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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Girlvania Summer Lust

Girlvania Summer Lust

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Looking for lesbian sex simulator games? Here’s a chance for all of you borderline gay dudes to experience what it’s like to be a chick and what’s it like to be vaginally stimulated. What’s crazy is that you will be doing it all to yourself, or rather, to your 3D animated character since when you go to, you become a girl. Here’s a flashback to your high school days when everyone called you a sissy and a pussy, now, you get to relive those memories in a free sex video game. How exciting, wouldn’t you agree?

So, before you start, you will have those promotional pages that are letting you know what the game delivers, that this is an experience like no other and that you will love it ’till the end of the world. Of course, you will. Not even GTA V can be that good, but I understand the over the top promotional efforts. That pays the bills. Still, you need to download the game first and it will run you $40. This is where you need to be deeply invested in the game, to dish out 40 buckaroos so that’s where TPD comes in, to let you know if it’s worth it. Since I’m doing this review, it must, otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my time on it. Go figure.

The look and the feel of the game is solid and it pulls you in right away. This is something that I didn’t like since I wanted to hate the game. That didn’t happen. I expected this to be one of those drag-the-mouse-up-and-down in fast motions type of games where you are fucking the chick with mouse push and pulls, and it actually is that type of a game, but better. You get to chose three characters. All three are sexy and desirable, as they should, and they can be fucked with. The biggest thing that Girlvania Summer Lust has is the customization of the characters. More in the next paragraph baby.

So, the customization goes all the way to the shoes. It’s a girl, of course, the shoes will be a big factor here. If you like details then you will love the fact that you can select and choose their shoes, their socks, you can select what kind of panties these animated whores are going to wear. Lacy, dark, sexy ones, you name it. You are the fashion icon now and if this doesn’t make you gay I don’t know what will. The locations are also available for picking. When you are feeling inspired for a hot quickie, the rooftop is a perfect location to do it. Just imagine the sun, the pleasing breeze, the freedom of the outdoors, so damn hot. Then, you can do it at the beach house or you can get real kinky and go down the basement and do it there, like a real super freak. Rick James himself couldn’t have done it better. Give it to me baby!!!

What I noticed was that the controls were a bit clunky and that it took me a while to get used to them. I am a gamer but this was a challenge since it’s obvious that it’s a schtick of a game so the controls and the details weren’t on the top of the list of priorities. I got the handle of it after a while, no biggie for me, but I couldn’t help but think how a tutorial would come in handy with this game and there’s so much room to actually do it due to the nature and the flow of

Those of you who are real freaks can dish out an additional $15 and get a “Legs and Feet” expansion pack, where you can have sexperiments with the feet. Foot fetish lovers will go nuts over this feature. I loved that the game didn’t go overboard with all the add-ons and the upsales, since that’s exactly the thing that turns fans away from these types of games. found a decent balance and from what I managed to see on the Internet, they are doing fine with the game.

There were a few downfalls that I saw with this game and it mostly revolves around the staying power of the game. They are lacking variety. There are three locations that you can choose from and after a while the sex and the things that you can do become mundane. There needs to be variety and it’s not that hard to do, the programmers and the designers just need to sit down one day and make additional things to do in the game. Regardless of this, the $40 that you are paying is still holding up for the game. Check out and see what I’m talking about. It’s worth it.

ThePornDude likes Girlvania Summer Lust's

  • Great price for a game like this
  • Expansion packs available
  • Cool guide

ThePornDude hates Girlvania Summer Lust's

  • They need more versatility with the things to do
  • Controls can be clunky at times