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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Al4A refers to adult links 4 adults. Previously the site was AL’s TPG links which was a site that offered gallery links to its visitors. However, after realizing that visitors become less interested in gallery links they turned to providing users with free XXX movies on a new platform. Al4a’s folks are committed to providing users with daily updates in their numerous niches. It might not be a viral site but still manages to take those faps home!

Their layout is pretty basic with a white background, and blue color highlights and ThePornDude thinks in a generation where sites have awesome graphics these folks can surely do better. Navigation on this site is quite easy. On top of the site is a menu bar /videos, /categories, /tags, /galleries, /live sex, and /free site. There is also a search engine that comes in handy when it comes to narrowing down to specific content; yeah sometimes you just want to type nasty words to access some videos. Try “Slutty teens pool orgy”*wink*

As for the homepage, it is well arranged, and videos lined up. Videos look all juicy and promising. Maybe it’s the thumbnails choice, but they are all cocky. Videos being watched now will appear on top which enables you to see what your fellow twisted minded buddies are enjoying, then the popular videos that keep changing according to the most viewed categories and recently featured videos which happen to have been uploaded most recently.

However, it is notable that they depend on third parties as sources of their content. Some of the source sites include,, and then others. The videos quality is average as there are no full HD quality videos. Either way, the content is enticing, they manage to serve your dirty mind rightly. ThePornDude was particularly impressed with the video player thou which is good enough and can go full screen.

ThePornDude wouldn’t call it massive but this site quite a collection of videos. To sample the videos, has set up some sorting options include the newest, most viewed, top-rated and longest (longest videos go up to 2hours). Duration is also a primary sorting option where you can narrow down to videos that best serve your time. Below the videos is information about them, i.e., title, ratings and the number of views.

Regardless of you deciding to download or stream the videos it’s entirely up to you, and there will be no membership or signup bullshit required. However, if you have some to share with your fellow free, you have to have an account; it’s free no pressure!

ThePornDude thinks that the kind of mash-up in al4a categories should be basic to all sites. Men! This is some sort of porn Paradise with merely all sorts of fetishes and kinks your beautiful mind can think of. From amateur to anime, bizarre, bisexual, fisting, gothic, Trans, exhibitionist, lesbian, gay, pornstars, it’s a whole truckload. Simply put, there is something to be consumed by anyone.

The tags section comes in handy when narrowing down to your favorite category among the numerous available. Numbers of videos under each tag is indicated in this section. Some of the popular tags include cum on face, cumshots, rubbing, and multiple others. The good news is that there is an alphabetical arrangement to make sure you land on your favorite smut fast and without any hustle.

ThePornDude must admit that this section comes in handy especially if you are new and would like to get your hands all over everything.

The galleries tab links you to their old site al4a-archives where you can quickly hop on to lots of galleries from different sites through various links provided in this section. ThePornDude was looking forward to adventuring the free fuck section which to his disappointment turned out to be just an Ads tab. Folks just have an excellent way of getting into my nerves.

Their live sex section also links to a third party popularly known as camonster which is pretty impressive. ThePornDude must admit that there aren’t so many live sex sites that feature both hot girls and boys and believe me their sorting options will impress you. One more thing, they know just how to pleasure your nasty little mind.

Besides, al4a partner site which happens to be worldsex they also link to two porn galleries sites which include Adultism and Other than that, there are not too many Ads and pop-ups here. You can manage to get your hands on a cocking sucking teen video without too much hassle of getting through the Ads.

For a free site that offers such a wide range of categories of porn videos with numerous sorting option to ease up navigation. You might as well disregard the videos quality and have fun!

ThePornDude likes AL4A's

  • Easy to navigate
  • Daily updates
  • Numerous filtering options and tags

ThePornDude hates AL4A's

  • Ads and popups