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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Most porn games are slower than a BBW trying to get you off cowgirl. I’m not about that shit. I want a game that keeps my attention the entire time and always has some sexy shit to do. I can’t stand when games make you lose stamina or take a break. Like, come on, I’m in the middle of jerking my dick here. I can’t be bothered to come back later or buy premium currency to keep this party going. I want a game that I can sit back and mindlessly fap to again and again for hours on end without leaving the page, buying unnecessary shit, or having to think about much besides the hot babes on the screen. And, well, I’ve got a game that meets some of those steep criteria.

Faptitans.com is a fantasy style hentai clicker game by Hooligapps. It’s free to play, aside from the monstrous amount of optional microtransactions, but i’ll get into all of that. The game launched back in 2016 and has blessed the sidebars of countless sites as ads ever since. But the ads seemed to have worked. This game brings in anywhere between 7-10 million obsessive clicker addicts to the site every single month. Not too bad for a game that’s solely focused on frantically clicking and jerking off at the same time.

Click, Level, Click, Level, Fight Boss, and Repeat

Surprisingly enough, this game has a higher learning curve than most, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the fast-paced world of clicker games. But don’t worry too much. It starts slow and works its way up like a gentle lover. You get a cute fantasy babe with some risque armor on that barely hides her perky tits who will guide you around the game as you progress. This game has fuck ton of menus and options, so bear with me while I walk you through this maze of a game.

Monsters that are, unfortunately, not very sexy will pop up on the right side of the game. Sometimes you’ll get a scantily clad succubus bitch, but more often than not you’re getting tentacles beasts, incubi, lion men, and a bunch of baddies like that. Your goal is to click the ever living fuck out of them until you deplete their health. And when I say click. I mean click. You have to smash that mouse button faster than an under-sensitive clit. I guess this will help you fucks with your fingering game if not anything else.

To increase the damage each click does you have to level up and hire sexy babes to add to your team. The more coins they cost the more damage your clicks do and the more damage enemies take each second. Those are the two main stats that you’re trying to level up each time you beat a bad guy. It may seem like a fuck ton of clicking at first, but after the first 10-15 minutes of leveling, you can sit back and focus on leveling up your firepower for boss battles.

Level Up Your Selection of Sexy Heroes to Do More Damage and Kill Monsters

Leveling up is a bit of process. As you go you’ll have over a dozen babes to level up that each have over 500 levels to get through. Each slut has different attack powers and bonuses that get stronger every bunch of levels they go up. You’ll quickly notice an exponential growth as you start throwing coins at these babes. And something I really enjoy about this game is that it can just run in the background and rack up massive heaps of coins while you fuck around elsewhere. No stamina bullshit that keeps you from playing as much as you want.

I mentioned bosses. You’ll have to grind for a good while and use a combination of powerups, fast clicking, and determination to get through these. But the rewards are pretty fucking sweet. Not only do you get premium currency and lots of coins, but you also get to choose between three random chests each time you beat one. They will have a range of semi-lewd to hardcore hentai drawings that you unlock.

Incredibly Hot Artwork and Animations of Kinky Fuck Scenes

There’s work here from a wide variety of different artists, and, god damn, this shit is great. It’s not just softcore bullshit every time. You’ll get sexy drawings of demon orgies, anal scenes, blowbangs, and more. You’ll get random quests that will increase the amount of coins you bring in for a certain amount of time. And leveling certain bitches will give you power-ups that will help you take down harder boss monsters.

But all of that is simply the core game. There are a fuck ton of other features that help you with beating shit. You can, unlike superheroes that grant unique bonuses to all of your stats or babes. There are a fuck ton of achievements that, when accomplished, unlock stat bonuses. There are tower events where you try and beat super-tough monsters faster than other players to get huge rewards. When you reach a certain level you can join guilds of other players for sick bonuses.

Not done yet! There’s a menu where you can spend special rare currency to up your DPS percentage. But the best section by far is where you can find and collect very rare jewelry to give to a few certain sluts. Giving them jewelry ups your DPS, but that’s not the best part. Each piece of jewelry they get unlocks hot fuck animations of them getting railed. These scenes are definitely fap worthy. They don’t come up too often, but at least the hentai images can keep you hooked in between them.

Poor Mobile Experience

The mobile site has the same issues that I usually have with their non-app games. It’s not scaled properly for mobile even if you play the game horizontally. The buttons are too small. The player slides around if you’re not careful. You need to zoom in to click certain menus. It’s just not worth using unless you’re logging in and letting it run while you go about your day. Though I’d bring a battery bank. This game will eat up your battery if you use it that way. Otherwise, just throw that shit in a separate desktop tab and don’t bother with the mobile version of the game.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Faptitans is that you won’t ever run out of shit to do. There are always monsters to kill, sluts to upgrade, pictures to unlock, events to compete in, and so much more. The art is on fucking point and the hentai images and animations you get are certainly hot enough to fap to. I wish you got them a bit more often, but it’s still a lot faster than most other games. They have to make their money somehow. How else better than making horny dudes pay to play faster? I get it. But, yeah, the game is fun and there’s animated scenes of succubus sluts taking it in the ass. What’s not to love?

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

The game is too damn quiet. The only place you get any sort of audio is during the animated scenes. I want the demon babes, imps, and kitsune to moan and cry out when you click on them. That’s usually what draws me into other clicker games. Make it so you can toggle the male creatures out and give us some sweet, sexy audio of some Japanese whore moaning while we defeat the female monsters. I feel like that shit should come standard for these games. Sitting here in silence for hours between animations isn’t very sexy at all.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re looking for a decent game to pass the time, then Faptitans is the one for you. The core game is simple, but there are nearly an infinite number of upgrades, heroes, achievements, and cool shit to unlock. It may not be the sexiest game in the world, but it’s pretty fucking addicting when you get into it. Most porn games can’t even manage to be fun, let alone sexy and addicting. It’s a pretty solid game all around. I recommend you fucks get over to Faptitans.com and get fapping to some busty hentai babes.

ThePornDude likes Fap Titans's

  • Addicting Gameplay
  • Tons of Achievements and Unlocks
  • Sexy Animations and Drawings to Fap to
  • Free to Play

ThePornDude hates Fap Titans's

  • Microtransactions
  • No Sexy Audio!