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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire

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Big Bang Empire is an awesome porn game where you go from a newbie porn star to a motherfucking mogul. We aren’t talking about the creation of the universe, we are talking about fucking all kinds of bitches as you fuck your way to the top of the porn world.

Big Bang Empire is an RPG through and through. Just like Elder Scrolls, your adventure starts with a Create a Player function where you can choose your hair color, accessories, skin color, and more to make your hero.

You’ll start off in shabby little studio apartment with nothing but $20 and a big hard dick as your weapon. The game starts off in the wonderful world of Tellville, where you can run missions to gain cash, experience points, and build your character.

Like all good RPGs, there is a stat system to track your hero’s improvement. You start off with 10 points in strength, stamina, charisma, and finesse. You’ll be needing these stats to beat your opponents and rise up in the porn hustle.

Of course, outfitting your character is also important. You start off wearing nothing but boxer shorts, so you better fucking start pimping out to get these bitches on your dick. Your gear will provide attribute boosts, and there are even rare items to take you to another level.

That’s enough to get you a general overview of the game. For the first half hour or so Big Bang Empire will hold your hand and stock you up with plenty of diamonds (the energy of this game that lets you do things) and some cash to get you started on your adventure.

A fun and sexy cartoon world to explore

The main layout for Big Bang Empire will have the location, along with a menu at the bottom. The menu lets you access the main parts of the game which include Your Star (your apartment and character summary), Mission and Parties (the town map), the Sex Shop, Duels, and Work.

At the Your Star area, you’ll see your inventory, stats, character outfit, and more. You can also upgrade your stats and customize your looks by clicking on Your Style at the right.

The missions in the game take place in the Tellville map, which you can access by clicking on Mission and Parties from the main menu. You’ll see your friendly perfect neighborhood with old perverts, picket fence houses, and some fine ass bitches wandering around.

Your missions will show up through little star icons. You’ll also have special events such as new women in the game that want to chat with you. When you meet new characters like Wendy the Waitress, you’ll start off with just a simple photo of them in an outfit.

You’ll need to finish missions and get to know them to unlock sexier photos and fill their “heart meter” until they finally get completely naked. Hint: it’s going to cost you a fuck load of diamonds to see anything beyond her tits.

Next, we have the sex shop. You can buy all kinds of clothes and accessories to pimp yourself out and add tons of stat boosters. Once you hit level 25, you can also unlock Wanda’s Secret Shop for that rare gear that any real RPG player gets a huge hard-on over.

In the Duel area, you can pick people to fight. This is kind of like gambling, where stronger opponents will give you more rewards, but losing will take your shit away. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if I was actually fighting other players or bots. But as long as you play it safe, you won’t lose much.

Finally, there is Work. This is a place where you can collect cash based on a timer. You start off as a humble neighborhood servicer, but you can grow your income as you level up and do more missions.

Finally, at level 8 you can start filming porn movies in the Film Studio. This helps you get Fans, collect unique items, and work towards that 10/10 porno film.

The Big Bang Empire Crew System

Big Bang Empire encourages you to play with friends online. The Studio feature lets you set up a guild or join an existing one. Joining a studio lets you chat with other members, build up your Studio stash, and more.

There is also a Big Bang Empire forum where you can meet and chat with other players about the game. If you are serious about becoming the #1 porn star, you definitely need to read the forums to maximize your efficiency and grow that big long hard dick to rule the world with.

There is a lot of PVP features in Big Bang Theory like global rankings, the Big Bang Awards (for the highest rated films), and even a studio rankings system known as Temple.

If you want an e-peen as big as your hero’s, dive deep into the game and make the best movies, join the strongest crew, and build the ultimate porn star.

What I Like

Big Bang Empire is a high-quality game that can have you playing for months. Like most porn RPGs, there is a lot of timers to pace your growth, but if you have the cash you can always buy diamonds to turbo-speed your game.

There is some great art here that reminds me of the classic point and click adventures like Leisure Suit Larry. Everything is very colorful and dynamic, and a wide selection of bitches to choose and fap to.

All the major elements of RPG like character growth, collecting rare gear, and climbing the global rankings is there for you to get addicted to.

In the early part of the game you’re stuck in your Tellville neighborhood, but Big Bang Empire has a big world for you to explore. You’ll need to level up to reach new cities and places, that all come with new characters to meet and pussies to fuck.

I love that the game supports both HTML 5 and Flash. Flash is quickly becoming outdated, and is known to have some security issues, so it’s nice that they support HTML 5. It’s also cool that you can play the game on Android and even connect via Steam.

Personally, though, I don’t want my Steam friends seeing me play Big Bang Empire while they are on Dota 2 or Skyrim. I’m enough of a freak as it is!

What I Hate

Unfortunately, Big Bang Empire has some glaring issues that will only make the most hard-headed addicts of you stick around past level 10.

First, I ran into a lot of bugs and crashes with Big Bang Empire. If you click too fast around the game, sometimes the game will lock up on a window and you are forced to restart the game. I’m using the latest version of Chrome, so I don’t think I’m alone on this issue.

Like a lot of browser porn RPGs, Big Bang Empire really does its best bitch wife impression. What I mean is, it tries extremely hard to suck as much time and/or money from you as possible. If you don’t use diamonds regularly, you’ll be sitting around for hours just waiting for missions to finish so you can collect your diamonds.

Also like many other porn games, you’ll be tempted to start using cold hard cash to buy more diamonds so you can move along in the game more quickly. But Big Bang Empire is a pretty big asshole when it comes to this, since the diamond costs in the game start racking up really quickly.

A Big Bang on your wallet and patience

When it comes down to it, Big Bang Empire is another browser porn game that does its best to suck your soul out of you. It isn’t long before you start getting desperate for more diamonds and cash in the game, and the weak among you might start reaching for your wallet.

The worst part is that you don’t even get much porn before you reach that stage. I only saw a handful of titties before I reached a point where I either had to buy more diamonds, or wait hours for my timers to reset.

If you’ve played browser games before, this isn’t anything new to you. Big Bang Empire is another RPG where you should just leave it on in the background, and revisit it from time to time between other activities to re-up your Work, Duel, and Missions.

On the other hand, there’s a lot to explore, and the developers did a nice job of creating a wonderful rich world. It’s cool that you can unlock new neighborhoods, equip rare gear, and work towards that 10/10 porno film shoot.

Big Bang Empire is also very heavy on the community. You’ll want to attach yourself to a studio early on, and you’ll want to read the Big Bang forums if you want to see some pussy without shelling out lots of dough.

This is a browser game with a really nice paint job, and since we’re all here to fap, having great graphics and environment makes Big Bang Empire worth checking out. The first hour or so is fast, so you may want to give it a try. But I think that most of you will stop playing after seeing a pair of tits or two.

ThePornDude likes Big Bang Empire's

  • Both Flash and HTML 5 versions supported
  • Huge colorful world with some sexy bitches

ThePornDude hates Big Bang Empire's

  • Some bugs and game freezes
  • The game starts requiring a ton of money/time quickly