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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Lesson Of Passion

Lesson Of Passion

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Lesson of Passion is an adult game site featuring dozens of free and premium Western style adult games.

These games typically feature 3D CGI art of buxom bitches getting their fuck on in all kinds of fantasy and real-life scenarios.

You’ll find many kinds of games here, including adventure, RPG, dating sims, and more.

These games utilize Flash. Don’t worry, any of the browsers will work just fine as long as it’s updated.

But don’t think they are simple little browser games. Lesson of Passion features some fully featured games that can run hundreds of megabytes. I’m talking hours of gameplay, at least for the premium content.

The cream of the crop at Lesson of Passion is probably the point and click adventure games. You’ll be diving into some heavy drama like crime, cheating, and all sorts of other shit while fucking and sucking the whole way.

Don’t worry ladies, Lesson of Passion knows you’re out there. For some of these games, they let you choose whether to be the male or female lead character, with perspective switching accordingly. Well, I guess this is also great for you faggots who want to roleplay as a bitch.

There are several dozen free games here to whet your appetite. The quality and scope of these games don’t match their premium adult games (called Lesson of Passion Gold) but you’ll get a good idea if you want to shell out some dough. Personally, the free games still offered me a few hours of fapping and jacking.

There’s also a Lesson of Passion blog that gives you screenshots of upcoming games. Curiously, there’s no descriptions or even text on the blog which I thought was weird. I guess people just want to get straight to the action, plot be damned!

Old school layout like most western porn sites

When you first enter the site, you’ll find a nice scrolling banner at the top with their featured games. You’ll see that they feature some sexy 3D bitches in premium titles like Serbian Casino, Much Ado About Nothing, and Cam Girl Confessions.

There is a mini gallery of the premium games below that main banner.

For the premium games, you’ll usually be thrown into another site that’s dedicated to just that game. If you don’t have premium membership, this is a sign that you can just close the window and try again.

Below that is a gallery of the latest game releases. These are mostly the free games that you can play straight from your browser, although premium games are mixed in. You won’t know if the game is premium or free to play until you click on it, so just keep trying if you run into the premium games.

For mobile, it’s not too great. I couldn’t get the games running on my Pixel phone. Can’t say for sure how it goes on MacOS or other formats. For premium games, you can download the games, but I don’t think you can play games straight off your phone.

Click on a game to be sent to the game player. You might have to enable Flash, but any updated browser will come with it.

Along with the game, you’ll see the ratings, number of views, and comments. Lesson of Passion is a popular site, so you’re sure to get some good ratings and comments.

For the free games, you’ll see a lot of people complaining it’s too short. The actual deep games are under premium, so sadly you’ll have to pay to play the gems. I thought the free games were good for a fap though.

At the top of the page you’ll see a login feature as well as a link to the blog.

Personally, I thought the blog was a fucking mess. It’s just some random screenshots from upcoming games but has little other information.

By the way, registration for Lesson of Passion is really fucking easy. You don’t need email verification and all that bullshit. Just type your username and password that you want, and you’ll immediately get logged in for instant action.

What I Like

Lesson of Passion has some cool original games. I‘m a big fan of the point and click adventure games, and Lesson of Passion has them in droves.

I like that Lesson of Passion focuses on real life drama. This is really typical of western porn games. It’s not like magic or fantasy shit, but rather things like fucking your coworkers, cheating on your wife, etc.

Basically, Lesson of Passion focuses on the scenarios that you sadly can’t experience in real life unless you are Channing Tatum.

What I Hate

I don’t like that Lesson of Passion has premium games, but I suppose we all need to make money somehow.

One thing I hate about the layout is that they don’t clearly point out which games are free and which ones cost money. I had a lot of times where I click on a game hoping its free, only to find out that it costs money. This kind of guess and check system is bullshit.

Just make the free games easy to find! It’s not like just because I got tricked into a premium game link, I’m going to buy that shit. It’s just going to piss me off.

Lesson of Passion is also really lacking on game types. Almost all of these games are point and click adventure and RPG games. I didn’t find any good puzzle or casino games, which is weird because those genres are pretty popular for the porn crowd.

The blog is a real piece of shit. If I want to just see a slideshow of random CGI porn, then I’ll go to a regular porn site! I don’t get what they expect to achieve from the blog other than offer some free faps.

A blog should have information and updates, like descriptions on upcoming games, or how they are improving the games and their website. All I see is a long list of porn CGI screenshots, which is cool, but useless. If I wanted to fap, I’d just play the goddamn games.

There also isn’t much variety in the girls. Pretty much all of them are big tittied white girls in their 20s with little hairy pussies. Of course, I love a nice fine bitch like any man, but it would be nice if they served more niches. I know they won’t make some loli, especially cause it’s CGI, but would it kill them to explore torture, monsters, or other fetishes?

Finally, the free games are too short. Some of these games will last under five minutes, although admittedly you can replay it and try different paths. Still, it’s weird when I haven’t even cum yet, and the game is already over. And trust me, it’s not like I last for hours either. I don’t have the patience for that kind of bullshit.

Some excellent 3D fuck action

Overall, Lesson of Passion offers some cool games that you won’t find anywhere else. The 3D art is pretty damn good, and even though the games aren’t exactly high resolution, it’s plenty good to fap to.

The artists have really good taste when it comes to a woman’s body. These bitches have excellent proportions and a perfect face to boot.

Then again, there isn’t much variety. You won’t find old bitches or young bitches, but rather everyone is in that 20-30 year old range. I think if they served more niches like MILFs, 18 year olds, and more, the games can be even better.

The main problem with the free games is that they are so short. You can finish a game in five minutes if you are efficient about each scene. Oftentimes, I was shocked that a game was already over, and some of the game mechanics become useless when the game ends so early.

I think the free games just tease you to buy the Gold membership. The premium games are well fleshed out, with multiple paths, multiple endings, and potentially hours of fapping.

The writing and stories are pretty cool. I like their focus on real world events and drama that make you feel like you’re in some soap opera, except with a ton more fucking.

Is this really how housewives and bitches spend all their time? While us men are fucking killing ourselves trying to make a buck at work…

Anyway, check out Lesson of Passion. It never hurts to check out some free porn games, and if you really love it, you can buy the premium games.

You can get hundreds of hours of fap action from Lesson of Passion, and best of all, there is just one blanket membership that unlocks all the games.

Premium membership, called Lesson of Passion Gold, will cost you $20 for a month, or $90 for a year. Not a bad deal since everything gets unlocked at once, and these games are really fleshed out.

ThePornDude likes Lesson Of Passion's

  • Dozens of free games regularly updated
  • One membership fee unlocks all their premium games

ThePornDude hates Lesson Of Passion's

  • Really shitty blog
  • Not much variety in game styles
  • Free games are really short