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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wife Lovers! You ever wondered what fucking a 30+-year-old MILF would feel like? Maybe you’re not too hot in that department if you’re watching porn on a daily basis, but if you do manage to get pussy from time to time then you might start to notice that younger girls can get a little stale after a period. I mean they’re all hormonal, most of them are emotionally unstable, and they’ve probably had sex with at least one or two other guys in the past month, so you can definitely say that it doesn’t feel as special as having sex with an older woman.

Fucking a MILF is or was probably every guy’s fantasy at one point, and I’d give my left nut to be able to go back to high school and fuck my blonde busty English teacher – but since that’s not an option now, I guess fapping to some quality authentic MILF porn would be the next best thing. Now there are a lot of sites out there that have MILFs on them, and it’s become pretty much commonplace now on popular porntubes, but WifeLovers here is a special site. It’s not your average porn tube or your average porn website at all – this little domain is home to a decade-plus old gathering of wife lovers from all over the world, who like nothing more than fapping to mature wives.

The content here is 100% authentic – this site is a community-run forum that contains all manner of MILF porn, from mirror selfies of aging wives who still look good enough for a good fuck to videos of couples going at it so loud it makes their neighbors complain about the noise. You won’t find this content on other sites too (even though there probably is a way to download it and attach it onto other portals). I mean sure you could do that, but why the fuck would you even bother when you can just fap away to all the best amateur MILF porn right here? This site is a real haven for all of you out there who like jacking it to older, voluptuous women with a nice set of curves on them – but can you depend on it every time you’re in need of that sweet self-given release? Let’s find out…

This Kinda Love Ain’t Cheap

This isn’t a website that you can just waltz in and fap to endlessly without ever having to worry about running into a paywall, because trust me, that’s bound to happen here. Even though this site might not seem like it’ll charge you for touching yourself to its content due to its lackluster interface and visual design, and even though it does let you tease yourself with some free image content, that still doesn’t mean it’s completely free. WifeLovers has enough of a reputation to actually charge you for touching yourself to its content, believe it or not.

Basically you’ll have to pay up to get the best of this site, which includes videos of all kinds of amateur MILF-related things such as wife swap fuckfests, foot fetish clips, and even some actual normal porn believe it or not. Membership also lets you upload content on here, which is another perk you can take advantage of (assuming, of course, women actually let you film them naked, but hey, you can always upload yourself too). Aside from the video content, there are also a hell of a lot of pictures on this site that are guaranteed to at least give you a boner if you’re into wifeys – in fact, the site claims that there are over 3,500 images posted on it every day. Now I’m no math genius, but I know that 3,500 is more than 20, so you’ll definitely get a fuckton of content if you decide to fork up some of your cash to this late-90s style site.

The Community Here Is a Bunch of Hardcore Devoted Wife Lovers

I mean you read the name of the site, so of course, the people who frequent this portal are in love with wives – their own wives and others too. This site actually encourages a “wife sharing” mentality that supports dudes taking pictures of their wives and uploading them on the site for other dudes to fap to – and what do they get in return for that? Pictures of other dudes’ wives that they can fap to themselves, because of course being able to have sex with a person in real life just won’t cut it. I bet most of these women probably don’t even know that videos and pictures of them are being put up on this site by their own husbands, who are effectively letting all kinds of weirdos fap to them, but I guess that’s the same with most amateur porn you can find online anyway.

WifeLovers has been around since 97, so there’s definitely a strong community that’s breathing life into this site day in and day out, making sure that it doesn’t die out, and that’s evident by the number of uploads and all-round sense of togetherness you can feel when going through most of the forums here. A lot of these dudes are just happy to be able to look at some random 35+ women’s pair of tits or ass, and that’s enough for them to give the uploader their eternal gratitude because like I said before, the people who frequent this site are in LOVE with MILF content.

So What Exactly Does This Site’s Content Mostly Make Up?

The majority of the content you can find and fap to here is comprised of random smartphone images taken of wives – most of them are aging and out of shape, but I guess that’s what turns on most of these wife-loving Wifelovers users anyway. Then you have your member’s section, which you’ll have to fork over 16$ per month in order to access. This section contains a whole lot of variety – there’s ‘Hardcore’, ‘Anal’ and ‘Oral’, as well as some other more focused groups of content that specialize on one fetish, such as ‘Older’, ‘I Love Hair’ (hairy), ‘Feet’ and even content that features nothing but men.

All of these groups of content can be accessed from any paying member, and they include images as well as videos too, so you won’t be left with just a single frame image to fap to. Plus you also get to access a whole forum and become part of a community of like-minded wife-loving members who love their wives so much they’re willing to let the whole world know by posting XXX content of them on sites where total strangers can look and masturbate to it.

100% Mobile Friendly

You or any other MILF porn enthusiast out there can access this website from a smartphone and look at a whole bunch of free amateur wife pictures. The interface and overall layout of the website might not be to your liking, but there’s really no arguing with some people who are determined for things to never change, even if it means retaining a website’s classic look for over 20 years. This site’s dated design won’t interfere with your smartphone’s display screen though, so you can sleep easy knowing that you can fap to all the MILF porn you can right from your own phone, which is convenient because it means you can waltz into any random bathroom and get to business without anyone knowing!

ThePornDude likes WifeLovers's

  • Site’s content is 100% homemade
  • Site contains unique content that can’t be found anywhere else
  • One of the best websites for amateur MILF content
  • Accessible for smartphones
  • Contains a wide variety of MILF/wife-related content

ThePornDude hates WifeLovers's

  • Site’s best content is paywalled
  • Site’s interface is way too old
  • Site flares up your antivirus
  • Most of the content lacks professionalism
  • Flash player is required to access some content here