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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Only Fans! I have ventured through quite a lot of sites, and when it comes to I am not really sure what to think about it. On one hand, I am willing to calling overhyped garbage, however, on the other hand, there is some really amazing exclusive content if you happen to find the right pornstars to subscribe to, which is pretty much the main issue that this site has if you ask me.

Before we continue, I am going to give you a heads up that this review is going to be slightly different from others, since the site is mostly aimed at the content creators, and not that much towards content consumers, but I will try to cover both ends of the stick, in order to give you a better perspective if this place is worth your time at all.

The design is pretty much an improved Twitter

If you have not been living under a rock for the past ten or so years, you have probably heard about twitter. It is a website where you can share your thoughts, some images, videos, pretty much anything that you can expect from a social media site. The only difference is, that you can see things on twitter without registering, I have been doing that there for years before I finally got completely hooked and registering for an account.

Now, registering an account is completely free, however, that is a bit deceptive, since there is not that much that you can do with a free account as consumer, since pretty much everything beyond the point of registering will be locked behind some kind of paywall, unless you are going to upload the content yourself, but we are going to talk about that a bit later.

After you register, the homepage is going to be completely empty, which is pretty much how it is going to stay forever unless you post something yourself, or unless you throw someone a follow by subscribing to them. If you happen to have a couple of favorite pornstars that you are already following on Twitter, you can easily find their account in their description to quickly gain some posts on the homepage.

Finding profiles can be troublesome

Speaking of pornstars’ twitter accounts, that happens to be one of the biggest issues with the site, and that is that unless you happen to know who has an account on, you will not be able to find them, since there is no search option when it comes to profiles, only posts, which is really fucking absurd if you ask me. The only way to find other profiles is to get their direct links from twitter, or some other place, or to get the pornstars’ profile under the suggestions tab.

The suggestions tab is located on the homepage, and it features nine different pornstars, where you can see only three at the time unless you press the button to feature the next three. If you think this sounds retarded, well, it actually is, it is probably one of the dumbest ways to find profiles of all time. Not only that, but if you want to get a new set of nine profiles, you have to refresh the suggestions box, and sometimes you are going to get repeated suggestions, how could they fuck this up so hard?

Profile settings are absolutely fantastic

Now, whether you happen to be someone who wants to post porn or someone who is looking for porn, there are quite a lot of options when it comes to customization of your profile. You can share all kinds of personal information such as your biography, website, social media, location, profile picture, and even your Spotify account, which is actually quite an interesting feature, because I don’t know about you, but I often do wonder what some of my favorite pornstars listen to.

Within your profile settings, you can also change the theme of the site from light to dark and vice versa, which is extremely helpful, as I am a huge fan of dark themes since they are easier on the eyes. Of course, another thing that you can set up in your profile is the subscription fee for the people that want to follow you, which naturally requires you to link your account.

The content can be very good, or complete garbage

Now, while I really like the idea behind this site and what it is trying to do, which is essentially allowing adult content creators to create more content for a better profit, which will naturally motivate them to create even more content, and everyone here appreciates more porn, especially myself. However, there is quite a big risk when it comes to obtaining content as a consumer on this site, and that is that you are not really guaranteed to receive anything from the people to follow.

The minimum subscription fee that is an adult content creator on this site can request is $4.99 per month, which is quite a reasonable price when you compare it to some premium porn sites that can be four times as much, however, the number of photos or videos that you will receive is completely random.

I have checked out a couple of different pornstars that make my cock harder than any other, and I found myself in both quite intriguing and extremely disappointing scenarios. For instance, one of the pornstars that I have decided to follow had a subscription fee of $19.99, and while I was quite hesitant to give that much money just to receive videos from a single person, I decide to do it for the sake of the review.

Naturally, I didn’t go in blindly, as the site’s design allowed me to see just how much content she already has posted. In this case, she happened to have about 400 posts, 200 photos, and 40 videos, which is a pretty good deal to begin with. All of the videos were in full HD quality, they all involved some kinks that I was expecting the pornstar to be into, and I had a pretty good time browsing her account.

But, right after that, I decided to check out another pornstar that also had a $19.99 monthly subscription fee, but when I noticed that there are only 60 posts, 20 pictures, and 1 video, I decided that this is definitely not worth the investment. Right after that, I checked out one more amateur adult content creator, who happened to have a $4.99 subscription fee. Since the fee was quite short, I didn’t really bother checking how many posts already exist, and I just went balls deep into the subscription.

Now, this is definitely one of the best deals that I have gotten when it comes to porn, as there were posts on a daily basis, including some teasing quotes, some teasing photos, as well as short video teasers of her showing off her lusty body.

Keeping track of subscriptions is great

Another thing I have to give props to the site is that you can set the options to receive notifications for pretty much anything that happens on the site. Whether you want to get a notification when someone likes your post, someone responds to your comment, or naturally, when someone posts a new photo or a video, you can enable that in the options.

The site also has a personal messaging system, which you can use to chat with some of the people that you are subscribed to, however, don’t expect to receive a message back in an instant from pornstars that happen to have thousands of fans, as they are probably getting bombarded with messages every day, and who knows when they are going to see yours.

It is a high-risk high reward environment

I don’t believe if I was ever so unsure if a porn site is good or bad, because the way that works is just completely different from other porn sites. It is purely designed to support adult content creators directly by their fans, and that is something that has never been done before, which is a fantastic thing if you ask me.

The only issue with that is that you never really know what you are going to get when you decide to subscribe to someone’s page, as you can’t have any previews beforehand. You will kind of have to rely on google to see if following someone is worth your time from people that are already subscribed unless you just want to support the artist no matter how much content they post.

ThePornDude likes OnlyFans's

  • Great design
  • No ads
  • Fantastic concept

ThePornDude hates OnlyFans's

  • Subscribing to certain people is not worth the price
  • Finding people to follow is difficult