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Updated on 05 February 2024
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MNF Club Game

MNF Club Game

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It gets hard to play World of Warcraft with a massive, throbbing erection, doesn’t it? When it gets bad enough you start thinking, yeah, I definitely would like to stick my cock in this orc bitch with the giant green titties. Why clobber ghouls with a staff when you can stick girls with your staff in a more adult-oriented MMO? I’m not sure MNFclub has any monster sluts, but they do have sexy cowgirls, buxom nurses, and something called a Glory Hole Frenzy. bills itself as a massively multiplayer sex game designed solely for adults. They claim to have over a million registered members, or MNFuckers, but total user numbers don’t really tell you much about a game like this. You can’t interact with players who aren’t connected, so what really matters is how much traffic they have right now. They got about 1.4 million visits last month, which ain’t bad, so let’s see what’s enticing these gaming perverts.

Meet N’ Fuck Some Other Perverted Gamers

I bet you’re wondering what the MNF in MNFclub stands for. Massive Nubian Funbags? Mostly Nude Friends? Masturbating, Not Fucking? Nah, it actually stands for Meet n’ Fuck. Simple, catchy, and to the point.

All the major fantasy MMORPGs like WoW, Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars make you download PC or Mac software if you want to play. It’s just hard to make that work if you share a computer with the wife and kids. You don’t want to have to answer any questions about the icon in the corner that says Meet and Fuck.

To that end, MNFclub is fully playable within your web browser without any separate downloads to deal with and hide from the fam. They even have a separate page explaining how to play it on your iPhone/iPad/Android. Long story short, they tell you to download a mobile browser that allows Flash.

Ugh. was registered in 2015, so there’s no good goddamn reason they should be using Flash. We knew years earlier that Flash is outdated, insecure garbage. Adobe announced a couple of years ago they’re pretty much done with it, too, and will discontinue all support in 2020.

Most people don’t even have Flash enabled or installed on their browser these days, anyway. I bet you do, though. The realm of online porn games is one of Flash’s last holdouts, so enjoy it while you can. It’s funny because usually porn helps drive new technology, and here we are propping up the 8-track cassette of web entertainment.

Beer Bellies and Big Boobs

Once I enabled Flash, transporting my browser back to the early 2000s, MNFclub prompted me to create an account. I opted to use my email address, but if you’re too lazy to type anything you can login with Facebook. I’m pretty sure the terms of service allow Facebook to watch you through your camera while you’re jerking off, but that’s not really MNFclub’s problem. Besides, your grandma already knows you collect hentai and sleep with an anime French maid body pillow.

Registration is a little fucked up. It took a day for my confirmation email to come through, and then the activation link led me to a page that said I had an Invalid Code. Fortunately, I was able to login with the username and pass I set up yesterday. I spent a few minutes trying to think of a name that wasn’t taken already. DickLord, FuckMaster and CockMan were in use, so I had to use my birth name, JizzBlaster.

MNF knows their demographic, so the default body type keeps it real with a beer belly. Naturally, I change that to reflect my six-pack, maintained with a steady exercise regimen of banging whores. After I chose my skin tone, hair and facial features, they gave me some color choices for a few standard outfits.

Look at All These Freaks and Their Pet Penises

Once I got my character ready, I clicked Start Game and they gave me a few servers to choose from. I was half expecting a few empty servers, but the one at the top of the list is completely full. The second one has the maximum number of women connected, but there are still openings for men. Another server has openings for both, and only one it looks like it’s sparsely populated.

While I was typing that paragraph, that second server (Glory Full) filled up. That’s actually a pretty good sign. People are definitely playing this game right now, which is one of the main things you look for in any type of MMO. You don’t want to be playing by yourself, even when it’s a game like MNFclub, designed to help you play with yourself. I’m going to connect to Hungry MILFs before they run out of spots for me.

The servers are fast and the game is very responsive. In a couple seconds, I was dropped into a town square in the old West. A bunch of other characters are loitering around. I assume a bunch of them are new users like me, just trying to figure shit out. I see dudes in pimp suits, babes in lingerie, and a lot of people who look like they’re dressed for the beach. A couple have god/goddess or devil characters, which they probably paid for. I have been seeing a lot of buttons telling me to upgrade to premium.

The Premium account is about 10 USD a month, but you don’t need it for most features. It lets you create up to six avatars, collect clothing and other items, and buy those Petnises I saw bouncing around. They’re living dildos that follow their owners. Cute.

If you want to max out your cybersex opportunities on MNF Club, you will need that Premium account. It unlocks new sex positions and lets you bang any character.

A Lot of Horny People Not Saying Anything

When you type something in the chat box, it appears in a little speech bubble above your avatar’s head. Weirdly, there doesn’t seem to be much chatting in the public areas. Maybe the silence is people whispering to each other with direct messaging, but it’s a strange effect to see all these characters facing the screen, not speaking and not moving.

A Black guy with a bulging package messaged me to say, “welcome to the game bro.” I asked about that Glory Full Frenzy I heard about, and he pointed me in the right direction. It’s one of MNFclub’s many mini-games where you can earn in-game cash to spend on outfits, rent hotel rooms or other services. I had to travel from the Old West to another one of an MNFClub’s zones, a beach-themed playground called Lagoon Beach.

Glory Hole Frenzy features a naked slut with giant bouncing titties trying to service penises coming through four different holes in a dirty shack. It’s like whack-a-mole, but instead of a big mallet you use your hands, tits, mouth and twat. The minigame animations and character interactions look a lot nicer than the sprites that walk around the environments. They’re still cartoonish, but have enough detail to be sexy. I was too busy clicking on the dicks that kept popping up to really whack off, but I did get a semi just playing the minigame.

If you want to bang another player, you get a similar game style interaction. It’s a give-and-take, where you select how intensely you’re going to stroke, thrust or lick. Getting to that point requires chatting up your fellow players. It’ll be good practice for when you finally get out of the basement. Don’t worry, if you get nervous there are plenty of robots to stick your cartoon wiener in.

I was pleasantly surprised with MNFclub. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, and even once you start playing it seems a little cheesy and pointless. Dig just a little bit deeper and you’ll start seeing the good stuff. There is a wealth of fun and decently hot little interactions you can play with in the game. If you can get off to hentai/cartoon porn, these will certainly do it for you. The servers are full of enough people to ensure you’re never playing this adult MMORPG alone.

ThePornDude likes MNF Club Game's

  • Most features free
  • Adult mmorpg
  • Chat and cyber fuck with perverts around the world
  • Fun, sexy mini-games

ThePornDude hates MNF Club Game's

  • Stupid outdated flash
  • Slow, broken registration
  • Some features locked to premium members only