the most part, if you are a fan of this niche, it’s going to work for you…if you have the time and don’t care much if the pixels ruin your fun.

The models’ section was awesome. There are 752 models and they all have a brief info about them along with the videos that they are featured in. What struck me the most was that most of the ladies had big boobs! Japanese women with big boobs, go figure. The one model that I found with small ones, Maya Kato, had 3.180,539 views and 6,690 likes which tells us a lot. This is one site that has traffic like the center of NY square. This bus is crowded, there must be something to it.

To wrap it all up, I liked the site as a whole even though the HD option got my hairs on my head to stand up. I guess I should shave bald and give this site another try, but from what I gathered it is a cool Japanese site, with Japanese babes who fuck on camera in Japanese style. What else do you want? There were no squids, no incest, and no weird stuff and that was good enough for me. A tube site like this can go a long way and with the popularity that this site has, it is only a matter of time before the programmers start getting slack from the top directors to speed up the streaming otherwise they can start looking for a new fast-paced job like fishing or watching the paint dry. This dude, regardless of the small hiccups, gives this site both thumbs up.

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  • Full-length videos
  • No ads
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  • Slow streaming in HD
  • Simple and easy to browse
  • Few option bars