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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Girlfriend Videos

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GirlfriendVideos! Is your pecker rock solid and ready for a ride? Well, that makes the two of us, and that is why I am here to tell you all you need to know about Of course, there are other sites you can check out that are also free, but I think that has its charm. I am sure you will appreciate the content offers, but whether you’d like the overall site is a whole different story.

How much do you care about the design and overall features? Exactly. It all depends on whether you actually give a shit about the features and all that crap, or you just want to check out the videos. Personally, since I am visiting a free site, I understand that the design is not gonna be the best, but at the same time, I would like to see some eye candy here and there.

The design is shit.

That is putting it bluntly. I mean, if a site does not have any structure, organization, or whatever, then it ain’t really the best. Of course, this place is not known for its aesthetics; it is known for its content. But at the same time, the site is not that popular for me to actually say that it is known overall. You get what I am trying to convey.

The homepage is where all the videos will be listed, and there is a lot to be seen. However, first, you will get to see a wall of links that will lead you to other cool free sites that you might be interested in, and then you get to see their actual porn. I mean, why the fuck do I get to see that before I get to see the content on That makes 0 fucking sense if you ask me.

Oh well, I am assuming that those who are here for free porn do not really care about the quality, since how can you care for the quality if you do not intend to pay for it. As for those who wish to have a site with great quality and amazing content, you might want to stop being such a cheapskate and visit some of the premium websites.

Of course, I understand that not everyone is able to pay for porn, just like me, but at the same time, you can’t be complaining too much if you do not want to pay. Let’s also not forget that here you have a shit ton of ads, and that is something premium places do not have, usually. So, if you do not care for all those annoying ads that are slowly giving be aids, and you do not care for a site that looks shitty, you might be happy with what this place has to offer.

The content is fap-worthy

At the end of the day, we all mostly care about the content. If that is the case, I shall mention some of my favorites, and you can decide whether that sounds like something your dick would be interested in. One of the first clips I checked out featured a sexy Asian babe with an amazing body, showing off her curves as she is groped in front of the camera. It seemed like one of those live cam shows, that was recorded.

Another video that really got me going is of an amateur couple fucking hardcore outdoors. They were going at it like wild animals, while everyone on the street was able to see them. Not really into that kind of exposure, but I must say that that takes some balls, and honestly, it did make my woody quite fucking hard.

Another video that got my attention was pretty short, but the gist was shown. It was basically a hottie sucking a hard cock in a pov and being covered with semen. I always like seeing obedient babes getting covered with juices since let’s be real, that is basically why they exist. If you think otherwise, you might be an idiot or a woman, the same thing.

My personal preference in porn does not really matter here because we all have different tastes. But, what I am trying to convey is the fact that this place has a lot of random videos that you will surely enjoy. At the end of the day, it does all really depend on what the fuck makes your dick hard since with so much content; you are bound to find whatever the heck you are looking for.

Now, whether you will find that content easy or you will have to spend some quality time browsing, that is a whole different story. Oh well, I am sure that you will love this place nonetheless if you are somebody who does not like to pay for porn. I think that that is as much as I really need to tell you about the overall type of videos you get to see.

The quality varies.

The quality of the videos, in general, will vary from one clip to the other, but I must say that it is not really that great. I was expecting much better quality, but apparently, this is all I get. I can’t say that I am that surprised because free porn sites tend to have shittier quality, but at the same time, I’ve seen plenty of free sites that had much better quality overall.

I mean, that is what you get when you browse through free porn websites, so don’t be complaining; that is my job. I mean, the quality is not that great for the majority of the videos, I found some that were of solid quality, but most of them were lower quality, which kind of sucks. I guess my dick has premium taste, just like me.

The length of the videos will also be pretty random… you have videos that will last about an hour, while there are also clips that are only 2 minutes long, or even less. Of course, this is yet another stereotype when talking about premium porn sites, so I can’t say that I am surprised. However, I can say that I was expecting a lot more.

Some search options

The homepage is where all the videos will be listed. Other than that, you have a tab that is dedicated to the categories, and it will cover all the possible categories I think that the majority of those categories are really not necessary since they also list countries or well nationalities by which you can search for the videos… and that is quite unnecessary.

Other than the categories, you can check out what they offer by the top-rated and most viewed videos, but that is all. I still do not understand how the majority of these free porn sites are not able to create advanced search options. With a database filled with so much fucking porn videos, creating filter options should be the norm. Nope, no filters, but hey, at least you have countries… what a joke.

You can register… but why would you?

What always baffles me is when a site offers you registration, but the privileges are basically none. Well, you can also choose to register on, but all you can really do is save your favorite videos, and that is about it. There is nothing else to look forward to since their community is pretty nonexistent if you ask me.

So, while they do offer a registration option, I am not sure whether you should actually register since there is nothing that they offer that is actually worthy of the registration. Quite odd, but hey. If you want to save videos to your favorites or whatever the fuck, you can register. I am pretty sure you are also able to upload your own videos.

It’s an OK site.

I think that that pretty much sums up my feelings towards I mean, the site is not really bad, I’ve seen much worse. However, while there are thousands of amazing porn videos, there are no search options, and the majority of the clips are of lower quality. The registration does not really give you any worthy privileges, which also fucking sucks.

However, there is lots of content for you to check out, and I am sure that you will love it. So, if you run out of dirty content on a different site, and you do not care for aesthetics and such bullcrap, you can always visit

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  • Free porn site
  • Thousands of amazing porn videos
  • Some categories

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  • No advanced search
  • Lots of ads
  • Low-quality videos