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Updated on 15 January 2022
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WikiFeet X

WikiFeet X

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Wiki Feet X! Imagine having a place that is solely dedicated to fulfilling your dirty fetish? Well, is the right place for those who are into babes who have pretty feet. I think that that should have been obvious from the very start, I mean the site itself has the word ‘feet’ in it… what else could you fucking expect?

Those who are into feet are more than welcome to check out what has to offer, but I have to tell you that not everything you see here is actually connected to porn. Sure, there are lots of galleries that are quite graphic and all that shit, but you have other shit as well. I guess it all depends on the amount of feet porn you were looking for…

A very basic place with feet-related content.

I mean, that is why all of you are here, right? You would like to see some dirty pornographic content with lovely babes who enjoy showing off their feet… and here we are. This is a rather interesting place because they offer a lot of foot fetish shit, but at the same time, they are not that pornographic… you will know what I mean once you read about their content.

Lucky for you, I am here to tell you everything you need to know about this site since that is my job. If you scroll down a little bit, you will also see that I talked about the content of this site as well, so at this point, it all depends on what the fuck you are into. I am pretty sure that everyone who is into feet will love what has to offer… and if you do not, there are many other sites you can check out.

That is the beauty of my persona, as The Porn Dude, does not judge. This means that you will get to see a little bit of everything concerning that fetish, and if you choose to visit, you are bound to be satisfied. Take your time browse through the site and have some fun, or simply read what the fuck I have to say instead.

When you first open the site, you will be a bit surprised by their wonky look. There is no structure or anything that would make this site stand out from the crowd, trust me, and I think that you will see that immediately. They could have at least created a site that looks legit… since the first time I visited, I thought this was a fucking ad instead.

If you lads want to have a lot more traffic or whatever the heck, you should probably consider making a site that looks legit because whatever the fuck you have going on for, is not working. With that said, I do appreciate the fact that they have a dark layout, makes the browsing hours much easier on my eyes.

On the side of the site, you will have all kinds of options, and those basically tell you the type of content you can expect to see. You have the homepage, that is filled with a little bit of everything. Then you have a section for celebrities, the videos, guilts, rules, and so on. It is pretty obvious that you should check out all of that before proceeding to whatever the fuck else you wanted to do.

So, is the content worth it?

As I have said a couple of times, this all depends on whether you are into this type of shit or not… since if you would like to check out everything has to offer, and you are into feet, go right ahead. However, if you are not into feet that much, I am not sure why the fuck are you still on this site, honestly.

There are many other sites you could check out since I’ve done my research and I will love to tell you all about it. As for those who chose to stay here, is a place with lots of great feet-related content. You can check it out whenever the fuck you want since, at the end of the day, all of this is free, so what the fuck is there not to like?

Starting with the galleries, there are a lot of them. You can check out the galleries that are listed on the homepage, or you can click on the section for celebrities. There is not really a section dedicated to images or whatever the fuck, but the celebrity section is basically just galleries, so if that is why you are here, just explore and enjoy.

One of the first galleries I checked out featured a gorgeous babe Cali Loga, undressing and showing us her feet. After that, I checked out a beauty called Jamie Daniels, and she also got naked and naughty, while showing us her feet. Some of the galleries will show off all kinds of pornographic scenes, while you have galleries that will not really show nudity.

It all depends on the beauty you chose to check out, but I’d say that the galleries that are offered have a lot more nudity than the fucking videos. However, the main point here is not nudity, this is a place created for those who want to appreciate the beauty of feet, and you can do so just by checking out their content.

Videos are mostly from YouTube.

The reason I decided to mention this is because those who have been on YouTube as long as me, which should be all of you, should also know that there is no nudity allowed there, or so to speak. So there will be lots of videos designed to feed your fetish, but if you were hoping for some videos with some slips, you should check out a porn site instead.

When you check out the tab called ‘videos’ you will get a list of clips that are taken from YouTube and most of them are just music videos that will show you the fetish for feet. Of course, I checked out to see just what kind of content you can even expect here, and honestly, I was not mad at the clips without the nudity.

There were a couple of videos where the chicks will talk about their feet, and give you an ASMR… I guess at this point It really does all depend on what the fuck you are searching for, right? Well, take your time and explore to see everything this section has to offer since I am pretty sure that you will be satisfied with their shit…

As a feet lover myself, I found a lot of arousing clips, but if you came here to fap, I am not sure that their content will be enough. Oh well, if you just like teasing and that kind of shit, I think it might be enough, but if you were searching for something different, something a bit kinkier than your average shit, you might want to check out an actual porn site.

Other shit worth the mention.

As I have already said, you have a section for the rules, where the site will basically tell you how you can post your shit here, and what you should not do. I mean, if all you want is to check out the content, then I do not think that there is any need for you to actually check out the rules. However, if you want to post your shit and become a part of the community, you should not only read their rules, but you should also check out their guild section.

Overall, I think that there is a little bit of something for everyone on, it all just depends on what the fuck you are searching for. Their site is pretty simple and shitty, but they have all their crap organized, more or less. So, you will find your way around without a problem.

So, if you are somebody who likes to watch videos that are basically teasing you with a certain fetish, and you are into feet, I think that you love what has to offer. Check out the site, and enjoy yourself as much as you want, since at the end of the day, all of the shit here is free, so there is no reason as to why you would not like to check out their content.

ThePornDude likes WikiFeet X's

  • Free site
  • Lots of foot-fetish content

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  • Shitty design
  • No actual porn