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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Hey, It’s Me 😉

Hey there – welcome to my site – I’m ThePornDude, owner of this porn website collection. This place is pretty easy to understand, but I figured it would be a good idea to create an ‘about me’ page just to fill you in on all of the details. Put simply, I created this platform as a review and ranking area for third-party adult entertainment websites. I like to think that I do my job damn pretty well, so let’s get down to brass tax and explain what gives my approach an edge over the ‘competition’.

Built For You 👉

No bullshit, no lies. I believe the best type of site is one where you can be confident that everything said and done is in your best interests.

Filtered Process ✌

The bad thing about Google and other search engines is that they don’t use a human to evaluate how good a site is. At ThePornDude.com, I do all of the checks manually, which means you can be sure you’re not going to land on sites that have a low amount of content or even worse, malware and popunders. I do thorough checks to make sure your viewing experience is safe with the sites I rate. Only the best sites made it to my list.

Daily Updates

If I think a site has done the dirty and made it harder for users to enjoy the porn on their website, you better believe I’ll be update my rankings as soon as possible. Right now, I typically recheck every site for integrity over the course of a month: I also try to make amendments where needed to give you the best experience in a daily basis.

Search Functionality

Want a particular keyword to hone in on such as Amateur, MILF or tube? No problem! Use the search function and you shall find what you seek. It’s easy as pie, I promise.

No Adverts, Ever!

I don’t advertise on this site or ask for you to pay me to use it. As far as, I’m concerned, ThePornDude website collection will always be 100 % free and 100 % ad free as well.

Site Reviews

I rank sites, but I also review them. My written content is available by highlighting the relevant site and clicking on the little magnifying glass next to it. You’ll get an honest overview of the site as well as a small pros and cons section to tell you what’s good and what’s bad.

Website Owners 🤝

So, your porn site is not listed? I’m pretty sure because it sucks. If you think your website is awesome, you will find a way to contact me.

Your Feedback Is Welcomed 💬

Don’t like the position of a site on our rankings? Then tell me. I’ll be sure to fix up any issues as soon as possible to guarantee complete satisfaction of the 1.000.000+ daily users this site gets.