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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Desi Play! When I think of hot desi porn, the first place I look for it is any porn site that has the word desi in its name. That way you know that the site is serious about this niche and offers nothing but these hot Indian chicks on their website. Such is the case with, which is one of these websites which specializes in desi porn. Now, if you’re in the market for hot Indian chicks, then this probably isn’t the place to look for that content. However, if you’re fine with just about any Indian chick getting naked in front of you, then this is the place to be, my friend. Let’s check out and everything it has to offer us.

Indian chicks aren’t the hottest broads ever

First of all, we need to get something straight here. Indian chicks are usually really ugly. I know, I know, many people are going to jump on my balls for that, but it’s true. Have you ever seen amateur porn in the west and then amateur porn in India? When you see western chicks in amateur porn they at least have some kind of figure with some nice curves, and they usually have a nice ass if they don’t have huge tits. And then you have Indian chicks like the ones you’ll see on These chicks are so revolting, that I’d never fuck them in a million years. See, the reason Bollywood is so successful in India is because all the men love seeing beautiful Indian women for once in their life!

Let’s not even talk about the fact that most Indian dudes have a god complex but look like absolute shit. Alright, maybe that’s enough of shitting on India, it’s not like Indians don’t shit on it enough. Get it? Cause they shit in the streets? Anyway, I think I’ve gone a bit overboard but it’s all because I have to get you ready for the kind of porn you’re going to see on Trust me, desi porn can be hot at times, but usually, these chicks are so ugly that only Indian guys would like to watch this content. Either them, or desperate dudes from surrounding countries, or absolute low-lives from the west. Those are the only groups of people who actually enjoy watching desi porn.

Literally thousands upon thousands of free desi pornos

But let me be clear, you aren’t really losing out on anything when you check out I know that money is often an issue when it comes to good porn, but since we’re talking about bad porn, then we’re probably talking about a free porn site. And, as it just to happens, that’s exactly what is. It gives you all sorts of porn content for absolutely free. I know that many places do that, but you haven’t really seen the other part of this equation either. We’re getting to that, and all I’m asking for is patience cause your mind is going to be blown, and I don’t want your head exploding when all you wanted was to watch some desi porn.

Ready? Here goes. There are over 5000 desi porn videos. In fact, well over 5000. In fact, they seem to be uploading so many new desi porn videos every fucking day that it’s hard to keep count of how many videos there are on this website. I would love to tell you the exact number, but because of the fact that uploads new content pretty much all the time, that’s going to be pretty impossible to do. But, as with all things, when there’s good, then there’s bad. You have to brace yourself for some faults if you want to experience the thousands of desi porn videos that has to offer you.

Bland design and a lack of navigation tools

First of all, the design. I think that the design is bland and completely boring. There’s nothing setting it apart from all other desi porn sites. You just have to deal with the fact that looks the way it looks and watch the content like that. I know that it might seem petty that design is the first thing I’m going for here, but if you’re going to be 100% honest with each other, the design is the first thing you’ll notice when going onto any site whatsoever. But there’s more to just the color scheme and the weak graphical elements which bugs me about When you take a deeper dive, it has way more to do with the lack of good user experience and here’s what I mean by that. lacks all the necessary navigation tools that other sites have. There’s no navigation bar for starters. Well, there’s a navigation bar, but two of the tabs don’t have anything to do with the content, so you’re just left with the home page which has all the desi porn on it, and very few navigation options to go through the videos themselves. That means that if you want to find a video in the middle of the pack, then it’s going to be insanely hard. You’re going to have to go a few pages at a time before you come to the middle of the site which is around the 105-page mark. It’s not the exact number, but around there is where you’ll be in the middle of it all.

You can download all the videos on here for free

It’s not all bad though, when I was talking about those other two tabs, they have something important to tell you. The first one is a guide to how you can download the videos. And as you’ll see, whenever you click on a video, you’ll notice that there’s a download icon in the top-right part of the screen which is actually used for you to download it and use it offline just as you did online. You can keep all the videos on without paying a cent, but I don’t think that you’ll have the nerves to get through all of them since there’s just so many. The second tab just leads you to my site,, and that’s always a good addition to have on your website as far as I’m concerned.

However, there’s a trojan horse lurking on You will notice it just after you notice the design, and it’s the ads. They take a second to load, but when they hit you, oh my god. This has to be one of the worst ad experiences that I have had on any porn site, and that’s saying something. For fuck’s sake, I’ve been on porn sites which are more likely to give your computer aids from all the malware ads than they are to actually let you watch a porn video, and this managed to be worse than that somehow.

These ads are some of the worst I have ever seen

It has to do with the fact that there are not only pop-up ads which appear in new windows and tabs, but also pop-up ads that cover the site with an ad that’s hard to shut off. The ads are so huge, that the “x” symbol that is used to shut them off, just barely shows behind the scroll bar on the right-hand side of your browser window. That’s how bad ads are on here. Let’s not even start talking about all the unskippable video ads. Sorry, that’s a lie. You can skip them… but only after 15 fucking seconds! I’ve seen videos on which are shorter than that!

All in all, while might not be an optimal place to watch desi porn, it still has thousands of free videos for you to watch. And one thing that differentiates it from other sites is the fact that you can download all the videos if you manage to load them from all the annoying ads that you’re going to be showered with. You can enjoy as much content as you want on here, and that just makes for a fabulous experience, especially if you manage to download your favorite videos off of and watch them as much as you want afterwards. Check out and enjoy its content for free.

ThePornDude likes DesiPlay's

  • Thousands of desi porn videos to watch
  • All the content on here is completely free
  • You can download each and every video

ThePornDude hates DesiPlay's

  • Ads which completely ruin the experience
  • Bland design with a very bad interface
  • Lack of navigation tools to find videos