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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The slow death of video arcades is a damn shame. The younger generations will never know the joy of wasting all their quarters during the day, then going home and masturbating themselves raw all night, thinking about those bouncing fighter girl tits. On the other hand, there are much sexier video games to beat off to these days than goddamn Tekken. is full of games that feature filthy, nasty fucking of all kinds.

Nutaku is a young site, getting off the ground at the beginning of 2015. They’ve managed to corner the market on pornographic video games in a hurry, though. Their hundreds of millions of monthly views may have something to do with the fact that they’re owned by MindGeek, the porn empire that also owns companies like Pornhub and Reality Kings. It’s hard to stop a giant, especially one that’s giving out free hard candy.

Like the Steam of Porn Games

Before we get into this, I think it’s important to know what exactly Nutaku is. That video arcade I mentioned is a good metaphor. The place is full of games, but the owners didn’t actually make any of them. They’ve got some responsibility to make sure they’re running properly and not just eating your quarters, but it ain’t their problem if you choose a shitty game. A good arcade, though, is going to have more good games than shitty ones.

Likewise, Nutaku isn’t a video game developer. They didn’t create Fap CEO, a resource management and sex simulator, or the nymphomaniac RPG Harem Heroes. The site is just the platform, the arcade full of sex games from around the world. All you gamers are already familiar with the concept, because this is basically just Steam for sex games and only sex games.

They’ve got browser games, mobile games for iOS or Android, and plenty of downloadable games for PC, Mac. Even Linux get some love, so the true nerds are served. Nutaku knows their demographic. A lot of the best stuff will cost you a few bucks, but even cheapskates can get their rocks off while tapping buttons and racking up points. Tons of the content here is free to play.

What Kind of Sex Game Are You Looking For?

Sites that have a lot of stuff to sell you tend to be built well, that way you can find and buy that stuff easier. Nutaku makes it really fucking easy. Hit that Games dropdown in the header to choose Browser, Downloadable, or Mobile Games. (There’s also an LGBTQ+ Games link in this area.) There are exceptions, but generally, the downloads cost money and the other types are free to play.

From there it’s really just a matter of checking off some genres and tags, just like you do on Steam. They’ve got everything, from Casino sex games to Adventure sex games to Beat ‘Em Up sex games.

The tag list runs deep and long. What are you in the mood for tonight? Romance, PVP, Catgirls or Team Building? I recommend checking the Uncensored box. Since a lot of this stuff comes from Japan, a lot of it has ugly pixel grids obscuring the cunts and cocks.

Play with All These Anime Sluts

If it’s your first visit to the site, it might be tough to decide what to play first. Well, like any other decent website, they keep a fine selection of the newest and best material on the front page.

The Top Ranking Free Nutaku Hentai Games are listed at the top. It’s worth noting that the hentai style dominates the site. If you poke around you’ll find some other kinds of art, but most of the sluts are anime chicks with huge eyes, massive tits, and brightly colored hair. Half the cartoon broads on the page look like they’re on the verge of cumming or in the middle of it.

One of the Top Ranking Downloadable Porn Games stands out right now because the thumbnail doesn’t opt for the dirty manga flavor. This is a more realistic CG slut with a big dick in her face. When I click through and watch the trailer, it’s like a Pixar version of a shemale movie.

Some of the games sound pretty innocuous, like you’d be able to buy your nephew a copy for his birthday. Who’s up for Battle Arena or Saber’s Edge? Limerick Heroines Crossword RPG sounds like a game for little girls or elderly women, but the thumbnail shows a naughty grown woman with a dildo in her ass.

Others, like Seed of the Dead or Sacred Sword Princess, only hint at their dirtiness. Chick Wars might be about fighting chickens or it might be a turned-based tactical strategy game about the fearless sex-crazed whores of your loyal harem. (It’s the latter.)

Some, though, give away their adults-only status with the name. Booty Farm is a dating sim that would probably never be mistaken for a farming clicker. The very title of Fake Lay, one of Nutaku’s most popular exclusive casual games, hints at one of the saddest of mature tragedies. There’s little left to the imagination with the one with a title screaming Cum On! Bukkake Ranch!

Imagine Cumming On a Bukkake Ranch

Okay, I lied. The title for Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! actually leaves enough to the imagination that I’ve got to click through and see what the game is really all about.

All the basic info for each game is listed at the top of its page on Nutaku. Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! is a Visual Novel that lets you “Live a lovey-dovey life on the ranch with monster girls! Do it all in this sexy, jizz-draining training simulation game!” Tags include Slime Girl, Bondage, Multiple Breasts and Multiple Endings.

A lot of the site’s offerings are multi-platform games, with tabs at the top of the page for web, mobile, and/or downloadable versions at the top. Cum On! has such basic system requirements you’d think you could play it on a toaster, but sorry, it’s PC only for now.

The synopsis is some deep, dirty fantasy porn. They’re talking about flat-chested Demon Queens trying to steal a Slut Stone from a salamander girl. You probably have to be some kind of level 14 nerd to understand what all this shit is, but the screengrabs really speak to me.

The art style is crisp, professional looking hentai. The content is the shit Caligula must have dreamed about. There’s some naked babe restrained by feathers, a girl squirting eggs and cum out of her snatch, and a chick with six tits, each covered in a sticky fluid. All three of my cocks are throbbing hard and my tentacles are at full attention.

Porn Games For Every Budget

Cum On! looks like it might be a fun time, so I was hoping it was free. Unfortunately, this is one of the pricier games on Nutaku at $25. It’s hard to tell if it’s worth it since all I have to go on are the screengrabs and the developer’s words, which they definitely paid somebody to make enticing.

One major complaint I have about the site is that there are no user reviews or even ratings on the game pages. Sure, I could Google or go check out ThePornDude, but most online stores let you see what other users are saying. Even most porn video sites will let you click a Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down. Who is ranking the Top Ranking porn games here?

You may have noticed I sometimes say “free to play” instead of “free”. I feel like in-game purchases for free games are so common nowadays that they’re barely worth mentioning or complaining about. Most of the free games have items you can buy in the game for real money, and they’ll enhance your experience to varying degrees. Some of you are going to act surprised, but yeah, free games like Kamihime Project R are easier to win when you pay.

Even if you had some deranged, pathological issue with how Nutaku operates, you’d have a tough time avoiding it as a gaming pervert. It really is the number one source for porno games. Nutaku is designed to take your money, like any other commercial website, but they have enough free and varied content to satisfy anyone looking for porn games.

ThePornDude likes Nutaku's

  • Free porno games
  • Tons of variety
  • New games all the time

ThePornDude hates Nutaku's

  • Some games cost money
  • In-app purchases can add up
  • Lack of user reviews